At Kirkwood children are given the opportunity to enter:

  • University of Canterbury Competitions
    The University of Canterbury offer each child the opportunity to participate in the Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science Competitions.  These competitions take place annually and are designed by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students based on the New Zealand Curriculum.
  • Cantamath
    Cantamath has two main categories. The first one is the team competition. Teams of four students answer a series of challenging mathematical questions and they are literally racing the other teams to be the first to complete all the questions. Every year Kirkwood Intermediate enters 1 Year 7 team and 1 Year 8 team. The students who have strength in Mathematics get extended and trained throughout the year and the teams are selected in Term 3.
    The other category is Mathematical Displays Competition. Students submit written, design, construction and even wearable mathematical displays related to a mathematical theme. There are a number of categories and selected work entered is displayed in the Town Hall.
  • Otago Problem Solving Challenge
    This is a mathematical problem solving competition aimed primarily at intermediate school students. It is organised by members of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Otago. Students participating in the competition attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets. All Kirkwood students get an opportunity to participate in this.
  • Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads
    This is a mathematical problem solving competition which has more than 35,000 students participating in Australia and New Zealand. Kirkwood Intermediate School provides this opportunity to the students to extend their problem solving skills. Students attempt to answer five questions in 30 minutes on each of five problem sheets.
  • World Maths Day
    World Maths Day is an online maths contest. Students get one minute to answer as many numeracy questions as they can. The level of difficulty is approximately age appropriate. When playing a game, the website will attempt to find other players of the same level around the world to match the player against. Students can play at home and at school against other students around the world in live games of mental arithmetic.
  • Canterbury-Westland Schools’ Science and Technology Fair
    Every year students get the opportunity to enter in the Canterbury-Westland Schools’ Science and Technology Fair. Starting around the beginning of Term 2 all Kirkwood Students are given the option to complete a project in either science or technology. The children meet as a group once a week to receive addition guidance throughout their project. More information on the Canterbury-Westland Schools’ Science and Technology Fair can be found here
  • Published Writers
    There are many opportunities for students to have their work published. Any student who wishes to send their work away to various publishing companies such as Learning Media (School Journal) can approach the teacher in charge of Literacy for more information with regards to this. There are also many competitions that are advertised and provide students with the opportunity to have their piece of work published.
  • Kids’ Literature Quiz
    This is an annual event held nationally. Regional finals are held throughout New Zealand and a the winning team from each region goes forward to the National Final. It is now an international event with teams competing from all over the world. Last year the International final was held in Scotland.
  • New Zealand Post Book Awards
    This is a national competition. The children get a chance do different activities each year (locally) and also vote for what they think is the children’s best book in the awards.


Congratulations to the following 2023 Cup winners: 

 Speech Award  James
 Sports Boy  CJ and Vern
 Sports Girl  Shaye
 Performing Arts Award  Karina
 Technology Girl  Emily and Olivia
Technology Boy Vern

 Kapa Haka Girl – Tauhi Gear

Kaitataki Wahine Trophy 


 Kapa Haka Boy – Hakopa Gear

Kaitataki Tane Trophy 

 School -Service  Nina
 Academic Award  Eileen
 Citizenship Award  Eileen
 Visual Art Award 
 International  Languages Milayna


Blues Awards