Our Kirkwood community is unique:  we have one purpose – to meet the whole child’s individual needs and wishes.  Students are at the centre of everything we do.  We believe you and your child know what you both want and we expect you to tell us.  We listen.

Our students gain confidence by being part of the school.  They are all given opportunities to try whatever area they wish, enabling them to ascertain where their talents lie, whether they are in academic subjects, music, drama, sport or art.

We think school should be fun, and the students should feel secure and safe in the relaxed environment we provide.  This nourishes their confidence and independence.  We do not require lots of rules and regulations because the Kirkwood Commitment Card  underpins everything we do.

If you want to feel safe, if you want to feel valued, if you want to feel that your opinion is important, then Kirkwood is the school for you.  We promise that you will enjoy life with us and that we will do everything we can to challenge and support you in the things that matter most to you.  Welcome to our community.

Victoria Sergel,  Presiding Member of the Board


2024 Board of Trustees:

  • Victoria Sergel (Presiding Member)
  • Amy Kennerley
  • Rowan Smith
  • Nicholas Ruscoe
  • Cameron Wright
  • Micaela Brenssell, Staff Representative
  • Phil Tappenden,  Principal

Meetings of the Board of Trustees are held in the school staffroom monthly.  Parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend.  Board members are happy to receive comments from parents.