Welcome to Kirkwood Intermediate School.

I believe that Kirkwood Intermediate School is placed firmly at the forefront of education for the emerging adolescent. Our staff, our facilities and our programmes are aimed at encouraging and inspiring our students to do their very best and to grow educationally, socially and physically during their time with us.

Education for this age group – the “emerging adolescent” – involves key practices such as mixed class groupings, authentic learning experiences, integrated curricula, high expectations of all students and positive, supportive relationships throughout the school community. These are what we strive to achieve at Kirkwood, where everyone can achieve.

As a school we cater for the whole student, we act inclusively and we deliver the best educational practice we can. We are extremely fortunate in many ways – we have the best children in Christchurch come to our school, we have a very positive and supportive Board of Trustees, a hardworking and enthusiastic Parent Teacher Association and a wonderful blend of youth, experience and enthusiasm in our teaching and support staff.

We encourage open communication within our school community. Do not hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.

Phil Tappenden