Daily Notices for Thursday 4 July 2024

Rāpare whā Hōngongoi

Student notices/Panui

Sports Shed Monitors Today: 8MB Annabel, Zoe, Mia
Blues: Blues@kirkwood.school.nz. Application forms are found here: https://kirkwood.school.nz/our-students/achievements/ 

Kiwi Kids Competitions: These will be held in the Library over the next 3 Thursday mornings. If you have signed up for more than one, you can choose the order of tests you do. We will get started after the notices. Bring a pencil and scrap paper for any working. Good luck!

The students I will need for mostly for Science today are 

David T, Ella W, Mitchell, Lam, Christina, Suhad, Shreya, Hanin, Lev, Trilok, Anirudh, Chinaku, Zara, Freyia, Jivin, Inian, James M, Caitlyn, Aarangan, Shanaya, Matthew D, Alanna, Alyssa, Jade.

English: Shihiran, Indian, Mokshit, Zara, 

Maths: Caitlyn, Mischa, Khojasvi and Nicola S.

I will have a catch up next term for people who have missed tests.

PMP: 12-12:30pm for Jackson 7LB, Titen 7AC, Sophie 7MB and Taichi 8MB. Thank you Mrs M
PMP: 12:30-1pm for Emily, Dom and Eli 8HE, Meika and Unique 8SC. Thank you Mrs M
Sax & Clarinet Lessons: Lessons today in the Old Counsellor’s Office behind Rooms 4 & 5. Cheers, Mr. Botting
Orchestra: Today in the hall at 11:00am. If you are coming to the CGHS Trip next term then you must attend please. Cheers, Mr. Botting
Netball: Training on tomorrow – you must have your gear!
7K6 – Monday food Tech with Ms Russell: If any students want their work they did with Ms Tabah on Monday back please collect it from T4 at the end of morning tea today. Thanks
Basketball: Training cancelled today. Have a break 🙂 Remember – No games this week. Cheers, Mr. Botting
Choir: Today either in the Library or the hall this afternoon – a note will come round. Cheers, Mr. Botting. 
Flute Lessons: Wenwen – your lesson is now at 9:40am. Cheers, Mr. Botting.
This weeks Oscar and Lucinda challenge is a real puzzle. Meet Donna and Leo outside the hall after eating your lunch and see how many Disney Dingbats you can solve. 

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