Daily Notices for Wednesday 12 June 2024

Rāapa tekau ma rua Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Please remember the sausage sizzle on Friday 14 June. 

Our sausage sizzles are $2 each, please come and pay cash on the morning of the 14th of June from 8:10 to 8:40 at the office. The PTA will be there taking the cash and your order. That will lock in your order for your sausage sizzle for the day. 

If you have a special dietary requirement, please email the PTA at pta@kirkwood.school.nz before Wednesday 12 June with your specific order. You will still need to pay cash at the office on the Friday before school.

Computer Monitors: Please ensure all your laptops are in the POD by lunchtime today. Some students will come around in the afternoon to collect these. Cheers, Mr. Botting. 
International Language Week Challenge: How many different languages are spoken in your class? Try to say “Thank you” to your teacher and other staff around the school in your mother tongue!
Class Competition: Come up with a collaborative art piece that shows the diverse cultures and languages that you have in your class! I have put some great resources / ideas for your class art display on the International Language Week 2024 doc. Matariki is also coming up so try to link your art piece to Matariki as well. Remember that the artwork should show how we celebrate and value the diversity among us. They will be judged on Friday in Week 8 🙂 Who’s going to win the Spirit Shield this time? 
Individual Competition: Linking to Matariki, how do you celebrate New Years in your own culture? Make a poster to share your culture with the rest of the kura! Examples are on the doc. They will also be judged on Friday in Week 8.
Sports Shed Monitors Today: 8HE Jade, Lana
Dental Van: Please be mindful that the dental van will be parked on the basketball court near the swimming pool for the next couple of weeks. Thank you
PMP: 12-12:30pm for Jackson 7LB, Titen 7AC, Sophie 7MB and Taichi 8MB. Thank you Mrs B
PMP: 12:30-1pm for Emily, Dom and Eli 8HE, Meika and Unique 8SC. Thank you Mrs B
Kirkwood Kid for a Morning: A huge thank you to everyone for a very successful Kirkwood Kid for a Morning. The Ilam teachers all commented on what a great bunch of students we had. I’m sure these students will all be excited about intermediate next year! 
Te Kaupeka on today, meet Whaea and Matua in the hall after lunch.

EPro8:  Year 7, have you competed in an EPro8 competition in the past? If so, come to T9 after eating lunch TODAY to join our Year 8’s to see who will be in the Kirkwood teams to challenge other schools. Lev you are welcome to join in today.

Year 8 – Inian, Sam, WenWen, Harsha, Jack & Andrew come to T9 after eating lunch for an EPro8 challenge.      

Please let your teacher know where you will be after lunch.                                                                                                            

Basketball: Draw up on the window of Room 12. Training days – Boys today (Wednesday), Girls on Thursday. Cheers, Mr. Botting.                                                                                    
Piano Lessons: No piano lessons today and for the next few weeks as Jamiee is away. I’ll let you know when they are back on. Cheers, Mr. Botting. 
Handling Skills Challenge: On the windows of Room 6 are 12 Rugby ball handling skills. Test yourself at break times on the field (not under the breezeway!). Watch out for a competition in term 3! Open to all.        
NO Mrs Climo ESOL groups today- yes to Mrs G at 12 to 1pm
School Council: Meeting at 1:15pm in Room 10. 
Water Polo:  Well done for last week’s game. That had to be one of the most aggressive games we have had and you all impressed by changing your play to match the opposition. This week we are playing in the white caps against St Josephs Gold at the spa end at 8:15pm. See you then.

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