Daily Notices for 29 May 2024

Rāapa rua tekau ma iwa Haratua

Student notices/Panui

Meeting for all leaders: Today at 1:15pm in Room 10 / 7MB. This includes: School Council, Class Councillors, House Captains and Sports Councillors. Please be prompt so you can still have time to play.
Tuesday Afternoon: What a great bunch of students we have! Awesome start to Tuesday afternoons, both students who were here and away have set the bar high. Keep up the awesome effort. Player of the day certificates for both offsite and onsite teams will be announced at Assembly on Friday!
Sports Shed Monitors Today: 8HE Jade, Lana

Kirkwood Whaikōrero (Speech) competition: Congratulations to all the students who have presented speeches over the past few weeks. It is a daunting task and the feedback I have heard for teachers, parents and students is that there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes and some entertaining and moving speeches shared.

Congratulations too to the students selected to represent your class. Please check in with your teacher this morning to ensure we have the correct title for your speech. 

Year 7 speeches will start at 11am. Line up quietly with your class outside the hall after morning tea. Year 8 starts at 12. Your teachers will bring you over. You will need to be very quiet as you line up as we may be completing the last of the Year 7 speeches. 

The job of the audience is an important one for speeches and our expectations are that you will be attentive, settled and sensible. This will give the speakers the best shot of delivering their speeches well. Good Luck!

No PMP  for Year 7 & 8 today as it’s Speech Day. Thank you

Samoan phrase for the day: 

How are you? (to one person) – O a mai oe? Audio Clip 

How are you? (to two people) – O a mai oulua? Audio Clip

How are you? (to three or more people) – O a mai outou? Audio Clip

Individual Tapa Art Competition is on! To enter the competition, please come and get a Tapa template from 7YY and hand it in with your name and class code at the back to Mrs Yun by Thursday afternoon. If you would like to create your own Tapa art, you are more than welcome to 🙂 The winner will be announced with a certificate and house points in the assembly; one overall (1000 points), one Year 7  winner and one Year 8 winner (500 points each). 
To celebrate Samoan Language Week, a wonderful group of students is going to help the classes explore Samoan language and culture. The Spirit Shield will be awarded to the class who is the most engaged so show your Rangatiratanga by engaging in the lessons with a positive and respectful manner!
Te Kaupeka on today, meet Whaea and Matua outside the library after lunch.

EPro8: Year 7. Have you competed in an EPro8 competition in the past? If so, come to T9 after eating lunch TODAY to join our year 8’s to see who will be in the Kirkwood teams to challenge other schools.

Year 8 – Inian, Sam, WenWen, Harsha, Jack & Andrew come to T9 after eating lunch for an EPro8 challenge.                                                                                                                

Basketball: Draw up on the window of Room 12. Training days – Boys today (Wednesday), Girls on Thursday. Cheers, Mr. Botting. 
Piano Lessons: No piano lessons today and for the next few weeks as Jamiee is away. I’ll let you know when they are back on. Cheers, Mr. Botting. 
Handling Skills Challenge: On the windows of Room 6 are 12 Rugby ball handling skills. Test yourself at break times on the field (not under the breezeway!). Watch out for a competition in term 3! Open to all.        

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