Daily Notices for Tuesday 28 May 2024

Rātū rua tekau ma waru Haratua

Student Notices/Panui

Can I see all the School Librarians for a short meeting at 9.00am Thank you.

Water Polo: Our game this week is at 7:15pm against the Oakland Otters at the spa end. We are in the white caps.

Congratulations to Travis and Xander, our new Co-Captains. I will catch you up later in the week to chat about your duties. 

SPEC at 10am for Dominic, Eli, Emily 8HE Jackson and Alex 7LB in the new ESOL room. Thank you Mrs B and Mrs G.
EPro8: Year 7. Have you competed in an EPro8 competition in the past? If so, come to T9 after eating lunch on Wednesday to join our Year 8’s to see who will be in the Kirkwood teams to challenge other schools.
Samoan phrase for the day: fa’afetai – Which means thank you. Practice with your class so you can use it to show manners at Tuesday Sport this afternoon 🙂  Audio clip
Individual Tapa Art Competition is on! To enter the competition, please come and get a Tapa template from 7YY and hand it in with your name and class code at the back to Mrs Yun by Thursday afternoon. If you would like to create your own Tapa art, you are more than welcome to 🙂 The winner will be announced with a certificate and house points in the assembly; one overall (1000 points), one Year 7  winner and one Year 8 winner (500 points each). 
To celebrate Samoan Language Week, a wonderful group of students is going to help the classes explore Samoan language and culture. The Spirit Shield will be awarded to the class who is the most engaged so show your Rangatiratanga by engaging in the lessons with a positive and respectful manner!
PMP: 12-12:30pm for Jackson 7LB, Titen 7AC, Sophie 7MB and Taichi 8MB, Plus Emily, Dom, Eli 8HE and Meika and Unique 8SC. This session will be for both groups as Winter Sports has started so lunchtime is at 12.30pm. Thank you Mrs B

At School: Students who are staying here as part of our Kirkwood crew on Tuesdays. 

12:30 – 12:45: Eat Lunch in your classroom. 

12:45 – 1:30: Lunch Play

1:30: Pick up your school bag and meet in the hall. The teachers will help you into lines and show you where to sit. This meeting will be brief as you have lots to get on with in the afternoon. 

2:55: You collect your phone from the HALL and leave as normal. You must either be in correct school uniform or correct school P.E gear. To enter the hall, you must use the same doors that we do for Assembly, no one is going through the office unless you are using the office! 

Going to Tuesday Sport: 

Morning tea: You get changed into your Sports Uniform.

12:30 – 12:45: Eat Lunch in your classroom, go to the bathroom. 

12:45: You grab your sports gear + drink bottle and make your way down to the hall. You need to have your name ticked off on a roll. Then we get onto buses and leave – stick with your coach. 

2:55 Approx: We arrive back at school. If you arrive before the bell you must stay with your coach! You can leave school grounds in your sports uniform. Your phones can be collected from the HALL at 2:55 and not before.To enter the hall, you must use the same doors that we do for Assembly, no one is going through the office unless you are using the office! You can leave when you hear the bell as usual. If we are slightly late and you have any bus issues – come back to the office. 

Alfie 7AC – Please come and see me right after the notices. Miss Timblick
Can I please see Kisa, Tinoi, Soana, Israel & Nixon after the notices in 7YY.
The Sports shed key has gone missing, please return to the office if you know where it is.  Thank you
Rugby: Meeting today with all gear at 10:40am Room 6.Mr Burke
Sports Shed Monitors Today: 8SC Harsha, Andrew


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