School Newsletter – 2016 Term 1 Week 1

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Dear Parents/Caregivers

Welcome to this first newsletter for this year. I hope by this time all children are well settled and looking forward to a busy and enjoyable year. Having walked through all of the classrooms I can see that most children already look ready and eager to do well. It is really good to have the school come alive again – being here in the holidays without children around really reinforces that it is, indeed, the children who give a school its heart. This year we welcome a number of new staff, you will see introductions later on in this newsletter.

We are sure that our new staff will work well with our existing staff and will enhance our school’s teaching and learning programmes. Next week we will see our first Year 7 camp heading away to Purau Bay. I would like to thank the Year 7 staff for the extra efforts in this area, as well as thanking those parents who are prepared to give up their time and accompany their children on this exciting trip. I am sure we all hope that the weather allows our children the opportunity to complete all of their activities. Attached to this newsletter is the “Concerns and Complaints” policy. We circulate this at this time every year so that all parents know the way we like to work with you to solve any problems. Please can I ask that if you have any concerns or complaints, let us know as soon as you can. At Kirkwood we really want to make sure that we work with you and your child to get the best out of your time with us.

We have also included the “Blues” criteria so that there is clarity around what earns a Blue, and what doesn’t. If you should be unsure however, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school.

We will be holding our first Board of Trustees meeting for the year tonight in the staff room from 5:15pm. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. Later this year we will be having Board elections and I believe we will have some current Board members standing down, so if you are interested in joining the Board feel welcome to call me at school or our Board Chair, Paul Lancaster and learn more about this opportunity.

Our first PTA meeting will be held on Wednesday 24 February at 7pm. Please consider coming along and joining our PTA. Meetings are held no more than monthly, last no more than one hour, there are no horrible jobs to be done, and the PTA itself is a really nice group of people!

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter – I hope you find it informative. I am looking forward to this year and to working with our community to ensure that Kirkwood Intermediate is a place you and your families are pleased to be associated with.

Kind regards
Phil Tappenden