School Newsletter – 2016 Term 3 Week 7

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Welcome to this edition of our school newsletter. I would like to start by thanking all the families who were able to support our school by making alternate arrangements on Wednesday when both our PPTA and NZEI union members were asked to attend a paid union meeting. There has been much talk about the subject of a Global funding system, with many people thinking it bears a strong resemblance to a failed “Bulk Funding” model that made winner and loser schools a reality a few years ago. The Minister and the Ministry of Education assure us that this is not the case. I think the worst thing about this is that it signals a continued lack of trust between teachers and the Ministry of Education. This is a state of affairs that should not be allowed to continue. In fact, over the last three years, the stewardship of the Ministry by the previous Secretary of Education, Peter Hughes, has seen more trust being established. I hope that this move can be continued when his replacement is appointed. Hopefully things can be resolved and further interruptions to your child’s education can be avoided.

In other news we have had some success at the NZAIMS games (New Zealand Association of Intermediate and Middle Schools) in Tauranga. Emma Parke from Room 9, came 7th in the Year 7 girls’ cross country – an amazing achievement against the best in New Zealand. The boys’ basketball team has won a good number of matches – hopefully they will continue to do well. We will keep you up to date on this. I did hear that this year’s games have 9300 competitors taking part – which is a huge challenge for all involved.

The PTA will meet next Wednesday 14 September in the staffroom from 7:30pm – all are welcome to attend. The next Board meeting has been delayed until Wednesday 21 September – again all interested people are welcome to attend.

A little while ago a parent talked with me about her concerns for young people who are exposed to pornography. This is becoming a real issue all over the world. Our school counsellor has written a piece for this newsletter that contains some really good advice and places to go for more information. I cannot stress enough the undesirability of allowing young people to have internet capable devices in their bedroom, or anywhere away from adult supervision. No matter how trustworthy and careful they can be, things can happen. A really sensible piece of advice I have heard is that what really matters is family relationships – being able to talk openly and honestly with their parents about what happens on-line is a key strategy in keeping children safe. I do hope you find Sue’s article worthwhile.

Thank you for all your support of our school. We are always happy to work through anything that arises for the safety, wellbeing, and education of our children.

Best wishes

Phil Tappenden