Mufti Day Wednesday 26 September

The Mansfield-Hillary House Captains are holding a Mufti Day on Wednesday 26 September.

All proceeds will go towards the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Please come to school wearing blue.

Gold coin donation

Thank you for your support.

Kirkwood Kid for a Morning

Kirkwood Kid for a Morning

For those pupils who have already enrolled at Kirkwood Intermediate School for 2019, you have been emailed an invitation for your child/children to attend a Kirkwood Kid for a Morning session this coming Tuesday.

If you have not received this invitation please phone the school office on 033487718 for details.

Thank you


PTA Quiz Night Sunday 9 September

PTA Quiz Night Sunday 9 September – 7pm until 9pm at Kirkwood Intermediate School.
It is best to pre buy your tickets to secure your spot however, if you do wish to come along on the night your are most welcome to.
There are also many amazing prizes and vouchers available to help with this fundraiser.
For further details please click on the link below:

Mufti Day Thursday 30 August

Kirkwood Intermediate Student Council are holding a ‘Happy Colour’ Mufti Day on Thursday 30 August

Gold coin donation

All proceeds will go towards the Cancer Society as a part of Daffodil Day.

Please wear something bright and colourful to show your support for this great cause.


Internet Health and Wellbeing Presentation

John Parsons Internet Health and Wellbeing Presentations

Wednesday 8 August Kirkwood Intermediate School (260 Riccarton Road)

Start Time: 7pm – 8:30pm


Thursday 9 AugustCasebrook Intermediate School (90 Veitches Rd)

Start Time: 7pm – 8:30pm


For further details please click on the link below:

John Parsons Internet Health and Wellbeing Presentation


Further details as follows:


John Parsons is in the school and community this week. He has published a book

Keeping Your Children Safe Online.


The introduction below describes the book.


John being interviewed about the book by Hillary Barry


John is working with students, teachers this week and delivering 2 parent workshops hosted by the Canterbury Association of Intermediate and Middle Schooling (CAIMS), of which Christchurch South Intermediate is a member.


The sessions are as follows:

– Wednesday 8th August at Kirkwood Intermediate 7:00pm – 8:30pm

– Thursday 9th August at Casebrook Intermediate 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase at the schools or at the evening workshops.


Like John on Facebook for more videos for parents and teachers

Facebook search: John Parsons S2e

OR go to:



Ski Trip to Mt Hutt – Year 7 Group

Mt Hutt Ski Trip

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Phone 03 3085074 or visit the website

to check that the field is open (from 6.00am onwards).

If it is on hold or closed, we will not be going.

If we are not going, you will also be informed by our text messaging system.

 All children must be at school, in the Hall, by 6.35am please – we can’t wait!

Rolleston Children:

  • Rolleston children will be picked up outside the Rolleston Inn at approximately 7.00am
  • Drop off at approximately 4:45pm at Rolleston Train Station. We will not allow children to cross State Highway 1 alone.

Car Children:

  • Buses will be up the mountain by 9.00am – 9.15am approx.
  • Please meet at the Kirkwood buses on your arrival.

All Pupils:

  • Ensure your child has a good lunch, plenty to drink and that their gear is all clearly named. Children will not be allowed to go to the cafeteria on the ski field.
  • If there are any major incidents, parents will be notified through our text messaging system.
  • We expect to be back at school by approximately 5:15pm.
  • Please also note: When you pick up your child please do not park in front of the school as the buses need this area.

Gear List Information

China Trip

China Trip July 2018

One World Education has offered places for eight pupils from Kirkwood Intermediate School to participate in their Panda camps in China. This is an opportunity that seeks to encourage a growing awareness of other cultures from around the world.

Our Kirkwood Intermediate School pupils and teachers have had a great time sightseeing in Beijing. They are now attending a school on the outskirts of Beijing assisting with the English programme and enjoying a real cultural experience.

We will look forward to hearing their stories when they return to school on Monday.


China Trip 2017

Kirkwood Intermediate School pupils head to China              

Kirkwood Intermediate School have selected five pupils to attend a trip to China this term.

Thank you to Education New Zealand for your support in contributing towards our trip to China this year.  We also want to thank our China Sister School, China Chengdu Bilingual Experimental School, for helping to organise the programme, homestays and schooling the pupils will participate in once they are in Chengdu, China.

Our pupils are really looking forward to the opportunity to experience new sights, sounds, foods and learn about the culture and people of China.  Student exchanges such as this are a great way to help our pupils to develop a global perspective and gain a sense of New Zealand’s place in the world.  This trip will expose the pupils to different worldviews, and ways of thinking and looking at things, helping us become more outward looking and accepting of other cultures.

It is a real privilege to have received funding from Education New Zealand as only ten schools across New Zealand have received this assistance, with Kirkwood Intermediate being the only school in the South Island.



We attend Kirkwood Intermediate School and have been selected, along with three other students, to attend a cultural trip to Chengdu in China. We have been very fortunate that this trip has been made possible with the generous funding from Education New Zealand to go towards our travel expenses. 

Our excitement starts this Friday 20 October where we fly to Chengdu and meet up with our home stay families with a welcome dinner. We get to spend the next 7 days at our home stays, attending the local school and learning the local arts including brush writing, stitch work and making the traditional Dumplings. The big highlight is getting to visit a Panda Park!  As a group, we will be performing items from our Kapahaka group to 2000 students! 

Once we leave Chengdu we get to fly to Shanghai for 4 days to experience the hustle and bustle of a city with a population of over 24 million people. One of our highlights will be getting to go up the Shanghai tower, which is the second tallest building in the world.

This trip is really going to open up the world for us and we look forward to sharing lots of photos and amazing memories of China with everyone at Kirkwood Intermediate School

Kendall  & Grace 

Note:  Photo (from left to right) – Emma, Grace, Kendall, Ashton and Dante


China Trip Day 1

ChinaTrip – Day 1

At 8pm on Friday we flew to Auckland. Once we arrived we waited for two and a half hours. At midnight we left Auckland for our eleven-hour flight to Hong Kong.

The plane ride was awesome and took a very long time, however, it was worth it. We then flew to Chengdu. We were welcomed by our homestay families who then drove us to the school which we will be attending on Monday. When we arrived at the school we had a meeting with the staff and homestay families. After the meeting, we went with our homestay families and had dinner.



China Trip – Day 2

All of the homestay families gathered together and went out for the day.  Our pupils visited local attractions.  They really enjoyed their day and tried a lot of different food.  They are amazing families to be with which makes our pupils very happy.  They are looking forward to attending school the next day.

China Trip – Day 3

Our pupils started their school experience today from 7:30am – 5:30pm. Our sister school has a weekly flag raising ceremony on Monday morning. We all attended the ceremony and we received a very warm and welcoming speech from Principal Li. Our pupils responded with Māori songs. They had a busy day following the classroom routine, and were offered specially cooked lunch, ending their school day with learning brush writing/painting.

Please note:  Refer to our Kirkwood Intermediate School Facebook Page and view our 2017 China Trip Album and you will see some amazing photos!


Wechat – link from Sister School in China as follows: