Daily Notice for Tuesday 26 September

Tuesday 26 September Rātū rua tekau ma ono Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Leavers Hoodies: You may still order a hoodie however the slip must be in this week.  You may order black or green – please note this on the slip.  If you do not have an order slip please see the office.  

Volleyball – I am holding call back trials today at 1:15pm. It is important that these people are there.

Grace, Aaliyah, Brianna, Mia, Mya, Jonty, Dillion, Katie, Caleb (Rm 9), Blake, Angus, Siennan, Aria, Tiara

Homework Club today after school.
The library will be game free, card free for the rest of the week. You are welcome to use the library for reading at interval and lunch.
Table Tennis: South Island Tournament teams are on the door of T2. If you are not available for any reason you must tell Mr. Anderson urgently. Watch for more notices this week.
Water Polo: Shared Lunch with Tom on Thursday in Room 7 , please bring a plate, Tom
KAPA HAKA: Permission slips to Mr Gaut as soon as possible.  Performance tomorrow at 10.30 am
Sports Gear: Every piece of gear left out each day will be taken away. Two less balls today in the box.
China Trip – meeting at interval in Room 7
There will be a game of Ragga today at lunch time on the field.  Come along if you would like to join in.

Daily Notices for Monday 25 September

Monday 25 September         Rāhina rua tekau ma rima Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

It is Spanish Week! Say “buenos días” which means good morning and “adiós” for goodbye this week.
Talent Show Auditions today at 1:15pm in the hall
Korfball today: Room 11 vs Room 9. The winner will play R13 in the final.
Kapa Haka: Notices to Mr Gaut as soon as possible. Performance is this Wednesday at KinderCare, Clyde Rd.
My Little Gardens: This is the last week to bring these in and the competition for a freshly baked batch of cookies is heating up! Which class will catch up with Room 3?


Daily Notice for Friday 22 September

Friday 22 September 2017    Rāmere rua tekau ma rua Mahuru


Student notices

Talent Show – reminder, on Monday we are holding auditions.  Please come to the hall at 1:15pm.  If you have already auditioned please still come along.

Volleyball – I am holding call back trials on Tuesday at 1:15pm. It is important that these people are there. It has been a really tough decision.

Grace, Aaliyah, Brianna, Mia, Mya, Jonty, Dillion, Katie, Caleb (Rm 9), Blake, Angus, Sienna, Aria, Tiara 

Korfball today R8 vrs R13
Kapa Haka: Meeting in Room 1 at Interval to Pick up a notice. Do not be late!
Extension readers you should have swapped journals by now. Sam, sort yourself out.
Students who helped making soup on Tuesday please see Miss Waters in T4, either before or after Technology this morning. Thank you
Korfball: Team for Monday to please meet after assembly for tracksuit allocation

Daily Notices for Thursday 21 September

Thursday 21 September  2017                Rāpare rua tekau ma tahi Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

No homework club today after school.
Girls’ Basketball Team: Meeting in Room 1 at interval today do not be late.
Year 8 PAT catch up: 8.50am in Room 7. Bring something to write with.
Year 7 PAT catch up: 9:00am sharp in Room 7.  Bring something to write with.
Year 7 Volleyball Trials 1:15pm today. Do not be late.
Korfball Tournament Monday: Permission slips back to Mr McWhirter ASAP please! If you have lost yours, please come to Room 3 at break.
Extension Readers could you meet for 2 minutes in the library at 8:40 (or when you get this notice).
Student Council: Meeting today at 1.30pm in Room 7.
Korfball at 1:15pm today Room 8 vs Room 13
Staff vs Student Netball – I have had a look at the weather for tomorrow and it looks fairly awful, so instead of organising it again and then having to postpone I have decided we will leave it until next Friday.
Talent Show – 1:15pm in the hall.  If you missed out yesterday, please come along today.
No ESOL groups today.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 20 September

Wednesday 20 September  2017      Rāapa rua tekau Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Reminder No cell phones are to be on your person or in your bag. They are to be placed in the deposit box or left at home. Phone are to be put in the deposit box on arrival and not to be used before school. Parents will have to pick them up from the school office in person if confiscated.
No 2A until next term as Debbie is in Dunedin. Make sure you have reading for the holidays.
Korfball: Training today at 1:15pm. Please meet by the side entrance to the hall.
Kapa Haka is on today.
Table Tennis: Any players who want to compete in the South Island Tournament next term see Mr. Anderson in room T2 today.
Talent Contest auditions will be in the hall at 1.15pm today. If you signed up you will need to be there.
New World Little Gardens – Wow! Thank you for a great response – we are so pleased with all of the Little Gardens we have been getting in. We currently have about 100 growing in our classroom from last year, so they will definitely be put to good use. Currently the competition for cookies is really tight between Rooms 2 and 3. Will your class catch up?
PAT testing in room 1 at 11:00am today, when walking past please be quiet!

Daily Notice for Tuesday 19 September

Tuesday 19 September Rātū tekau ma iwa Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
Game free day in the library today. Readers this is your chance for some quiet time to read. Hairdressing salon also closed today.
Table Tennis: Players interested in in competing in the  South Island Tournament next term see Mr. Anderson in T.2.
Science Fair Team – remember to come to T4 Food Room at 11.30am this morning to help with catering for this evening
No ESOL today, Mrs Climo is planning with the Yr 7 team today
No Korfball training on today – aiming for tomorrow – weather permitting – please remember to bring back your permission slips
Volleyball Trials today at 1:15pm in the hall. Don’t be late.


Daily Notices for Monday 18 September

Monday 18 September         Rāhina tekau ma waru Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

DEBBIE’S 2A students! It is that time again for our celebration of achievements. Meet straight after lunch in the Library with clean hands and your amazing manners Thanks Debbie G
Year 8 reading extension group please meet in the library at 9.00am.
Table Tennis: Players interested in competing in the South Island Tournament next term, please see Mr Anderson.
Girls’ Basketball: Final sign ups today, please see Mr Gaut, We will trial tomorrow – bring your sport shoes!
A reminder that cell phones are to be in the deposit boxes on arrival at school. No exceptions.
Korfball: Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, there will be no Korfball training today for both teams. Please be ready for training tomorrow. There  will be no class games either.
Badminton: Thanks for all who signed up on Friday. Today will be the last day to sign up, so if you had a change of heart and are keen to sign up for Badminton please come to Room 3 at morning tea.
Volleyball: Final sign ups today in Room 11 at interval. Trials will most likely be on Wednesday but I will let you know.
Talent Show: Auditions are this Wednesday at 1:15pm in the hall.  If you have music, please bring it on a CD.