Daily Notices for Wednesday 25 October

Wednesday 25 October 2017            Rāapa tekau ma rima Whiringa-ā-nuku


Student notices/Panui

Room 1 are away at the Ilam Sports Day today, Room 5 will be in charge of the PE or Sports gear so refer all inquiries to them.  Thank you
Kapa haka is cancelled today.
No Homework Club tomorrow.

Year 7 2018 AV Monitors required.

What are AV Monitors? They are technology pupils that set up and run Assembly, Kapa haka, Jump Jam and more using our computer and sound equipment.

If you are interested, please come to the hall at interval today to learn more about it.  Last year we only had four people that signed up so if you decide you want to be one your chances could be high!

Daily Notice for Friday 20 October

Friday 20 October 2017    Rāmere rua tekau Whiringa-ā-nuku


Student notices

Just a reminder that as it is term 4 we should not be wearing track pants at school. We should also be thinking about being sun safe – hat and sunscreen when outside. Thanks, Mr Tappenden.
Yr 7 Boys – Discus trials over by the Art Room at 1.15pm today. Mr P

Riddle of the Day:  

I turn polar bears white and I will make you cry.  I make celebrities look silly and normal people look like celebrities.  I burn pancakes brown and make your champagne bubble.  If you squeeze I will pop.  If you look at me you will pop. Can you guess the riddle? Note:  Make sure you write all the riddle answers on a piece of paper and hand it to Abby (Rm 4), Dante (Rm 6) or Aarya (Rm 2) by lunch time.

Table Tennis: All tournament players come to T.2 for a short information meeting at 10:40 am today.

Track Suit issuing for the South Island Tournament at 1pm.

Mr Gaut

Badminton Team as follows: Girls: Elly, Ruby and Emma Boys: Prince, Sam L and Sam H. Well done to all those who trialled. Please collect your track suits today and notices for Tuesday if you have not already.

Volley Ball Teams:

Brielle 3                       Jemma 11

Caleb 9                        Sienna 9

Angus 9                       Aria 9

Jonty 1                         Brianna 6

Tiara 11                        Abby 5

Katie 12                        Dillon 12

Aaliyah 1

Blake 8

There are two names missing, can those two players (you should know who you are) also come and see me! I need to put your names in for the paper work.

There was a dark blue fit-bit lost on the field yesterday yesterday.  If anyone picked this up please bring it to the office, thank you.
Basketball Tournament team – Practice today at 1.15pm on the court by R7. Can you please make sure you bring any gear you will need (namely a ball).

Daily Notices for Thursday 19 October

Thursday 19 October  2017        Rāpare tekau ma iwa Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

19 October is Diwali or the Festival of Lights. Diwali or Deepavali is a Hindu festival celebrated yearly.
We have two metro cards that have been handed into the office.  If you are missing one please come and see Mrs Purdie at morning tea.
China Meeting: Today in the hall at 1:00pm, please bring your lunch.  Could the AV monitors come as well.

Table Tennis: All tournament players: If you have not returned your permission form you must do this URGENTLY . If you do not have a form you must see Mr. Anderson NOW.

The players selected for Team 3 are on the door of T.2 . Make sure you have read all the information on the form (a copy is on the door of T.2) . A big thank you to all those who joined the team at short notice.

Volleyball – Practice at 1.15pm today in the hall.
Basketball Tournament Team – There will be a practice for you at lunchtime tomorrow.
Room 9 vs Room 1 Korfball is postponed until Mr Gaut gets back. Sorry Emma!
Yr 7 Boys – Shotput trials over by the Art Room at 1.15pm today. Mr P

Riddle for the day:

I am a Year 7, I am an early bird and a night owl, I like the colour green, I am obsessed with books and I am a class councillor.  Who am I?

Daily Notices for Wednesday 18 October

Wednesday 18 October  2017           Rāapa tekau ma waru Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

Badminton: Training for all involved at the tournament in the hall at 1:15pm.  All make sure you attend please. Mr Gaut will be running the training.
Kapa haka today at 2pm.
Book Club closes on Tuesday 21 November. Money and orders need to be placed through the slot in the foyer, or use the loop system online (parents).
Table Tennis: All tournament table tennis players collect a permission form from Mr. Anderson TODAY and bring it back signed TOMORROW.
Extension Reading: Be ready for Thursday (tomorrow) If you are not sure what to do, see Mr Aitken today.
Table Tennis: If you are interested in playing table tennis in the South Island Tournament, meet in Room 1 at interval today please. First in first served!
Volleyball – Practice tomorrow at 1.15pm. No practice today.
Otago Rail Trail – All Otago Rail Trail students need to meet in Room 6 at 1:00pm – you may bring your lunch.

Riddle of the day:

I do athletics, I am in Room 1, and I am good at sprints.  Who am I?

Chess Club is on today at 1:15pm in Room 12.  If it is 3 bells, it will not be on.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 17 October

Tuesday 17 October        Rātū tekau ma whitu Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

Bus money to the office please
Homework Club today after school.
Extension reading group Mastermind today in the library at 2pm.
Volleyball – Practice today at 1.15pm in the hall. Aaliyah, this is your reminder to please put the nets up 🙂
Remember you no longer have a choice what to do with your cell phone. They are to be in the deposit box for your room. Otherwise leave them at home,
If you ordered some Science Badges at the Science Fair last term please come and see me. Mrs Eum

Daily Notices for Monday 16 October

Monday 16 October  Rāhina tekau ma ono Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

Girls’ Basketball: Practice today at lunchtime on the Room 7 court, the main court hoop has been broken over the holidays.
Volleyball: We are now able to take 2 volleyball teams to the tournament. If you missed out and would love to play, can you please come and see me at interval. There will be a training for all at lunchtime today – including those who have already made a team. Miss McCall
It is Chinese Language Week 2017! Use “Ni hao” to say “Hello” and “Ni hao ma” to say “How are you?”
Both Girls and Boys Tournament Basketball Team: Meeting in Room 1 at interval for Uniform Issuing. If you do not come, you will not get a uniform.
Badminton: All tournament members to Room 3 at interval please.

Hello everyone, this week’s spirit shield is riddles!  Every day in the notices there is going to be a riddle, someone in your class has to take note of all the answers to the riddles and at the end of the week the person will hand it in to Abby or Dante in the student council.  These riddles can sometimes be about the student council so stay alert!

Todays riddle is: Tall I am young, short I am old, while with life I glow, wind is my foe.  What am I?  Hint:  I start with the letter C.

Daily Notice for Friday 29 September

Friday 29 September 2017    Rāmere rua tekau ma iwa Mahuru

  Student notices

Lost property – please ensure you have checked the bin located in the office foyer for items you have lost
Volleyball – Team is posted on Room 11’s window! Well done to everyone who trialled you did not make my job easy.
Meeting for the Year 8 students who are attending the Otago Rail Trail Camp in Room 6 at Interval. You absolutely must attend. If you have a forgetful friend who is going, please collect them on your way. Please be prompt.
Badminton: Could the selected team please meet in Room 3 at interval.
Student vs Staff Netball – See all the netball players on the court outside Room 7 at 1.15pm. Thank you to Katie and Caitlin who have offered to referee the game.

Daily Notices for Thursday 28 September

Thursday 28 September  2017                Rāpare rua tekau ma waru Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Can the Kids Lit Team come to the library at interval please.
No Rockband today, Damien is away.
No homework club today after school.
Leavers Hoodies: You may still order a hoodie. Order form must be in this week.  You may order black or green – please note this on the slip.  If you do not have an order slip please see the office.  An order means payment needs to be made before the end of term – tomorrow!
Science Fair Teams – If you are interested in receiving a Science Badge for your projects – you all qualify for the ‘Investigation Badge’ – the cost is $6, come and see Miss Waters if you are keen.
Volleyball – Meet in the hall at 1:15pm for those I called back. Please be there as quick as you can. Thanks
Oscar and Lucinda will be on at lunchtime today instead of tomorrow – meet outside the hall at 1:15pm if you want a chance to win the last competition of the term!
Korfball: Tracksuit jackets back to Mr McWhirter please.
Badminton: Thanks for everyone who turned up yesterday for the trial. The team for the upcoming tournament will be posted on the window of Room 3.

Students vs Staff netball game – see you tomorrow, be ready to be beaten!

Could an injured player, or someone keen, see Miss Timblick about umpiring please.

Extension readers we will meet in Room 6 at 8.40am with questions etc. The library is in use.

Tomorrow is the last day for our New World Little Garden drive – This is your last chance for cookies!

Bring them to Room 6 so we can use them for our school garden. A huge thank you to everyone who has already brought in so many. We are overwhelmed.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 27 September

Wednesday 27 September  2017      Rāapa rua tekau ma whitu Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Rock band is cancelled tomorrow as Damien is away.
Kapa Haka: Please meet in the hall at 10am. Uniforms will be issued.
Year 8 classes have an important email re technology options for the final rotation for the year.  If you do not complete it – no problem – you will just be placed in a group.    Ms A
Leavers Hoodies: You may still order a hoodie. Order form must be in this week.  You may order black or green – please note this on the slip.  If you do not have an order slip please see the office.  We need 50 orders to go ahead we are nearly there!!  An order means payment also needs to be made!
Kapa Haka on today 2pm.
Extension readers make sure you have all your questions ready for tomorrow. Read your journal.
Badminton Trials at lunch time in the hall be there 1.15pm sharp. If you signed up see you there. Mr M
Korfball: Tracksuit jackets back to Mr McWhirter please.
Rugby Team:  Important meeting in Room 12 at interval.


Daily Notice for Tuesday 26 September

Tuesday 26 September Rātū rua tekau ma ono Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Leavers Hoodies: You may still order a hoodie however the slip must be in this week.  You may order black or green – please note this on the slip.  If you do not have an order slip please see the office.  

Volleyball – I am holding call back trials today at 1:15pm. It is important that these people are there.

Grace, Aaliyah, Brianna, Mia, Mya, Jonty, Dillion, Katie, Caleb (Rm 9), Blake, Angus, Siennan, Aria, Tiara

Homework Club today after school.
The library will be game free, card free for the rest of the week. You are welcome to use the library for reading at interval and lunch.
Table Tennis: South Island Tournament teams are on the door of T2. If you are not available for any reason you must tell Mr. Anderson urgently. Watch for more notices this week.
Water Polo: Shared Lunch with Tom on Thursday in Room 7 , please bring a plate, Tom
KAPA HAKA: Permission slips to Mr Gaut as soon as possible.  Performance tomorrow at 10.30 am
Sports Gear: Every piece of gear left out each day will be taken away. Two less balls today in the box.
China Trip – meeting at interval in Room 7
There will be a game of Ragga today at lunch time on the field.  Come along if you would like to join in.