Daily Notices for Friday 21 June

Friday 21 June 2019                                                   Rāmere tekau ma whā Pipiri

Pupil notices/Panui

Spirit Shield: Send two people per class to Room 6 at interval today!
Basketball: Kirkwood White team, Kimberly will be here on Monday for training. Make sure you are ready to go.
Netball practice is on today. See you at 1:00pm.
Jump Jammers: Meet in the hall at 1:15pm for a full practice on stage before assembly.
Hockey: Training on Monday.
Cross Country: Tracksuits back into the office please.
China Trip: Extra meeting today at 1.00pm in Ms Molloy’s room. Bring your lunch and Milla please bring rakau sticks.
Congratulations to Jakub and Anna-Bella for their great performances in the Rotary Speech competition last night. They did Kirkwood proud!
Chess Club please meet in Room 5 at 1:00pm (bring your lunch).
Production Dancers: Quick meeting at interval outside Room 6.


Daily Notices for Thursday 20 June 2019

Thursday 20 June  2019                                                                   Rāpare rua tekau Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Good luck to Anna-Bella and Jakub for the rotary speech finals tonight.
World Refugee day today. Take some time to look at the books on display in the library.
Sorry, no 2A with Debbie today, she is away untill Monday.
Cross Country: Well done to the group of runner’s we took to Halswell yesterday.
Rugby: Training today at 1:15pm
Basketball: Draw up outside Room 11. Make sure you check your time and location. Great to see good numbers at your training.
Girls basketball practice on at 1:15pm today
Blues Assembly Best behaviour for today’s assembly.  It starts at 12.30pm but you will need to be lined up outside the hall at 12:15pm.  If you are receiving a Blue, try to sit close to the end of the row.
Netball practice for all teams tomorrow at lunchtime. Please come to school prepared.
Production Dancers: Please come to the hall at 1:00pm today.
Jump Jammers: Meeting & practice in Room 7 at interval today.
Guitar and Ukulele lessons will not be on today.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 19 June 2019

Wednesday 19 June  2019                                                  Rāapa tekau ma iwa Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Production Dancers: A reminder to please get a white t-shirt for our dress rehearsal this Sunday. If you have any extra items e.g. neck scarf, please bring these tomorrow.
Cross Country: Straight to the hall after you have been registered please.
Basketball White and Green: Training today at 1:15pm.
CEM Testing continues in Room 3 at 11:00am today.
All Production cast, including dancers and singers report to the hall at 12:30pm today.
China trip students: Meeting at 1:00pm in Ms Molloy’s office.
Kapa Haka is on today at 2:00pm in the hall.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet in Room 7 at 2:00pm.
Tuesday Sport: Well done to our teams so far this season. Some excellent results, more importantly, you are representing yourselves and our school extremely well. Keep it up!
Could Alyssa B, Alix F and Dinah please see Mr Smith today

Daily Notices for Tuesday 18 June

Tuesday 18 June 2019                                                        Rātū tekau ma waru Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Cross Country: Meet tomorrow in the hall after you have been registered. Please make sure you bring the following for the day. Warm clothing, change of shoes, clothes and socks, a bag to put clothing, water and food. You can come in your PE gear.
Cross Country Permission Slips: I still need permission slips from the following students: Poppy (13) and Kashaf (9).
Tuesday Sport/Options: Bell at 12:40pm. Eating in classes. Once the bell goes, make sure you go to the hall quickly and line up in your teams. This needs to be done sensibly and quickly.
Rugby: Meeting in Room 11 at interval – this is very important you are all there as we need to confirm our set piece positions.
Basketball: Draw is up outside Room 11, please make sure you double check game times and locations.
Homework club today after school.
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm. Check the weather forecast and make sure you wear suitable clothes for walking to the stadium.
Science Fair group: A quick meeting in Room 8 at interval. Bring your logbook if ready.
Anna Bella and Jakub please come to Room 10 with your speech topics after the notices.
Production Dancers: Please meet in the hall at interval, all must attend BEFORE getting changed for Tuesday Sport.
Basketball: Training for White and Green teams tomorrow
Tuesday sewing group is on at T6 at 11.45am until 12.45pm.              
Netball Huia team: Important meeting in Room 2 at interval.
CEM Testing: Come to Room 3 at 11:00am today with laptop or chrome book. If you do not come you miss out. Of the 34 pupils registered only 12 turned up yesterday to get relevant info.
Jump Jammers: Practice this morning tea in Room 7- See you all there!
Netball Piwakawaka Team: Important meeting in Room 4 at Interval

Daily Notices for Monday 17 June 2019

Monday 17 June  2019 Rāhina tekau ma whitu Pipiri                    Pupil Notices/Panui                  


Matariki display up in library. Please do not issue any of the books or journals. They are on display for everyone.
Space books out on display please do not issue these they are for everyone as well. I am willing to photocopy any material from these books for students.
Student Council: Please ensure you have a class hui this wiki, we want your ideas!
Production: All speaking parts to practise from 1:00pm to 2:55 pm
Production Dancers: You are all doing incredible! Thank-you for your mahi yesterday! We will have a hui today at 1pm. If you have a speaking part I will catch up with you tomorrow.
Cross Country: Please meet Mr McWhirter in the hall at interval – be prompt. We will aim to get your tracksuit jackets.
Hockey: Training on today at 1:15pm
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki our kupu is oma which means run. Good luck to our Cross Country team heading to their competition on Rāapa!
Lunch monitors to get lunches from the outside door for the next 2 weeks. The hall is out of bounds to children unless with  a teacher.
CEM (Canterbury University) testing this week. All those competing in these tests come to Room 4 at 10:30am today for a quick meeting.
Jum JammersPractice at morning tea and Lunch (1:15pm)  in Room 7. Freaks please come at morning tea to Rm 7 to pick up your costumes. Only 6 days until we perform! All must attend!
Spirit Shield Class Cricket World Cup: Matches will be played at either lunch or break time. Today it is Room 1 V Room 3. Starting at 1:20pm. Please meet on the Cricket pitch. Aim to get 10 people there, 5 boys and 5 girls.
Blues: If any student thought they were getting a Blue but has not received a letter please see Mr Smith today.


Daily Notices for Tuesday 4 June 2019

Tuesday 4 June 2019                                                          Rātū whā Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
The following titles have been returned to the library they are not part of the collection: Incredible Incas, 3-D underwater world, and King Kong. Do they belong to anyone? They can be collected from Mrs Dobbs.
Girls’ Football: Please meet with Mr van den Brink in Room 12 at interval. Please be prompt – get changed after the meeting.
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm.
Basketball: Draw for this Friday’s games up outside Room 11. Please do not leave it to the last moment to check your time and venue.
Basketball Training: Green and White team training sessions on tomorrow.
Tuesday Sport/Options: Bell at 12:45pm. All in classrooms. Second bell at 1:00pm. Straight to the hall and organised quickly to leave as soon as possible.
JUMP Jammers– meeting and practice TODAY at interval. Please make sure you come, important information given.

Intermediate Artistic Gymnastics: Meeting at interval today to collect your permission slip. This will be your one and only chance.

Bronwyn, Charlotte, Isabely, Isadora, Lucrezia, Emalea, Jamie, Crystal, Molly.

See you in Room 1 at interval. 🙂

Cheeeeese Emporium and Kea Scene please meet Mr Gaut at interval in Room 1 today very important.
Tuesday sewing is on today 11:45am – 12.45pm in T6.