Daily Notices for Thursday 24 May

Thursday 24 May  2018                 Rāpare rua tekau ma whā Haratua

Student notices/Panui

Orchestra:  Please meet in the hall at 9:40am
Thursday lunchtime homework in the library please come after you have been released from eating your lunch.
Year 7 Assembly:  a reminder to Year 7 students that you need to be on the lookout for people who have a positive attitude to help your teacher select the best person for the certificate on Monday.
Netball:  All teams have a practice on Friday at 1:15pm. Make sure to bring your gear and be prompt as the training is only 30 minutes.
Magazine:  Alex and Katie remember your interview today at 11:00am in Mr Tappenden’s office.  Remember to take a camera too.
Blue Light’s Got Talent: For all those interested in taking part come and sign up in Room 6 today at interval. This is the event Mackenzie, Michael and Brooke spoke about a few weeks ago, it’s all happening so come and be a part of something exciting!!
Hockey: Both teams to meet in Room 11 at Interval.
Girls Basketball: Training today at lunch time.
No ESOL groups today: There is individual testing, I will come and get the student, as I need them.  Thanks Mrs Climo
Girls’ Football: Training tomorrow at lunchtime, bring your PE gear, shin pads and boots. See Miss Mason if there any issues with this.
China Trip Meeting in Room 1 at interval today. Please be prompt.
Drama/ Dance: Those that signed up, meeting in Room 1 at 1:00pm bring your lunch.
Gymnastics: Could Carolyn (R3). Alix (R5) and Dinah (R5) please come to Room 11 at interval.
Rugby: Training today at 1:20pm.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 23 May

Wednesday 23 May 2018  Rāapa rua tekau ma rua Haratua

Student notices/Panui

Rugby: Training today 1:20pm by the posts.
Hockey Practice on today at 1:15pm in the usual spot, make sure you bring your safety gear.
Dance/ Drama: Sign up today in Room 1 at interval.
Kapa Haka is on today at 2pm.
Boys’ B Basketball Training: 1.15pm on the court by Room 7
Student Council: Can the Leadership team please come to Room 6 at interval.
Chess Club today at 1pm in Room 5 – Bring your lunch


Daily Notices for Tuesday 22 May

Tuesday 22 May 2018           Rātū rua tekau ma rua Haratua

Student Notices/Panui

Table Tennis: Everyone be at T2 ready to go at 1:00pm.
Magazine: 11:00am to 12:00 noon today!  Rooms 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 & 13.
Homework club today after school. Thursdays homework club is postponed until next term. I will trial a lunchtime Thursday homework club starting this Thursday.
Can I see Kids’ Lit Team (Year 7) at interval today please.
Game free library today.
Rugby: Please go to Room 6 at interval to check in.
Can the Rutherford-Batten House Captains please come to Room 6 at interval.
Afternoon Reminders: Bell will ring at 12:45pm. If you are participating in Tuesday Sport make sure you are changed at Interval. Walk around to the side entrance of the hall and be there by 1:00pm. No bags to be taken with you, unless you have a note from your parents regarding collection from your location.
No ESOL groups today, Mrs Climo away.
Cut-off date for getting information to Mr Smith for Blues is next Wednesday 30 May.
Are you interested in Drama? Interpretive Dance? An opportunity for Dance and Drama sessions has arisen! Sign up in Room 1 at interval today. Do not miss out!
Football. A team training session at Hagley.  Could the B team meet Tom and please be in the hall by 1:00pm. Remember no boots are allowed in the hall. Findlay you need to collect gear bags at 12.55pm please.


Daily Notices for Monday 21 May

Monday 21 May 2018                        Rāhina rua tekau ma tahi Haratua

Student Notices/Panui

Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: There are some amazing ways to greet people in Te Reo Māori! Try a one of these this wiki – Mōrena, Ata mārie. Both are a way to say good morning!
Max C from Room 4, your reserved library book is ready to collect.
AIMS gymnastic competition: There are categories of Artistic and Rhythmic. If you are interested in competing, then please come to Room 11 at Interval
Table Tennis: Be at T2 ready to go at 1:00pm tomorrow. Remember to wear suitable clothes if the weather is cold or raining .Team captains check this week’s draw (on the door  of T2) and see Mr. Anderson sometime today.
Thank-you for supporting our Pink Shirt Mufti Day and the Disco! It was brilliant to have the tug-of-war go ahead with some excellent weather.
Latin: On this afternoon in Room 7.
Winter Options: Those in Room 1 tomorrow please bring a board games or card game along to share.

Basketball Draw will be up outside Room 11 at Lunch Time.

Girls – 4:20pm at Wharenui Gym;

Boys’ B – 5:20pm at Wharenui Gym;

Boys’ A – 5:00pm at MIddleton Grange (New Gym).

Well done on Friday night

Boys’ Football: Training today if fine from 1:15pm to 1:45pm. Please be organised.

Daily Notice for Friday 18 May

Friday 18 May 2018    Rāmere tekau ma waru Haratua

    Student notices

Netball practice for all teams will be on today at 1.15pm. See you on the courts by the hall.
ART CUP. Notice for term 2 work is available from the office.
China Panda Camp: All Students to meet with all their paperwork in Room 1 straight after the notices please.

Daily Notices for Thursday 17 May


Thursday 17 May  2018          Rāpare tekau ma whitu Haratua

Student notices/Panui

Disco money to the office now please.
There was a scooter stolen yesterday during lunch time.  Please make sure you always lock your scooter or bike to the bike stand.  If you have skateboards these must be put in a safe place the classroom (see the teacher).  
ART CUP. Notice for term 2 work is available from the office.
Homework Club today after school.
Hayley & Samuel school librarians today.
Girls’ Basketball Training today – 115pm on the court by Rm 7. Thanks
Netball – Training for all teams tomorrow at lunch time. Please come to school organised with your gear.
Rugby: Training today at 1:15pm weather permitting.
PINK SHIRT DAY is tomorrow! Make sure you wear pink and bring a gold coin donation to support Youthline. If the weather is ok, there will be a class tug of war challenge for the School Spirit Shield or the class with the most people wearing the most pink… it does make sense!
Disco: In celebration of diversity and taking a stand against bullying, come dance the night away! Tickets are available on the night and a notice went home yesterday.
Panda Camp Students: Visa applications and Passports to Mr Gaut ASAP please.
Congratulations to… Rutherford-Batten!! They had the most House Points last term and have won a sausage sizzle for next wiki. Check the notices to find out when!

Daily Notices for Wednesday 16 May

Wednesday 16 May 2018       Rāapa tekau ma ono Haratua

Student notices/Panui

ART CUP: Notice for Term 2 work is available from the office.

EPRO 8 is nearly here.  We now have three teams.  Please meet in T9 – with  Ms Anderson at  1:00pm and bring your lunch.  You will be given a parent letter.  These are the names I have, but if you missed out please come along …. No promises.  We need 12 in teams plus reserves.

Room 9   Logan R, Logan W, Cayden M, Adarsh K, Charlie W;

Room 4   Carsyn W, Zander Y, Frank R;

Room 3   Ryan D;

Room 11  Emily M, Oliver U;

Room 8    Basit K;

Room 2    Finnias M;

Room 10  Abby T, Hunter C, Daniel B.

Could Mackenzie N Room 3, Katie S Room 11 and Aaliyah B Room 6 please come to see Ms Anderson in T9 at Kirkwood Ave at the end of morning teatime 10:55am.
Kapa Haka is on today at 2pm.
Hockey practice on today at 1:15pm on the field near the pool. Make sure you bring your shin guards and mouth guards.
The following students are to see Mr Gaut at interval in Room 1: Jack D, Blake H, Liam M, Zach J, Logan B.
Game free day today in library. Reading only.
Logan & Hannah School librarians today.
Student Council: Hui today in Room 6, 1pm please bring your tina.
Rugby: Training āpōpō/tomorrow.
BOYS Basketball B Team: Meeting in Room 11 at Interval – all to attend please, your training is on today also.  Please meet at 1:15pm on the court by Room 7
BOYS Basketball A Team: Training on the court by the hall at 1:15pm. Please be ready in correct PE uniform
Chess club today in Room 5 – bring your lunch
ESOL groups today: Mrs Climo will come and pick you up individually for your speech. Please do not come to group, due to videoing of speech.  Thanks
Rockband Auditions: In the dental clinic at interval.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 15 May

Tuesday 15 May 2018           Rātū tekau ma rima Haratua

Student Notices/Panui

Magazine: today we are doing pages for Rooms 2,3,4 and 13, School Council and korfball.  See you at 12:00 noon.
Water Polo: come to T4 at 11:00am for a photo.
Table Tennis:  Everyone be at T2 ready to go at 1:00pm.

BOYS’ B Basketball Team: Your training will be on tomorrow at lunchtime. Make sure you have the correct gear

GIRLS’ BASKETBALL: Training has been moved to Thursday lunchtime, Make sure you have the correct gear

ART CUP: Notice for term 2 work is available from the office.
Lunch Time on Tuesdays: Bell goes at 12:45pm. Children eat lunch in their own rooms. Bell goes again at 1:00pm. Hagley children go to hall.
Rugby: Please check with Mr Aitken at interval (10:40am) you MUST have a mouth guard to be able to play!
PINK SHIRT DAY – This Friday wear Pink to take a stand against Bullying! Bring a gold coin donation to support this awesome event.
Student Council: Full council hui āpōpō/tomorrow in Room 6 at 1:00pm please bring your tina.
We have our first school disco this Friday! Tickets will be coming round for a pre-sale be sure to get them and get ready for an awesome night.
China Trip: Can all the students going to China in July please meet in Room 1 at interval.
Winter Sport: When heading to the hall for sports line-up today please remember to go around to the side doors and not to go through the office foyer. No school bags are to be taken with you, unless you have a pre-organised note from home explaining pick up for your sports venue. Absolutely no cell phones are to be taken with you; these can be picked up from the office when you return as ALL deposit boxes will be at the office. Thanks.
There is a pair of black leather, lace up, nearly new shoes still in lost property. Please claim them if they are yours. Mrs Rowley
Girls’ Football meet in Room 12 at interval.
Netball – Sienna Warman, unless Miss Timblick sees a permission slip this morning you will not be able to go to netball today.

Daily Notices for Monday 14 May

Monday 14 May 2018 Rāhina tekau ma whā Haratua

Student Notices/Panui

Lincoln High School Prospectus – available at the office to pick up
Water Polo team – come to T4 (food room) at 11am tomorrow (end of interval – Mrs Hickling will be taking a professional photo of you together)
New roster for School librarians starts today. Georgia & Isabelle Radcliffe are your librarians for Monday.
Student Council: A friendly reminder to have class hui this wiki please!
Bullying Free NZ Wiki has started! It is important to talk about bullying and how we all have a role to play by standing up and saying No to bullying behaviour. We all have the ability to help each other so let’s do it!
Latin: On this afternoon in Room 7
Te Kupu o te Wiki: Our kupu is whakawhanaunga which means developing good relationships and getting to know each other. What could you do to get know others at our school?
Rugby: Please get any permission slips to the office asap!
Our awesome PTA and teaching staff are putting on a special sausage sizzle this Ramere for the house that got the most points in Term One. Check the notices this wiki to see who it was!
Table Tennis:  There is one place available for Table Tennis. If you attended the trials and still want to play see Mr. Anderson today.
Table Tennis: All teams come to T.2 at morning break today  for a short meeting. The competition games start tomorrow. Be at T.2 ready to go at 1pm. Team captains check this week’s draw on the door of T.2. Georgia Radcliffe please see Mr. Anderson  today as soon as possible.
Basketball Draw for Friday night up by Room 11

BOYS’ B Basketball Team: Your training will be on Wednesday lunch. Make sure you have the correct gear

GIRLS’ BASKETBALL: Your training will be on Friday at Lunch – Hayley, please come to Room 11 at Interval for your uniform

Netball – I still need permission slips from the following; Sienna Warman, Ava Brown, Katie Heald. You will not be able to come to netball tomorrow if you don’t hand these in! You can get a new notice from the office if needed.

ALL NETBALL PLAYERS – Remember to bring your uniform and a change of shoes etc tomorrow.

Girls’ Football: Remember to bring your gear tomorrow. You need to bring your PE gear and you must bring shin pads. I will give you football socks tomorrow.

Boys’ Football: Please come to R9 at interval today to discuss requirements for tomorrow.  Thanks. Mr Williamson

ART CUP. Notice for term 2 work is available from the office.

Daily Notices for Friday 11 May

Friday 11 May 2018                 Rāmere tekau ma tahi Haratua

Student notices

A reminder to children wanting to enter the first stage of the writing competition that the first sample is due in a couple of weeks.
Girls’ Basketball Team: Meeting in Room 11 at Interval to receive your uniform
Rugby: Thank you to all that have returned their permission slip. No slip, no play so please get them into the office asap.
Netball: Practice for all teams today at 1:15pm. Meet your coaches on the courts by the hall.

Table Tennis: The teams are on the door of T2. The games start on Tuesday next week. Keep reading the daily notices for more information.

If you have any questions see Mr. Anderson. Georgia R please see Mr. Anderson today as soon as possible.

BOYS’ Basketball: Can the following students see Mr McWhirter now please – Basit (R8), Quinn (R1) and Eli (R12).
Tuesday Options: Everyone who is in the Environmental Upcycling Group for Tuesday Options please see Mr McWhirter at interval.
My apologies but the library will be closed at lunchtime today. The librarians can still attend and complete their duties. Thank you, Mr Tappenden
There will not be an assembly today.