Daily Notices for Monday 22 July

Monday 22 July  2019                                                Rāhina rua tekau ma rua Hōngongoi

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Welcome back to all of you. I hope you have an enjoyable and successful Term 3.
Basketball: Draw for this week’s matches is up outside Room 11.
Water polo: If you are interested in playing Water polo this term, please come to Room 11 at interval.
Rugby: No training today due to grass condition. Please meet in Room 11 at 1:00pm with your lunch.
Table Tennis: Team captains check this week’s draw. Everyone check tomorrow’s weather forecast and wear suitable clothes to walk to the stadium.
EPro 8 Challenge is not far away – we have 2 teams entered – do you want to be part of this exciting opportunity?.  Preference given to anyone who has participated before – ie: you know what it is about and enjoy the pressure of working to a time limit.  It is now time to choose our team members.  Please email Ms Anderson or bring a note with your room, name and why you want to join EPro8 this year. Our first round is on Tuesday 13 August, 5 – 8pm at Cobham Intermediate.
In case you missed it… Congratulations to our SIlver Ferns for winning the Netball World Cup this morning!
Student Council: Hui this wiki on Rāapa/Wednesday 1:00pm in Room 6, House Captains please come along too.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: If you know what whutuporo means come to Room 6 at interval!

Daily Notices for Friday 5 July

Friday 5 July 2019                                                                              Rāmere rima Hōngongoi  

Pupil notices/Panui

Lost property: Please check the lost property bin in the office foyer for any lost items.
Basketball: Any keen players interested in trialing for a Canterbury Metro Basketball Squad please see Mr McWhirter for details. Good opportunity!
No assembly today: Have a happy and safe holiday 🙂
Science Fair meeting in Room 8 at 1:00pm.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 3 July

Wednesday 3 July  2019                                                                 Rāapa toru Hōngongoi            

Student notices/Panui

Korfball jackets to the office please return them washed thanks.
Basketball: Reminder no games this Friday. It will resume on the first Friday in Term 3.
Rugby: Reminder no training tomorrow. There will be a drop kick challenge at 1:30pm for those interested!
Badminton Holiday Programmes: If anyone is interested, Mr McWhrter has some information about these.
Student Council: Hui at 1:00pm in Room 6 today.
Thank you all for your help at open night and your behaviour during open day – much appreciated
Kapa Haka please meet on the basketball court by the hall at 2:00pm.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet in Room 7 at 2:00pm.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 2 July

Tuesday 2 July 2019                                                                            Rātū rua Hōngongoi  

Student Notices/Panui

Orchestra members: Remember music and instruments for open night.  Be there at 6:30pm.
Homework Club today after school.
School Librarians, Kaylin, Georgia, Holly and Livvie tonight in the library for open night. Please wear school uniform and your Librarian’s badge. Thank you.
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm.
Netball Huia Team: Meeting at interval today in Room 2 to check that everyone is playing.
Rugby: Team meeting in Room 11 at interval.
Tuesday Sport/Option: Bell at 12:40pm. At the 12:55pm bell Tuesday Sport teams move quickly and quietly to the hall or T2.
Tuesday morning sewing group is on today at 11.45am.
A Swimming Blue was found yesterday on the field, it has been handed into the office.
Student Council: Hui on Rāapa/Wednesday at 1:00pm, please bring your tina.
Any jump jammers who are here tonight for kapa haka or orchestra, feel free to stay on and do jump jam in Room 7.

Daily Notices for Monday 1 July

Monday 1 July  2019 Rāhina tahi Hōngongoi                    Pupil Notices/Panui                  


Orchestra members: Remember music and instruments for open night.  Be there at 6:30pm.
Reminder to Year 7 classes that you are to come out and line up with your classes for lunch eating time.
Hockey: Training on today at 1:15pm
Rugby: Training today at 1:15pm – not there, no play tomorrow.
Production Dancers: Please bring your costumes to the hall at interval.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: Whitinga o te rā is our kupu this wiki. Did you see the amazing whitinga o te rā this morning? 
Student Council: Hui on Rāapa/Wednesday at 1pm, please bring your tina.


Daily Notices for Friday 28 June

Friday 28 June 2019                                                   Rāmere rua tekau ma waru Pipiri

Pupil notices/Panui

Orchestra members: Please remember music and instruments for open night.  Be there at 6:30pm.
China Trip: Zao shaung hao (Good morning!) – All students please come to the office at 10.40am to collect your spare PE top and we will sort out a new phone app. We will also have a language meeting at 1:00pm today in Room 9, be prompt and bring your lunch. Miss Buckenham Baines
Korfball squad playing at 1:15pm on Basketball court. If you missed out see Mr Gaut. He might have a space in the staff team.
Thanks to all the production kids. I know you worked hard and your efforts are appreciated.
Helpers are needed in T2 for Open Night on Tuesday next week. See Mr. Anderson if you would like to volunteer.
Te Kaupeka: Please meet in Room 6 at interval to check who has permission to go to the Chateau performance today. I will not be accepting any notices after interval.
Production Dancers: You were all amazing! Thank-you for all your mahi, it has been great! Costume hand-in will be on Monday in the hall at 1:00pm.
Rugby: Training on Monday. No train = no play on Tuesday.
Hockey: Training with Will on Monday. It would be great to see a few more be there on Monday.
Basketball: Good luck to the team playing tonight. Reminder that there will be no more games this term. The season will recommence on the first Friday of the third term.
Could Joshua K (12) and Phong N (3) please see Mr McWhirter very quickly after the notices in Room 11. This is about the AIMS games.
There will be no netball practice today due to the Korfball game. It would be great if the shooters for each team could ensure they get some practice in before next Tuesday.

Daily Notices for Thursday 27 June

Thursday 27 June  2019                                                       Rāpare rua tekau ma whitu Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Cross country tracksuits jackets to office please washed and named.
Helpers are needed in T2 for open night on Tuesday next week. If you would like to volunteer, please see Mr. Anderson.
Year 7 assembly at 12:50pm at the lunch eating area. Line up in class lines with your lunch boxes.
Rugby: No training today. Training will be on Monday instead.
I have picked too many for Korfball (they have squads of 12).  We will have another run around on Friday, maybe against staff, so I can trim from 15 to 12.
China Trip: Meeting today in Ms Molloy’s office at lunch. We are lucky enough to have some students willing to teach us some Chinese phrases. Bring your notebook and lunch, 1:00pm sharp.

Te Kaupeka well done on your performance yesterday! I appreciate your understanding with the limit on numbers due to space. Our whole roopu is able to attend the performance on this Rāmere/Friday so keep the permission slips coming in.

We are also needed for the Open Night on Rātu/Tuesday, please get a notice from the office.

Chess Team: Good luck for today and please meet in the foyer after the notices

Daily Notices for Tuesday 26 June

Wednesday 26 June  2019                                                  Rāapa rua tekau ma ono Pipiri       

Student notices/Panui

Violin lessons have been cancelled today.

Te Kaupeka: Please come to Room 6 at interval. Make sure you are in correct, full school uniform.

Notices for the performance on Friday need to be handed in asap!

Korfball Trial today at 1:15pm. A tournament team will be selected from this game.
Cross Country tracksuit jackets to the office please – washed and named.
Well done to all who performed and supported the production last night – an excellent effort.
Basketball: Richard’s team training today at 1:15pm.
Rugby Training: Will be moved to Monday, as Mr McWhirter is on a class trip on Thursday.
Kapa Haka please meet on the basketball court by the hall at 2pm.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet in Room 7 at 2:00pm.
Chess Team: Please meet in Room 5 at lunch time 1:00pm. (Lancy, Emmanuel, Jamie and Vanshika)


Daily Notices for Tuesday 25 June

Tuesday 25 June 2019                                                         Rātū rua tekau ma rima Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

12:40pm bell today. Staying in classrooms until bell rings again at 12:55pm. Those involved in Tuesday Sports, please move sensibly and quickly to the courts by the hall

Tuesday Sport/Options: Due to staffing there are some changes to Tuesday Option:

Table Tennis, no play today, please go to Room 8 at the end of lunch;

Mr Erickson’s carving group, please go to Room 1 after lunch;

Ms Johnson’s soft materials group, please go to Room 13 at the end of lunch.

If your group has not been mentioned then it is as per usual.

Homework Club today after school.
Tuesday morning sewing is cancelled today but come next week to finish your projects
Final practice for all production people at 11:00am in the hall.
Korfball: I have entered the Term 2 tournament next Monday. We will have a trial on the hall court on Wednesday lunchtime.
Rugby: Meeting in Room 11 at break time.
Winter Sport Basketball: Please meet in Room 1 after the bell after lunch.
Basketball: Only one game, Kirkwood A team, for this Friday. No game for the last Friday of the term. Games will resume in the first week of Term 3.
Chess: Permission forms to Mr Smith now please
Netball Huia Team: Meeting in Room 2 at interval. Please be prompt.
China trip students: Brief meeting today at 10.40am sharp in Ms Molloy’s office to sort first lot of roomies and to give out knuckle bone sets.
NO ESOL groups today

Daily Notices for Monday 24 June

Monday 24 June  2019 Rāhina rua tekau ma whā Pipiri                    Pupil Notices/Panui                  


Bus money to the office now please: Callum $2, Jordyn $4, Saracen $4, Basit $3.50, Ilai $2, Mac $2, Conner $1.
Can the Kids Lit team please come to the library at 1pm bring your lunch. Sarah & Conner R4, Rachel R8, Emma R 13, Lauren R 10, and Ruben R ?
Te Kaupeka: Due to a display down at Westfield Mall we can only take 35 students on Wednesday. At this stage there are five more places!
Basketball: Kirkwood White team, training at 1:15pm today. Make sure you are there please.
Table Tennis: All members of Kirkwood Team 1( Emmanuel, Joshua, Dinah and Alix ) please see Mr. Anderson today.
Could the people who turned up to Chess on Friday please meet in Room 5 at lunch today (1pm).
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: Matariki is our kupu this wiki. Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter and for Māori, it signals the start of a new year. Be sure to check out Matariki events in our community.
Don’t forget – no scooters or skateboards inside the classroom or foyer area. They must all be locked up be the bike stands. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
All production cast (dancers included. Tech people included) at 9:00am this morning. Bring a book as there may be some downtime. Don’t bring your phone.
Hall out of bounds all week. Sports monitors use outside shed as much as possible.
Jump Jammers– Well done, you did Kirkwood proud! You were amazing on Saturday night! I have a bunch of Jump Jam shirts with me, feel free to drop by and pick yours up. Enjoy your morning tea and lunch for once 🙂
Don’t forget that production tickets are on sale every day at the office.
China trip students. Brief meeting 1.45pm in Ms Molloy’s office for those who can make it. Remember meeting tonight at school 7pm. Not long to go now!