Daily notices for Thursday 8 February

Thursday 8 February 2018            Rāpare waru Hui-tanguru

Student notices/Panui

Would the following students please meet with Mrs Dobbs in the library at 1pm. Bring your lunch.

Sarah R1

Vihara R3

Rima R 3

Willow R6

Logan W R9

Georgia R9

Isabelle R11

Hannah R 12

Hayley R 12

Samuel R12


Homework club today after school.
Water Polo: Permission slips back to the office or Mr McWhirter ASAP please.
Korfball today: Room 6 vs Room 12 at 1:15pm.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 7 February

Wednesday 7 February 2018            Rāapa whitu Hui-tanguru

Student notices/Panui

Kapa haka today at 2pm in the hall. Matua Anton will be there to meet you! Remember do not go through the foyer, please go around. Shoes and socks off and have fun! Lizzy will also be there. Enjoy!
Water Polo: Permission slips back to the office or Mr McWhirter ASAP please!
House Captain speeches today in the hall at 1:00pm. Please remember to bring your lunch. You will need to do a 1 minute speech. If you are interested please give your name to Mr Aitken outside the staffroom at interval. If you are not sure give it a go.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 13 December

Wednesday 13 December 2017        Rāapa tekau ma toru Hakihea

Student notices/Panui

Kapa haka today at 2 pm
No lunch orders tomorrow as you will be leaving around 12:10pm.
Library closed, please return books, use the foyer door and pop them in the returns bin.
Please ensure all pods are locked. I will be around tomorrow to pack up the rest of the classroom computers. Mrs Rowley
Anyone missing some New Balance exercise pants?  Please collect from the office.  Thanks
Year 8 speech makers – I will call for you when the Year 7 practice is over.

Daily Notices for Monday 11 December

Monday 11 December                                  Rāhina tekau ma tahi Hakihea

Student Notices/Panui

All Year 8 students your Gmail accounts and user accounts to the Kirkwood network will be deleted on Friday. Please ensure that you have forwarded any documents or emails you want to keep to your own personal account. Thanks Mrs Rowley.
Kapa Haka: Permission Slips to Mr Gaut ASAP.
Student Council Pizza Party – money to Miss Timblick please.
Year 8 Classes to meet outside the hall at 9am please. Room 3 is on set up for the Staff V Students Debate.

Daily Notices for Thursday 7 December

Thursday 7 December 2017        Rāpare whitu Hakihea

Student notices/Panui

Can all school librarians come to library at interval today for a short meeting.
Kapa Haka: Meeting in Room 1 at interval all must attend please. Be prompt.
House Captain badge went missing yesterday.  Please hand into the office if found.
Has anyone seen blue holographic monster goggles with eyes on the goggle lenses?  Please hand into the office or to Gracie from Room 8.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 6 December

Wednesday 6 December 2017          Rāapa ono Hakihea

Student notices/Panui

Kapa haka today at 2pm.
224 books are still out from the library please return as soon as possible. Accounts for the books not returned will be given out on Thursday.
Tracksuits back to office now please.
Boys’ Cricket From Yesterday: Whoever lost an orange Nike drink bottle please see Mr McWhirter at interval
Summer Tournament: Meeting for all teams that placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the library at interval.  This is about Blues awards.
Enterprise day! Come and check out all the products and games the Year 7’s have in store for you at lunchtime on the field!
Could everyone in the Student Council bring $3 for the pizza party.  If you do not give the money to Drew in Room 4 by Friday you won’t be able to participate, thanks.
Chess Club – Today at interval could all the people in Chess Club or if you went to the Chess competitions please come in Room 12 at interval.  It is very important,  thanks.


Daily Notices for Monday 4 December

Monday 4 December                        Rāhina whā Hakihea

Student Notices/Panui

Could Debbie’s 2A students please meet in Miss Molloy’s office behind room 5 today at 12.20pm for their certificate break up.
All library books are due back this week.
Singing group, please meet in the foyer at 10:30am today. You should be back at school at 12 noon.
Boys’ Cricket: Summer Tournament training today at 1:15pm.
Girls’ Cricket: 1:15pm today
Touch teams – Meeting in Room 9 at interval. Please be prompt.
No ESOL groups today Mrs Climo is away.
Volleyball – Training at 1:15pm at the court. We need one more player for our team. If you want to trial come along at 1:15pm.

Daily Notices for Thursday 30 November

Thursday 30 November  2017                 Rāpare toru tekau ma tahi Whiringa-ā-rangi

Student notices/Panui

Year 8 Jewellery designers – remember your found objects for tomorrow – find existing pieces you can deconstruct or that are broken, items from nature eg: feathers or even things like metal nuts out of the  garage.
Orchestra is playing in assembly tomorrow.  Don’t forget your instruments and music
The entrance to school from Balgay St is no longer an option when leaving school. Unless you are being picked up by a parent you now have to use the main entrance. This has come about by a group who run out and then run across Riccarton Road in a most dangerous fashion.
Race Car Project: All students making the CO2 Race Car must see Mr. Anderson in T.2 today  before 12:00pm. We will be racing tomorrow morning and a final adjustment to each car is required. Ask your teacher nicely if you can be excused for five minutes.
Volleyball practice at 1:15pm today at the net. Please be there.
Touch practice for both teams under the rugby posts at 1.15pm today.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 29 November

Wednesday 29 November 2017        Rāapa rua tekau ma iwa Whiringa-ā-rangi

Student notices/Panui

Kapa haka today at 2 pm
Orienteering/Tennis: Meeting in Room 1 at interval. You must attend.
Science Badges: We have 2 and a half weeks to go until the end of the year and your science badges are still waiting to be picked up. You only need 20 points to complete it. Hurry up!
Girls’ Cricket: 1:15pm on the field
Boys’ Cricket: Summer Tournament team training at 1:15pm

Daily Notices for Tuesday 28 November

uesday 28 November Rātū rua tekau ma waru Whiringa-ā-rangi

Student Notices/Panui

Orchestra – Come to the hall at 1pm.
There may not be any 2A classes today due to the Community Concert. I will get you if there is.
Tracksuits to the office please.
Speed Date an Author event permission slips to Mrs Dobbs
Homework club today after school, the last for the year.
ART CUP  have been given 2 paintings with no names. If that is you can you come and see me. Mr P.
ART CUP. I need to see all Year 8 students who did the art cup this year. No time. Just come and see me between 9am and 10:40 am.
BOYS’ CRICKET: Summer Tournament team to have a training at 1.15pm today
Girls’ Cricket:  Summer Tournament team to meet on field at 1.15
Softball Lunchtime: Room 2 V Room 4!!!!!  SEE YOU ON THE FIELD!
Tournament Softball: Practice tomorrow with Tania. Team is posted on the window of Room 1
Please could the choir and kapa haka meet outside the hall at 1:15pm.
Summer Tournament Notices: Come and collect from Mr Gaut at interval today please if you have not had one yet! I have a lot still sitting here…