Daily Notices for Tuesday 18 September

Tuesday 18 September 2018           Rātū tekau ma waru Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Buddies for Kirkwood Kid for a morning: Please remember that you need to look after your buddy at morning tea. This may include you changing your normal activities to suit what they would like to do. Also, please show them the bathrooms. Please return your buddy to the hall at the end of morning tea. Thanks for all your help!
HPV Vaccinations today:  Please come to Room 7 at 11:15am.
Mahuru Māori: Our kupu today is pōhi which means post. If you need to check out our school newsletter, there is always a pōhi on the school Facebook page that will link up to it.
NO ESOL groups today, Mrs Climo is in Room 10 teaching.
Homework Club today after school.
Volleyball: Trials for year 7’s today at lunchtime. Year 8’s you are tomorrow.
Girl’s Basketball: Trial for the upcoming Indoor Tournament will be held on Thursday. If you signed up, we expect to see you there.
Tracksuits: There are still a number of outstanding tracksuits, please return them to the school office as soon as possible.

Daily Notices for Monday 17 September 2018

Monday 17 September 2018 Rāhina tekau ma whitu Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Pikitia kōtaha is our kupu today, it means profile picture. John Parsons has some great advice about pikitia kōtaha, be sure to include your whānau in your pikitia kōtaha.
Tracksuits: There are quite a few students who have not returned their tracksuits. Please get that back to the office as soon as possible.
Water Polo: Draw up, outside Room 11, for this Friday’s game. Please let Mr McWhirter know if you can not play.
Basketball: Well done to our three teams, who concluded their season on Friday. Girls team finished 3rd. Boys B team 3rd and A team 4th. Please return your vests to Mr McWhirter.
Y7 Girls’ Badminton: Trial for the upcoming Indoor Tournament will be held at 1:15pm in the hall


Daily Notices for Friday 14 September

Friday 14 September 2018                 Rāmere tekau ma whā Mahuru      

Student notices/Panui

Our kupu today is pātuhi which means text. It is important to be polite to others even when sending a pātuhi.
All orchestra players: Remember to be at the hall at 1.30pm to set up for orchestra.
Year 8 final rotation for technology:  Your class teacher will have an email with photographs and an explanation of the options – then fill in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices.
Spirit Shield: The councillors will be around classes today to hear your amazing sentences!

Daily Notices for Thursday 13 September

Thursday 13 September  2018                  Rāpare tekau ma toru Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Paetukutuku is the kupu for today. Paetukutuku means website, if you check out our school paetukutuku you will see some great photos of students enjoying all the activities we have to offer!
Year 8 THE GREAT TECHNOLOGY CHALLENGE:  Have you returned your parent forms to the office or Ms Anderson.  This is for next Saturday 22 September so the last day for entry is tomorrow by 1:00pm.  I do not mind meeting some of you here at school but parent transport across town is preferred.  An email was sent to EPro8 and robotics people – you can click on the link and view a video.  Please forward it home to your parents
Basketball B Training at 1:15pm today.
Year 7 Boys Badminton trial on today at 1:15pm.
Year 8 Maths Extension meet in Room 11 after lunch.
Room 12 can you please ensure that your pod is locked up at the end of the day. Thanks Mrs R
Spirit Shield: At lunchtime today the challenge begins! You will need to find the five Māori kupu hidden around the school. Once you have all five, use these to create a sentence. Councillors will be coming round at 2:30pm to hear your most creative sentence.
Mansfield – Hillary house captains please come to Room 6 at interval for a quick hui.
House Captain Capture the Flag: 1:15pm on the Rugby field, house version of Capture the Flag! Winning team will get a large amount of house points, going towards the sausage sizzle!

Daily Notices for Wednesday 12 September

Wednesday 12 September 2018       Rāapa tekau ma rua Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: This is almost becoming an art! Taking a kiriāhua can be quite tricky. If you know what kiriāhua means it down along with your name and room number. Get this to Mackenzie in Room 3 at interval.
No ESOL groups today: Mrs Climo away at a hui, please continue to complete your packet, it is due on Thursday, every page!
No guitar lessons today as tutor is unwell
Volleyball: Year 8’s today and any Year 7s who missed out yesterday. Last training before trials next week.
Best wishes to the kapa haka group for your performance today – I am sure you will do yourself and the school proud! Mr Tappenden.
Christ’s College Science Team: Please meet in the library at 2:00pm
Spirit Shield: Āpōpō/tomorrow hidden around the school will be 5 Māori kupu. You need to find all five and then use these to create a sentence in Māori. Class councillors will be coming round to check these sentences out; the most creative sentence will win!
I Love Korea 2018 There is a wonderful Korean celebration event being held here at school on Saturday 29th Sept! Entry is $20 and you get a free canvas bag plus the chance to check out some amazing activities such as taekwondo, Korean dress ‘honbok’, traditional Korean dance, Korean food and much more!

Daily Notices for Tuesday 11 September

Tuesday 11 September 2018           Rātū tekau ma tahi Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Kawe rongo which means headphones is the kupu today. Please look after the school kawe rongo!
Volleyball: Training for Year 7’s today at lunch. Year 8’s you are tomorrow. Last training before trials next week.
Christ’s College Science: please meet in Room 5 at 1:00pm – bring your lunch.
Choir: Please come to Room 12 at 9:00am. You will not need your bags, but you might like to bring a small snack and your water bottle.
No ESOL today.


Daily Notice for Monday 10 September 2018

Monday 10 September 2018 Rāhina tekau Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Our Mahuru kupu is karere or message. Sometimes a short karere can be easier than a phone call.
Girls’ Rugby Sevens: Hui at 1pm in Rm 6.
Basketball: Draw for the final week of games in outside R11. Please let Mr McWhirter know if you can not play
Water Polo: Draw for this Friday’s game is up outside R11. Please let Mr McWhirter know if you can not play
School Choir: Rehearsal at Avonhead School tomorrow – Please see Miss Mason after the notices if you have not yet received a permission form.
Badminton: Year 8 Boys 1.15pm in the hall for your trial.
Kapa Haka: Performance on Wednesday at Riccarton Mall. Please be ready to go and have your permission slips in please.
Māori Language Week has begun! How will you incorporate Te Reo in your every day? Without you the language dies!
Can the Room 11 and Room 12 Class Councillors please come see Holly at some time today.
Christ’s College Science Competition – permission slips to Mr Smith please


Daily Notices for Friday 7 September

Friday 7 September 2018                   Rāmere whitu Mahuru   

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: There is definitely a theme with our kupu! Today kapomata is our kupu, kapomata, this means screenshot.
Well done to all the incredible authors that have had their work shared this wiki!!
Girls Sevens: Hui at interval in Room 6.
House Points sausage sizzle: Only three more weeks to earn House points! Make sure your house has the best chance by putting our school values into practice and it could be your house, which has a free sausage sizzle next term!
Water Polo: Meeting in Room 11 at Interval, please make sure you are there.

Daily Notices for Thursday 6 September

Thursday 6 September  2018                    Rāpare ono Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Well done to Aashma from Room 6, the kupu hopara does mean viral. So many crazy videos on YouTube go hopara and people become famous.

Today’s kupu is huri which means rotate or turn. Sometimes it’s tricky when the screen huri doesn’t work to take a picture!

Basketball: Reminder no Basketball on Friday, games will resume the following Friday.
Y8 Maths Extension to Room 11 after lunch please.
Student Council: Hui today at 1:00pm in Room 7.
Girls Sevens: Meeting at interval in Room 6.
Badminton: Year 8 Girls in the hall at 1:15pm for your trial. Good Luck!
Spirit Shield: Two class councilors will be around to judge the classes we missed yesterday. Good luck! Thank-you to the teachers for allowing the Student Council to run the Spirit Shield challenge during class time yesterday. The winner will be announced at assembly on Rāmere!

Daily Notices for Wednesday 5 September

Wednesday 5 September 2018         Rāapa rima Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Our kupu is hopara. So many videos clips go hopara and people become very famous! If you know what hopara means, write it down with your name and room number. Give this to Brooke in Room 1.
Basketball: Reminder no Basketball on Friday 7 September, games will resume the following Friday 14 September.
Kapa Haka: Postponed today as Matua has a previous engagement. He will see you all next week for your performance at Riccarton Mall. Please return permission slips!
Korfball today if fine.

Badminton: Year 7 Boys in the hall at 1.15pm Tomorrow (Thursday).

For all Badminton players: If you have your own rackets please bring them to school as we have very limited numbers.

Water Polo: Game time up on door of Room 11. Please let Mr McWhirter if you can not play.
Girls Basketball: Anyone interested in signing up to trial for the upcoming South Island Tournament, please come to Room 11 at interval.
Volleyball: Year 8s and any Year 7s who were away yesterday. Please come to the hall at 1:15pm – see you there.
Spirit Shield: Can the Room 10 and Room 5 Class Councillors please come see Holly sometime today.
Student Council: A few messages

  1. Student Council leaders please meet in Room 6 at 1pm.
  2. Full student council hui tomorrow at 1:00pm in Room 7, please bring your tina.
  3. Class councillors make sure you have had a class hui before our full council meeting.
Table Tennis: Fraser from Room 1, please collect your certificates from Mr. Anderson