Daily Notices for Tuesday 6 August

Tuesday 6 August  2019                                                                 Rātū ono Here-turi-kōkā

Student Notices/Panui

EPro8 meeting at morning tea in the library today.  Event is next Tuesday 13 August.  All attend please including David Room 10 and Finnias ie the team managers.
Can George from Room 12 please meet me in Room 11 now to collect a book. Thank you, Miss Buckenham-Baines
Netball Kereru: Disappointingly, we have another bye today. Come to Room 10 after lunch. If there is a court free we will play some half court. Molly go to see Miss McCall in Room 4 after the notices.
Year 7 Value: The next value we are looking for is Tohungatanga (Pursuit of knowledge).
No Te Kaupeka/kapahaka tomorrow.
Rugby: Meeting in Room 11 at interval.
Basketball draw up outside Room 11.
Found: Black and blue connection cord, it is at the office
Netball Huia: Meeting in Room 2 at interval.
Netball Piwakawaka: Meeting in Room 4 at interval.
Tuesday morning sewing group is on at 11.45 in T6.
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm.


Daily Notice for Monday 5 August 2019

Monday 5 August  2019                 Rāhina rima Here-turi-kōkā                   Pupil Notices/Panui                  


Book Award students please come to library at 8.45am. Bring your snack for morning tea. 
Can Livvie and George from Room 12 please meet me in the whare pukapuka at 1.55pm – this won’t take long. Thank you, Miss Buckenham Baines
This wiki is Cook Islands Language Week! Kia Orana means hello, try using this lovely phrase to greet people you see this week.
Student Council: Hui this wiki on Rāapa in Room 6 at interval, please make sure you’ve had a hui with your class!!
Ski notice: Due tomorrow! 
Science Fair Meeting: Bring your log book and other works that we can do at school together on Wednesday 
Basketball draw is up outside R11
Water Polo: Well done on Friday night – no game this Friday as there is a swim comp at Jellie Park. Competition will resume next Friday (the 16th)
Rugby: Training today at 1:15pm. Please meet at the far posts
Hockey: Training today, please meet Will by the Korean building at 1:15pm.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki our kupu is rāhiri which means rope. Our Spirit Shield Challenge features a rāhiri… make sure to check the notices!
Maths Extension Year 7 – Meet in Rm 7 today at 2:00 for extra practise
ESOL Groups today– Groups 3&5 at 12:20pm -1:00pm today 
Production Dancers: Quick hui in Room 6 at interval.

Daily Notices for Friday 2 August

Friday 2 August 2019                                                 Rāmere rua Here-turi-tōkā

Pupil notices/Panui

Could the following pupils in Year 8 Writing Extension please see Miss Buckenham Baines in the library at 1:00pm (no need to bring your lunch) – Jakub, Cam, Georgia, Hunter, Dinah, Dylan, Alix, Phong, Cameron, Livvie and Ursula – Thank you 🙂
Year 8 Reading Extension – Group 1 (Rooms 1, 3 and 11) please come to the library after roll and notices – bring an exercise book and pencil case.
Year 8 Reading Extension – Group 2 (Rooms 6, 9 and 12) please come to the library at 9.50am – bring an exercise book and pencil case.
Permission slips returned please for Mondays Book Award Event.
Hockey training on Monday.
Rugby training Monday.  No train, no play!
Water Polo Team: Emily would like you all there at 6:45pm please. If this is a problem please see Mr McWhirter today!
Netball practice at 1:15pm today for all teams.
Can one person from each class please meet on the basketball court by Room 7 for the Spirit Shield.
Can Callum and Emanuela please come to Room 6 after the notices.

Daily Notices for Thursday 1 August 2019

hursday 1 August  2019 Rāpare tahi  Here-turi-kōkā 

Student notices/Panui

Permission slips back to Mrs Dobbs please for  Book Award event on Monday. Thankyou.
Maths Extension 9:00am please meet in Room 11, then we will move to Room 9 at 9.40
Intermediate Speech Contest – The students who have confirmed they are keen are Anna-Bella, Jakub and Emanuela. Anyone else let Mrs Robertson know ASAP.
Year 7 and year 8 EPRO8 – Today and next Thursday EPro8 members will be meeting Ms A in her room T9 at 2pm.  
Girls’ football: We are on the lookout for a couple of girls to join our school football team. No experience is necessary. This is a great opportunity to join a really excellent group. Please see Miss Mason in Room 12 if you are interested.

Year 7 Maths extension is on at 12:20pm in Room 7 today, bring a pencil please

Year 7 Literacy extension is on today at 2:00pm in Room 7, please bring a writing book and a pen or pencil

Basketball girls practice today at 1:15pm, please meet on the court by the hall – at the swimming pool end.
Basketball: White team, training on court by R7 and Green team on court by hall, field end please.
Lunch time: There are three basketball trainings going on today. If you could please be aware of this (only today) it would be greatly appreciated! Aware means, stay out of the way!
Rugby: Training cancelled today – grounds too wet. There will be another Rugby training on Monday.
Water Polo: Draw is up outside R11. Please see Mr McWhirter today if you can not play.
Guitar teacher is sick today so no lessons.
New Ski Day: Monday 12 August! Everything else is the same. We will meet in the hall at 7am. 
Scooter found – it is in the office.  

Daily Notices for Wednesday 31 July

Wednesday 31 July  2019                                    Rāapa toru tekau ma tahi Hōngongoi

Student notices/Panui

Can I please see Ewan, Milla, Ciaran and Erin from the China trip. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Water Polo: Draw for Friday’s game is up outside Room 11. A quick meeting for all players today in Room 11 at interval – just to finalise the team.

Basketball: Kirkwood Green, Richard will be here for your training today. 1:15pm by the hall court.

Kirkwood White training will be tomorrow

Rugby: Training Thursday, no show = no play!
Writing Extension: First session today! Looking forward to seeing you all. Please remember to bring your pencil case and a new exercise book. Meet in Room 7 at 2.00pm
Reading Extension: Due to the Year 8 Library trip today reading extension will be held this Friday morning during the first two blocks. Apologies for the change. Please listen out to the notices on Friday morning.
Skiing: It is a shame the weather was no good for skiing and snowboarding today. Your classroom teacher has no information about what will happen from here. We will update you shortly. Please be patient.
Kapa Haka please meet in the hall at 2:00pm.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet behind Room 9 at 2:00pm.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 31 July

Tuesday 30 July 2019        Rātū toru tekau Hōngongoi  

Student Notices/Panui

Tuesday Sport team photos today: please be changed into your uniform at morning tea.  Meet on the field outside Room 3. Captains please bring a ball/stick/racquet with you

11.10 Hockey A

11.15 Hockey B

11.20 Football A

11.25 Football B1

11.30 Football B2

11.35 Football Girls

11.40 Rugby

11.45 Netball Huia

11.50 Netball Piwakawaka

11.55 Netball Kereru

12.00 Table tennis

12.10 Badminton

12.20 Basketball

EPro8 meeting at 10.40am in the library.  If you are in a sport photo – please ask your class teacher if it is OK for you to meet Ms Anderson at 11:00am instead or as soon as your photo is taken,  David, Aimee G Room 10, Ewan Room 9, Frank, Morgan, Phong Room 3, Hannah, Ryan Room 8, Emmanuel, Carsyn, Finnias Room 11.

Could the following students please come to the library now.

R1 Isabella & Sakura

R2 Linda

R3 Emanuela & Nikki

R4 Sarah G

R5 Amber

R6 Katie Heald & Aryan

R8 Ryan Smith

R9 Eain & Ewan

R10 Crystal 

R11 Abby & Jonas

R12 Kendell & Kaylin

R13 Emma Brown & Ragiavi

Also the kids Lit team Reuben R8, Conor R4, Lauren R10 Thanks.

China trip people: I need your paragraphs for the Board from Ewan, Dinah, Alix, Jakub, Erin and Emma. I also need your reflection sheets from Ewan, Jakub, Ciaran, and Emma. Please can I have this today. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Reading/Writing Extension: This begins tomorrow. Please can you make sure you bring a new/blank exercise book for this. If you are in both reading and writing you can use the same book, kia ora, Miss Buckenham Baines
Tuesday Sport/Options: 12:40pm bell, in class eating lunch. 12:55pm those playing Tuesday Sport, please move sensibly and quickly to the hall or T2.                                                              
Rugby: Team meeting in Room 11 at interval.
Basketball: Draw for this Friday’s matches is up outside Room 11
Waterpolo: Make sure your permission slips are in please. Draw has not been published yet. Expecting it to be by tomorrow.
Tuesday afternoon Basketball: If wet, please bring a board game to Room 1 this afternoon. 
Tuesday morning sewing group cancelled today

Mt Hutt Ski/Snowboard Trip 

If the mountain is on HOLD we DO NOT GO. 

You must be at school by 7am. (Rolly INN at 7.30am)

Cellphones: You can take them but at YOUR RISK. No taking photos of others on the bus. 

We will be back around 5.45pm at school. (Rolleston 5.15pm at Rolleston Train Station)

Lesson time starts at 11am. 

You must come back to the bus for lunch. (Miss Timblick will let you know the time) 

We MUST be off the mountain at 3.30pm. Buses will leave at 4:00pm on the dot! 

When you get to the mountain 

-Get off the bus

-Have a quick bite to eat if needed

-Get ski pass: Can’t lose this! You won’t be able to use any lifts without it 

-Have your shoe size WRITTEN ON YOUR HAND so it’s much easier.

Football: B2 team (Andrews). You have a BYE today. Please meet Andrew on the Football field at 1:55pm (end of lunch) for a training session.

A Team and B1 Team (Tom’s) team met in Hall at normal time please. Can the A team please come to Room 9 at interval to check if we have a full team for today. Thanks.

Daily Notices for Friday 26 July

Friday 26 July 2019                                                    Rāmere rua tekau ma ono Hōngongoi  

Pupil notices/Panui

Technology today: Monitors remember to take the notebook for your technology teacher today.
Can I please see the group who went to China at 10:40am please (the start of morning tea). Come to the foyer please. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Tracksuits please from Maddy, Basit, and Ciaran return to office now.
I have 19 pupils keen for korfball lessons. Four Year 7 and fifteen Year 8’s. This is not quite enough. I would like another 10 – 12 pupils especially Year 7.  Let me know today if you are keen, Mr Aitken.
Student Council: Please make sure you have a hui next wiki with your class!
Next Rāhina/Monday is the International Day of the Tiger! Our school spirit challenge will have something to do with this, be sure to check the notices for more information.
A huge thank-you to everyone that brought in milk bottle caps, the official count-up is happening today… how many caps do you think we have recycled?
Skiing: Anyone who is interested in taking part in the annual Mt Cheeseman Ski and Snowboard Race needs to meet in Room 11 at Interval. The ski and snowboard race event consists of a dual slalom course for boys and girls of all age groups from Year 1 to Year 8. No racing experience is necessary, but you MUST be an extremely competent skier or snowboarder.
Year 8 Maths Extension: Next week’s session will be on the Thursday morning as I am away on a class trip on Wednesday. Thanks, Mr Gaut

Daily Notices for Thursday 25 July

Thursday 25 July  2019                                      Rāpare rua tekau ma rima  Hōngongoi 

Student notices/Panui

Choir is cancelled today.
We have been offered Korfball training sessions here at school. Room for a Year 8 squad and a Year 7 Development Squad. There would be a cost, about $2 per session. Come and give me your name if you are interested.
Science Fair meeting in Room 8 at 1:00pm. Bring your lunch and logbook.
If you missed the ski meeting yesterday, come to Room 8 at 10.40am to get the ski notice.
Basketball Training today: Claire and Kimberly’s team please meet on the Room 7 court at 1:15pm. Richard’s team – 1:15pm at the hall court. Games tomorrow so please get stuck into your training opportunities.
Christchurch Intermediate Speech Competition: Anna-Bella R5, Rosa Rm10, Emanuela, R3, Jakub R9, Oliver R3, Kwadwo R6 please come to Room 10 at 10:40am for a brief meeting.
No Year 7 Extension Literacy today due to the special assembly in the hall after lunch.
Jump Jammers: meeting today in Room 7 at interval – are you doing the video?

Daily Notices for Wednesday 24 July

Wednesday 24 July  2019                                        Rāapa rua tekau ma whā Hōngongoi

Student notices/Panui

EPro 8 Challenge Team Members: Your class teacher has a letter – please take it home today.

We will meet next Tuesday at 10:40am sharp and in the library to choose a creative team name, Check your email, it will be sent with the link to an electronics simulator game to practice.

No ESOL groups today for any ESOL student, even the short term students, Mrs Climo is teaching in Room 10 all day.
Year 8 Extension Maths: Please go to Room 7 straight after the notice – Mr Gaut.
Year 8 Extension Reading and Writing will begin next Wednesday. Thanks for your understanding.
Tracksuit tops please from Rosa, Maddy, Basit, Callum, Ewan, Zander, and Ciaran.  Please return to the office, washed and named. Thanks.
Year 7 Ski/snowboard trip meeting in the hall at 1:00pm. It is next Wednesday! Exciting!
Science Fair meeting tomorrow. Bring your logbook.
Waterpolo: Please be in Room 11 at interval to collect a permission slip for the term.
Kapa Haka please meet in the hall at 2:00pm.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet in Room 7 at 2:00pm.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 23 July

Tuesday 23 July 2019                                                    Rātū rua tekau ma toru Hōngongoi  

Student Notices/Panui

Tuesday Sport/Option: Only four more weeks left. To our sports team, keep working hard on the fields, courts and tables. Remember that you are representing all of us here at Kirkwood. At the 12:40pm bell, please eat in classes and then sensibly making your way to the hall or T2.
Tuesday Sport: At the end of lunch could the Rugby team go to Room 11, the Boys Football Teams to Room 9 and the Girls Football Room 12 please.
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm.
EPro 8 Challenge:  Ms Anderson will meet interested people in the library at 10.40am today  – we  do you want to be part of this exciting event
Homework Club today after school.
Please return Tracksuit tops to the office washed and named. Thank you.
Tuesday morning sewing group is on 11.45pm – 12.45pm.
Water Polo: Last day to sign up. Please come to Room 11 at interval.
Netball Huia Team: Meeting in Room 2 at the beginning of interval.
Student Council: Hui this wiki on Rāapa/Wednesday 1:00pm in Room 6, House Captains please come along too.
Netball Piwakawaka Team: Quick meeting in Room 4 at the start of interval.