Daily Notices for Tuesday 20 August

Tuesday 20 August  2019                                                     Rātū rua tekau Here-turi-kōkā

Student Notices/Panui

Reminder: Year 8 Reading Extension is on today from 1.55pm – 2.55pm in the whare pukapuka – this is for the Pukapuka Group (Rooms 1, 3 & 9).
Water Polo: No game this week, as there is a swim comp at Jellie Park. Next game will be Friday 30 August.
Student Council: Hui today at 1:00pm in Room 6.
Homework club today after school.
Book club closes on 17 September. Money and orders through the slot in the foyer, or you can order and pay online through the loop for parents.
New books on the series shelf. I you have read The Traitor and the Thief the sequel The Clockill and the Thief has arrived in the library plus new series Riders of Fire 3 books and The Sylvalla Chronicles 2 books.
Volleyball: Meeting in Room 4 at Interval for any Year 7’s who have signed up. Please be there promptly. Year 8’s who have signed up can I please see you at the beginning of lunch (1:00pm) for a really quick meeting in Room 4. Thanks.

Anna-Bella Foreman and Jakub Inch – Please email me your speech titles for the intermediate competition. The overall theme is “The time is now!”

Final call for other entrants. You will need to come and find me to sign up. Mrs Robertson

Table Tennis. See you in T4 at 1:00pm.
Basketball: Draw is now up for Friday games.
Orienteering: Training night is on at Halswell Quarry, 4 – 5pm. $2, meet at Findlay’s Picnic Area Number 1. A great opportunity to hone and develop your skills in a supported environment.
Netball:  Please continue to get your uniforms into your coaches. We will talk about a teachers vs students game once these are all in.
Rugby:  Keep those uniforms coming in please. Not even a quarter in yet!
Blues: The cut off for applications is this Friday 23 August.
Korfball today: Room 5 vs Room 13. Tomorrow Room 4 vs Room 8.
The next Year 7 value is Whanaungatanga – teamwork.                                                     
Tuesday morning sewing group is on today 11.30am – 12.30pm.

Daily Notices for Monday 19

Monday 19 August  2019                                            Rāhina tekau ma iwa Here-turi-kōkā

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Year 8 Extension mathematics: A reminder you have until Friday this week (23rd) to get your completed submissions to Mr Gaut for entry. Do not leave it until the last minute! I look forward to seeing your projects.
Reminder: Year 7 Maths Extension on today at 12:20pm in Room 7 & Year 7 Literacy Extension is on today at 2:00pm in Room 7.
Reminder: Year 8 Reading Extension is on today from 1:55pm -2:55pm in the whare pukapuka – this is for the Panui Group (Rooms 6, 9 & 12).
Hockey Tournament: Meeting for the team in Room 11 at interval.
Basketball: Draw for this Friday’s matches up outside Room 11.
Water Polo: No game this week, as there is a swimming competition at Jellie Park. Next game will be Friday 30 August.
Korfball today Room 2 vs Room 10 (Let me know if you do not have a team and someone else can play).
Table tennis Reminder: Pizza lunch tomorrow in T4 at 1:00pm.  Josh, David, Yajat and Basit – I do not have an order from you – Please get it to Miss Waters by tomorrow morning.
Science Fair: Bring your logbook and other materials tomorrow.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki we have two kupu, Hōtoke and Makariri. Both of these kupu refer to our current season winter. It was definitely a cold Hōtoke/Makariri morning today!
Student Council: Hui in Room 6 āpōpō/tomorrow at 1:00pm, please bring your tina.
ESOL students: If you are with the guest Police Officer, please do not come to ESOL, do not leave the guest speaker.

Daily Notices for Friday 16 August

Friday 16 August 2019   Rāmere tekau ma ono Here-turi-kōkā

Pupil notices/Panui

Technology monitors – remember notebooks please
Year 8 Reading Extension – This is on this morning. Group Panui (Rooms 1, 3, 11) meet in the whare pukapuka after the notices. Group Pukapuka (Rooms 6, 9, 12) please meet in the whare pukapuka at 9:40am. Don’t forget to bring your novels and your exercise books. Thanks, Miss Buckenham Baines.
Volleyball: If you are interested in playing Volleyball in the tournament next term. Please come and put your name and room number on the signup sheet in Room 4 at interval or lunchtime. It will be just inside the door all week.
Kirkwood WiFi code for today, Friday, is: 83599928
Sports Uniforms: Reminder to bring them in.
Basketball: Make sure you check your game time and location.
Water Polo: Emily would like you there at 6:50pm. 
Orienteering: If you signed up during the middle of the week, there will be a meeting today after assembly.
Thanks to those who came to korfball yesterday. Make sure you have your teacher’s permission. Next Thursday we will have 2 staff which will improve things. Lunchtime Room 5 vrs Room 8
House points sausage sizzle on today for Sheppard-Freyberg!
A reminder that no one should be inside during break times if there is one bell. Please no running around the buildings, there is a large grass area out there for such games. Rubbish pick up awaits you if you should disregard these suggestions. 
Football: Please bring Red Football socks back in next week-washed please.
Crossing the road in the morning. Please use the designated crossing areas. 

Daily Notices for Thursday 15 August

Thursday 15 August  2019                                       Rāpare tekau ma rima  Here-turi-kōkā 

Student notices/Panui

ART CUP: The notice for Term 3 artwork can now be picked up from the office.
Can I see all School librarians today at 1:00pm bring your lunch to the library please.

Tumeke!  EPRO8 who got first place Tuesday.    Loading …. Team was Frank Roberts, Carsyn Welton, Phong Nguyen and Manthan Vaidya.  Finn McGurk is team manager.  E mihi, E mihi ki a Ewan Bawden – he volunteered to mentor the year 7 group and worked tirelessly.

Semi Finals for the whole Canterbury region are on next Tuesday evening so Loading, needs to stay after school again – please tell your parents.

Meeting today at 1:00pm in Ms Andersons for debriefing and to discuss strategy.  Year 8’s Loading… plus supporters please – Morgan, Ewan, Finn

Students who went on the China trip recently please check Zoom app one more time! Thanks, Ms. Molloy
Choir on this afternoon – please make sure you get changed out of your PE gear during lunchtime and bring a drink bottle and pencil with you.
Volleyball: If you are interested in playing Volleyball in the tournament next term. Please come and put your name and room number on the signup sheet in Room 4 at interval or lunchtime. It will be just inside the door all week.
Year 8 Extension Mathematics: Will be in the Library from 10am today for the rest of the day. Please bring everything you need to complete your submissions. If possible, please bring one Pod laptop to use for your class group.
Class volleyball today Room 4 vs Room 10. School Squad practice at 2:00 pm.
Basketball: Kirkwood White team, Claire and Kimberly will be here at 1:15pm for your training. Make sure you are there, on time please.
Water Polo: Make sure you check the game time for Friday night. If you can not play, please let Mr McWhirter know.
Mana Ake Boys’ Leadership Group has been cancelled for today.  This will happen again next Thursday at 1:00pm.
Table tennis  If you haven’t made your order / paid for Tuesday lunch – please do so by Friday.
Tuesday Sport Uniforms: Make sure these are brought back to your coaches please.
School Spirit Shield: Year 8 players please meet by the hall at interval today so we can get this underway!

Daily Notices for Wednesday 14 August

Wednesday 14 August  2019                                 Rāapa  tekau ma whā  Here-turi-kōkā 

Student notices/Panui

Lost Property:  Please check the bin in the office foyer for any lost items which belong to you.  There are many polar fleeces.
Remember Korfball practice tomorrow at 2:00pm on hall court.  Your teachers have a list of the squad and you need to ask their permission to attend. You also need to be changed into PE gear.

Volleyball: If you are interested in playing Volleyball in the tournament next term. Please come and put your name and room number on the signup sheet in Room 4 at interval or lunchtime. It will be just inside the door all week.

I will start by holding training each week then will do trials closer to the end of the Term.

If you are in Room 6 or 12 you will be on camp during the tournament but feel free to come and put your name down anyway and you can train with the group.

Basketball: Kirkwood White team training will be on tomorrow.
Art Cup: The notice for Term 3 artwork can now be picked up from the office.
Orienteering: Anyone interested in taking part in an upcoming Orienteering competition (takes place over a weekend), please meet in Room 11 at interval.
I intend to run a korfball tournament for Year 7 classes at lunch times. I will assume all classes are keen unless you tell me otherwise. Sister class kids might help with coaching, subs etc. Today Room 2 vs Room 13, Thursday Room 4 vs Room 10, Friday Room 8 vs Room 5.
Tuesday Sport: As the season is now over please make sure you return your washed uniforms back to your coaches please. All hockey socks can come back to Mr McWhirter, unless you are playing in the tournament this coming Tuesday.
Basketball: Kirkwood Green team, training will be on the court by Room 7 at 1:15pm. Please make sure you are all there!
Basketball: Kirkwood White team training on tomorrow at 1:15pm.
Year 8 Writing Extension – Do not forget this is on today at 1:55pm in Room 7 – bring your work.
Year 8 Reading Extension: This is on Friday due to the Turanga trip today. However, next week it will be held on Monday and Tuesday so there will be a quick turn around with work. You need to check google classroom to make sure you’re on top of it. Thanks.

Well done to all who competed in the EPro8 last night – congratulations to the winning team!

Tumako!       Loading …. Team was Frank Roberts, Carsyn Welton, Phong Nguyen and Manthan Vaidge.  Finn McGurk is team manager.  E mihi, E mihi ki a Ewan Bawden – he volunteered to mentor the year 7 group and worked tirelessly.    Semi Finals are on next Tuesday so Loading needs to stay Tuesday

Daily Notices for Tuesday 13 August

Tuesday 13 August  2019                                                     Rātū tekau ma toru Here-turi-kōkā

Student Notices/Panui

Congratulations Sheppard-Freyberg! You are our winning house for Term 2. Your house captains will be checking off your names as you collect your free sausage this Friday!
EPro8: Please meet in the foods room – T4 today after school.  Parents will meet us there.
Tuesday Sport/Option: Last one for the year. A reminder to teams to stay with your coaches when returning to school. Especially if you are slightly early.
Rugby: Meeting in Room 11 at interval
Tuesday morning sewing group is cancelled today.
Cross-stitch this afternoon please go to Room 3.
Basketball: Green team, Richard will be here for training tomorrow. Make sure you are there please.
Netball Huia: Quick meeting in Room 2 at the start of interval. You all need to be there.
Netball Piwakawaka: Quick meeting in Room 4 at the start of interval. Important you are all there please.
School Spirit Shield: Can the Year 8 classes please send your top two handball players to the assembly line up area at interval. Year 7 will be later on in the week… with the final battle on Rāmere!
Year 8 Writing Extension: Please check your emails and join the google classroom – don’t forget your homework for tomorrow afternoon.


Daily Notices for Monday 12 August 2019

Monday 12 August  2019           Rāhina tekau ma rua Here-turi-kōkā                   Pupil Notices/Panui                  


EPro 8 is tomorrow.  Meet after school in T4 the foods rooms please – Miss Waters room for afternoon tea and a meeting.  Your parents will receive a reminder text from MS Anderson
A huge thank-you to our awesome PTA for providing a free sausage sizzle to the winning house for Term 2. And the winning house was… check the notices tomorrow to find out!
Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki our kupu is kakato which means delicious, a free sausage sizzle sounds kakato!
Student Council: Hui on Rāapa at 1pm in Room 6.
Huia netball team – you’re playing off for 3rd/4th tomorrow vs Cobham A. Please practice shooting today at interval and lunch. We will catch up at interval tomorrow. 
Rugby/Hockey Training: Unfortunately as our grounds are very wet there will be no training today.
Water Polo: Draw for this Friday’s game is up outside R11.
Basketball: Draw for the next round on Friday night is up outside R11. Please make sure you know your game time. All teams at Wharenui this week. 
Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1pm tomorrow. Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing if the weather is cold or raining.
Netball Piwakawaka – We are playing off for 3/4th tomorrow again Chisnallwood. Shooters please practice your shooting today. 
Year 8 Mathematics Extension: Wednesday 8.50-10.40 Room 7, Thursday all day. This is our final week so we need to get our projects looking completed and write ups done in order to be entered into the competition! Bring everything you need and be prepared to work hard! 

Daily Notices for 9 August 2019

Friday 9 August 2019                                                 Rāmere iwa Here-turi-kōkā

Pupil notices/Panui

Topics for the Writing Competition this term are: Year 7 – The missing money. And Year 8 – At least we could escape to the relief of the shade. I would love to see lots of entries. Remember that you can get help from parents and teachers.
Hockey: Anyone interested in playing for Kirkwood in the upcoming 11 aside tournament needs to meet in Room 11 at interval – Year 7 feel free to pop into Room 11 on your way to Technology and put your name on the list.
School Spirit Shield: Congratulations to Room 1 and Room 2!  Please be at the cricket at 1:15pm for our final tug of war battle. To keep things interesting, it will be the best of three rounds… who will you be cheering for?
Year 7 Ski/Snow Day meeting in the hall at 1:00pm
Basketball: Make sure you check your game time tonight!
Netball practice at 1:15pm today.
All Football B1 and B2 players meet in Room 11 at interval. Important that you do not forget please!

Daily Notices for Thursday 8 August

Thursday 8 August  2019                                                     Rāpare waru  Here-turi-kōkā 

Student notices/Panui

Basketball: Kirkwood White team, training today at 1:15pm. All to be there today!
Rugby: Training today at 1:15pm
Thanks to all who put their names down for Korfball. The practices won’t begin until later in August. Therefore I will begin practices with you beginning next Thursday at 2:00pm.
Livvie, Callum, Emma and Sofia – shooting practice today at 1:30pm.
There is a capture the flag on the field at lunchtime for anybody who wants to come.
Netball Piwakawaka: Aimee from Room 10, Alyssa from Room 12 and Meg from Room 9 please meet at the netball court at lunch time for shooting practice.
The students who attended the book award event on Monday will be pleased to know the book ‘The Bomb’ was the overall winner of the NZ Book Awards, which was announced at Te Papa last night. I have ordered the book, watch for its appearance in the library.
Congratulations to Room 1 for winning the Year 8 tug of war battle yesterday! Today can the Year 7 classes please be ready to go at 1:15pm on the cricket pitch. The final will take place tomorrow.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 7 August

Wednesday 7 August  2019                                            Rāapa  whitu Here-turi-kōkā                        

Student notices/Panui

Could Emmanuel, Amie and Tahlia come and see Mrs Purdie at morning tea.  This is regarding violin lessons.  Thank you
Student Council: Hui today has been moved to next wiki due to the School Spirit Shield.
Girls Basketball practice on at 1:15pm today.
Year 8 Writing Extension: Do not forget this is on this afternoon at 2:00pm in Room 7. Bring your writing book and pencil case.
Year 8 Reading Extension: Do not forget this is on this morning, Rooms 1,3,11 at 11:00am in Room 7. Rooms 6, 9, 12 at 12:00pm. Bring your novel if you were given one, your reading exercise book and pencil case.
EPro8 – the event is on at Cobham next TUESDAY.  You stay here after school and we have afternoon tea and a team meeting then travel to Cobham at 4:30pm.  We had a meeting to organise travel yesterday but some did not attend so please tell your parents as I got emails from parents this morning.  Ms A.  I do not think we need a meeting tomorrow afternoon.
Callum, Livvie, Emma H and Sofia – Reminder that we have an extra shooting practice tomorrow at lunch time.
Basketball: Richard’s team training at 1:15pm hall court. Kirkwood White team – Claire and Kimberly will be here tomorrow for your training.
Rugby: Training tomorrow 1:15pm. No train = No play!
Year 7 students who met with Ms Molloy the other week about the wellbeing survey- those who are available today- please see Ms Molloy in her office after the roll this morning for 5 minutes- thanks.
No violin lessons today.
Science Fair Meeting in Room 8 at 1:15pm. Bring your work.
No Te Kaupeka/kapahaka today.
Latin is on this afternoon, please meet behind Room 9 at 2:00pm.
School Spirit Shield Challenge: Today we would like Year 8 classes to meet by the cricket pitch at 1:15pm for the school spirit challenge which is a good old tug of war! The more students from your class, the better the chance your class has so make sure you’re there!