Daily Notices for Friday 13 April

Friday 13 April 2018               Rāmere tekau ma toru Paenga-whāwhā

Student notices

AIMS Swimming Place Getters Y7 Relay team, Y8 Relay team, Jordan A, Vladislav, Apphia, Ethan E, Ryan S – please meet outside T4-Food Room at the beginning of interval for a photo for the magazine.
Tracksuits to the office please in a washed named bag.
Football: Thank you to the boys who turned up yesterday for the naming of the A team. We will be having one more trial for the B team. This will be on the first Tuesday back next term.  Thanks. Mr Williamson.
Rugby: Thank-you to all that came along to the trainings and trial yesterday. The weather has made it tricky however; it was great to see so many take part. The team is up on the window of Room 6. The first 5 weeks of the season is Rapid Rugby so there will be an opportunity for others if we move to 15 aside. Make sure to check out club rugby too!
Netball – Thank you to everyone who came along to trials. A huge thank you to those of you who umpired also. The teams are up on the window of Room 2. Unfortunately, because of the large number of you, we could not place you all in a team. Make sure you get involved in club netball and other school sports throughout the year.

Netball A Team – Meeting in Room 2 at 1.15pm. It will be very quick.

Kayla P, Emma C, Ella M, Niamh B, Brianna W, Aria L, Dillon O, Kayla S, Ben A, Angus O.

Netball C Team – meeting in Room 4 at interval please.

Hayley E, Ava-Grace, Sofia M, Meg W, Nancye K, Ava B, Holly J, Fauzia A, Lucy D, Sophie M.

ART CUP: Meeting for art cup participants in Room 13 at 1:00pm.  Remember: Your first drawing is due first week back from holidays.
Can the Assembly Monitors please come and see me. Mrs Rowley
Water Polo: All the best for the final game tonight. If you cannot play, please see Mr McWhirter as soon as possible.

Daily Notices for Thursday 12 April

Thursday 12 April  2018                Rāpare tekau ma rua Paenga-whāwhā

Student notices/Panui

Old technology foods benches: an ex-student called in and said she remembered the same tables in 1970 so at least 48 years old but tidy and solid for a garage.  They had 2 cupboards and a drawer.  Would anyone like one or two?  Ask your parents.  Let Ms Anderson know please.

Football: Can all the boys who came to the trial games please come to Room 9 at lunchtime (1.15pm)

Thanks. Mr Williamson

Rugby: Meeting at morning tea in Room 6, all must attend please.
Thanks to all of those who participated in the Korfball competition yesterday. You all played extremely well and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 11 April

Wednesday 11 April 2018     Rāapa tekau ma tahi Paenga-whāwhā

Student notices/Panui

Tom Walsh did it! Gold in the panga matā with a throw of 21.41m!
All the students who work with Debbie in 2a have their breakup today.  Meet in Ms Molloy’s office behind Room 5 at 12.30pm that is before lunch! Please do not forget, see you there.
Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part yesterday at the CAIMS. You were an excellent group to take, did our school proud and produced some outstanding results. The results are up online now via the Primary Sport Canterbury website. Mr McWhirter has a printed copy available at interval in Room 11.
Librarians Please get your book reviews to Miss Waters today – on paper or email please
Hockey:Teams are up outside Room 11. If you cannot play or have decided to select another Tuesday Sport, you need to let Mr McWhirter know TODAY!
Magazine team Rooms 1 to 5 you have the cameras today.
Could the following people come and see Miss Timblick at some point today please, it’s important – Ben A, Angus O, Ben G, Ryan S and Caleb B.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 10 April

Tuesday 10 April 2018          Rātū tekau Paenga-whāwhā

Student Notices/Panui

All school librarians please meet at interval in the library.
Homework club today after school.
Table Tennis: Trial in the hall at lunchtime today. Girls 1:00pm – 1:30pm. Boys 1:30pm – 2:00pm.
Rugby: Training on Rāapa/Wednesday and trial on Rāpare/Thursday.
Korfball: Please bring permission forms to Room 3. If you cannot play anymore let, Miss Turner or Miss Hurst know before Wednesday.
Magazine Team: Alex, Sarah, Adarsh, Nick, Teresa and Hannah are Publishing.  Sofia, Katie, Vihara and Isabelle are reporting today 12:00 noon to 1:00pm.
Can you please not run across Riccarton Rd, even if your parent or guardian is calling you across. The school rules are very clear – you must cross at the crossing.
Student Council: No meeting this wiki.


Daily Notices for Friday 6 April

Friday 6 April 2018                 Rāmere ono Paenga-whāwhā     

Student notices

Korfball Practice today at lunchtime.
Rugby: Kia ora to all that came along yesterday. Next wiki we will have a training on Rāapa/Wednesday and the trial will be on Rāpare/Thursday.
A black ballet slipper was found in the car park and handed into the office.  If it is yours, please come and collect at the office.

Football training on Monday at lunchtime. Please be organised by 1.15pm.

Thanks. Mr Williamson

A black mouth guard case was left by the rugby posts yesterday. Please collect it from Room 6.
Netball – Thank you to everyone who came along and trialled. Because we have so many of you waiting to hear about other sport teams we will wait and name the netball teams next week. This will hopefully stop things getting messy. Could you please let Miss Timblick know if you have selected another winter sport as soon as you know. Thank you.
AIMS Swimming: All going to the Swimming Sports next Tuesday please meet Mr McWhirter in the hall at Interval to have your tracksuit assigned. The side door will be open so do not go through the office.
Water Polo: All the best for the match tonight, fight for the position on the table. If you can not make it please see Mr McWhirter as soon as possible.
Recycling will be collected today. Maybe a good chance to clean out desks and bins before the holidays.

Daily Notices for Thursday 5 April

Thursday 5 April  2018                  Rāpare rima Paenga-whāwhā

Student notices/Panui

Hockey:  Second trial will be on the field today at 1:20pm. Please meet by the football goal closest to the hall, with your equipment.
Rugby: Training today meet at the rugby posts at 1:20pm. You will need a mouth guard, if you do not have one please come and see Miss T at morning tea.
Netball: Could we please see the same people as yesterday. If you have another trial, please head to that instead. The list is still up outside Room 2 if you need a reminder. See you on the court by 1.20pm.
Korfball Practice has been changed to Friday lunchtime due to trials. If you want to be considered for the tournament team you must turn up, otherwise we will find a replacement.
Girls’ Football: Trials today at 1:15pm, please meet by the football goal. Come along, changed and ready to go. If you have forgotten your gear, please come and see me – Miss Mason.
Rockband: If you are interested in auditioning for rockband, please come and see Miss Mason in Room 12 at the start of interval for sign up. Auditions will begin next week on Wednesday.
Y7 House Basketball Meeting in Room 3 at Interval. Please attend so we can start your competition. Not enough people means no competition.

The following pupils do not have piano lessons today as your teacher is sick:

James C, Julie, Laura F, Fauzia,  Apphia and Oriana.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 4 April

Wednesday 4 April 2018       Rāapa whā Paenga-whāwhā

Student notices/Panui

Water Polo: Draw for the game on Friday is up outside Room 11.
Student Council: Can the leadership team (Head, Deputy, Secretary, Treasurer, Cultural & Arts Reps) please come to Room 6 at morning tea.
Rugby: Training āpōpō, meet at 1:20pm by the rugby posts.
Te Kupu o te Wiki: Even though the wiki is short we still need a kupu! I hope the Easter rāpiti left you some yummy chocolate over the holiday break. Rāpiti is Māori for rabbit.
Hockey: Trial will be on the field today. Please meet by the football goal, with your equipment, at goal closest to the hall.
Netball: There is a list of people we want to see retrial today on the window of Room 2. Please check the list at morning interval and be at the netball court by 1.20pm today. Also, anyone who is yet to trial, today is your last day to come along – please make yourself heard so we know you need to get on court.
Rockband: Auditions next Wednesday at interval. Singers, please could you come prepared with a verse or two of a song of your choice. If you haven’t already signed up, please see Miss Mason in Room 12
Girls Football: Trials tomorrow – please remember your PE kit.
Kapa Haka: I look forward to seeing all our new Year 8 boys there this afternoon.
Korfball Practice: Tomorrow at Lunchtime on the field.

Daily Notices for Thursday 29 March

Thursday 28 March  2018              Rāpare rua tekau ma waru Poutū-te-rangi

Student notices/Panui

Lost property – there are many named polo fleeces held in the lost property bin in the foyer.  Please check to see if any of these items belong to you.
No homework club today after school.
No ESOL groups’ today- enjoy your long weekend.
All AIMS Swim Squad Members to meet in Room 11 at Interval. You know who you are. This will be to collect your permission slip and race list.
Korfball Practice today at lunchtime.
Table Tennis: Trials in the hall today. Year 8: 1:00pm – 1:30pm , Year 7: 1:30 -2 pm.
Girls’ Football: Trials today at 1:15pm – please meet by the football goal. Come along, changed and ready to go. If you have forgotten your gear, please come and see me – Miss Mason.
Rockband: If you are interested in auditioning for rockband, please come and see Miss Mason in Room 12 at the start of interval for sign up. Auditions will begin next week on Wednesday.
Rugby: Thanks to all that turned up to the training yesterday. We will aim to have another session next wiki, try and get 15 push ups done each day!
Well done to all those that took part in the Great Bunny Hunt yesterday, the Spirit Shield winner will be announced at assembly next wiki.
Thanks to everyone who signed up for Hockey. Remember the trial will be held on Wednesday. That is the first day back after your mini break. Please bring your gear (stick, shin pads and mouth guard) if you have them. If it is dry, we will trial on the field, wet on the concrete. If you do not have any gear, do not stress please come along too.
A very big well done to the Kapa Haka for last night’s performance! I look forward to our new members joining you in the future.
Boys’ Basketball: Well done to everyone who trialled. Please see the team list outside Room 11.
Girls’ Basketball: Fantastic final trial yesterday. The team is posted up outside Room 11.
Please remember – tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, school is closed. We start again on Wednesday.

Netball – Trial today at 1:15pm on the basketball court outside the hall for anyone who has yet to trial or would like to retrial.

Also, there will be a trial for everyone on Wednesday next week where we will start to try out a few different combinations, please come to school prepared.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 28 March

Wednesday 28 March 2018   Rāapa rua tekau ma waru Poutū-te-rangi

Student notices/Panui

Any outstanding Chocolate money, please bring to the office now.
Rugby: Training today at 1:20pm, meet by the rugby posts changed and ready to go.
NO ESOL groups today.
The Great Bunny Hunt will take place today at tina time! Hidden around the school playing field area, basketball courts and playground will be a bunny card. The class that gets the most will win the School Spirit Shield so be sure get hunting at tina/lunch time!
Kapa haka today at 2:00pm in the hall.
Hockey: Those interested in playing Hockey for Tuesday Sport please come to Room 11 at interval to sign up. This will be the last day for signups and trial will be next Wednesday.
Girls Basketball: Second trial to be held today at lunchtime. Please meet on the court by Room 7 at 1:15pm
Netball: Trials today for any Year 8 who did not trial on Monday and all Year 7s who signed up. See you at the basketball court by the hall at 1:15pm.
Year 8 Boys: Meeting in Room 1 at interval today with Mr Gaut.
Jump Jam: Training will be postponed today due to the many trials.
Chess Club: 1:00pm in Room 5.
Korfball Practice on Thursday at lunchtime, only one boy turned up on Tuesday and we need more than that to take a Korfball team away to the tournament. Please let Miss Turner or Miss Hurst know if you will not be able to make it thanks.
There are a huge number of polar fleeces in lost property. Mrs Rowley can hardly squeeze into her office. Please come and check if you are missing one.
Football/Soccer: Trial number 2 on at lunchtime today. Please bring gear along. Do not stress if you do not have all your gear…come along with a positive attitude.
Whanau Hui on tonight! 5:00pm – 7:00pm in the School hall. Kapa Haka please wear your school uniform thank you.
Girls Football: Sign up in Room 12 at interval today, if you have not already signed up. Trials will be on tomorrow at lunchtime – please bring your PE gear and, if you have them, you could bring boots and shin pads.
Student Council: Please make sure you pass on the information from our hui to your class, there are some exciting events coming up!

Daily Notices for Tuesday 27 March

Tuesday 27 March 2018       Rātū rua tekau ma whitu Poutū-te-rangi

Student Notices/Panui

Table Tennis: Trials in the hall today. Year 8 students at 1:00pm.Year 7 students at 1:25pm.
If you want to be considered for the China trip, don’t forget your applications are due tomorrow. Just bring them to the office. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Homework club today after school.
Rugby: We will have a training this wiki on Rāapa/Wednesday, please make sure you have a change of clothes and mouth guard. Meet at the rugby posts at 1:20pm.
Student council: Hui this afternoon at 2:00pm in Room 7.
Huge Congratulations to Ben A for getting 3rd in yesterday’s Duathlon. Outstanding achievement!
Boys’ Basketball: Second and final trial will be on today at lunchtime. Girls, your trial will be on Wednesday.
Hockey: Those interested in playing Hockey for Tuesday Sport please come to Room 11 at interval to sign up. Thanks
Netball – Thank you to all the Year 8s who came and trialled yesterday, we got through many more of you than I thought we would. Could the Year 8s who have yet to trial and all the Year 7s who signed up please be prepared to trial tomorrow.
No ESOL groups this week.
Korfball Practice today at Lunchtime on the field.
Year 7’s in the Magazine Team meet at 11.05pm in the library
Year 8’s in the Magazine Team meet at 12:00pm in the library
Librarians – all librarians please meet at 1.15pm in the library
Water Polo: Congratulations on the huge win on Friday night! A crushing 9-2, moving the team into third on the table. Due to Easter on Friday, there is no game. Next one will be Friday 6 April.