Daily Notice for Friday 18 August

Friday 18 August 2017    Rāmere tekau ma waru Here-turi-kōkā

Student notices

Girls Self Defence: Starts Monday 1.30 in the hall with Lynda McDonald. 
Basketball A – Practice at 1.15 with coach Sharpe
Netball – Can I please have more of your washed uniforms back!


Daily Notices for Thursday 17 August

Thursday 17 August  2017          Rāpare tekau ma whitu Here-turi-kōkā


Student notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
Flute lessons happening today.
Singing today at 2:00pm.
Korfball today: Room 1 vs Room 5 at 1:15pm.
Orchestra time has changed a little for next week. New time is 11:45am to 12:45pm. This allows technology to use the room at 12:45pm.
Rugby Practice in the hall at 1.15pm.
Basketball Practice for the B Team on the court by the hall at 1.15pm.
Girls Self Defense: Notice to collect from Room 1 at interval today if you were named in this terms course.
Hockey Tournament team meeting in Room 1 at interval
Hockey Hagley Team: Return your socks washed and dried to Room 1 UNLESS you are in the tournament team. These are needed for others.
Orienteering: If you are interested in giving Orienteering a go, see Mr Gaut for details and all the information on upcoming events.  Experience not required!
AIMS Games students: AIMS GAMES Handbook to pick up from Room 1.
Touch Teams Meeting at 1.00pm Bring your lunch Room 1
Student Council – Meeting for House Captains, and Heads of Council (this includes Sasha and Abby). Meet in Room 9 at 1.30pm.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 16 August

Wednesday 16 August  2017            Rāapa tekau ma ono Here-turi-kōkā


Student notices/Panui

No Kapa Haka today, Matua Anton is at the Cultural Festival with another group. Class again next Wednesday.
Flute Lessons back to normal again this Thursday (tomorrow).  Please remember to bring your flutes.
Talent Show:  Lucy will be coming to your classes after interval today for signups for group and single acts.
Chess Club on today.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 15 August

Tuesday 15 August              Rātū tekau ma rima Here-turi-kōkā


Student Notices/Panui

Skiing trip – if you did not get a ski notice yesterday come to Room 8 now.

For those Year 7’s who are not attending the ski trip tomorrow – please meet in the hall at 8:40am.

Connect library sessions for Room 3 at 9.30am and Room 5 at 11.00am.
Congratulations to the following students who were selected for the Year 7 Cantamath team: Casper, Finlay , Kaitlyn and Jacob .  Please pick up a permission slip from Room 12 today.
Netball Captains – Please pick up a draw from Miss Timblick’s desk before lunch today.
Leavers hoodies for Year 8’s of 2017 – please remind your parent to fill in the survey which was sent home last week via email.  We have not got enough interest to go ahead yet.  If your parent is unable to access the survey please see the office.  Thank you
Homework club today after school.


Daily Notices for Monday 14 August

Monday 14 August               Rāhina tekau ma whā Here-turi-kōkā


Student Notices/Panui


Table Tennis: Be at T.2 ready to go at 1pm tomorrow. Team captains check this week’s draw.
Basketball: Draw on the window of Room 1.
Water Polo: Draw on the window of Room 1.
Winter Sport: FINAL WEEK! All uniforms are to be returned WASHED in cold water only, DO NOT use a dryer, then return to the office or teacher in charge of your sport in a NAMED PLASTIC BAG. Good luck with all those instructions.
Korfball: I would like to hold an inter-class korfball tournament. This would be at lunch times on the court by T1. Would your class be keen? You would need 4 boys and 4 girls and you can have subs. Korfball is lots of fun. Have a go. I will send around a sheet this afternoon to see who is keen. Thinking that this could begin on Wednesday.
Year 7 Cantamaths happening today in Room 12 at 1.00pm.

Daily Notices for Friday 11 August

Friday 11 August 2017    Rāmere tekau ma tahi Here-turi-kōkā

    Student notices

B and C Netball – Last quarter today on the courts behind the hall at 10:40.
Assembly today at 2:00 pm.
ESOL  today is in the library this morning- Rm 7 is being used for Tech until morning tea
Basketball Practice: A on the court by the hall, B team on the 7 court.
Korfball on if fine.

Touch Rugby trial today at 1.15pm to 1.45pm. Please be ready to go. You will need to be lined up in your preferred team option, e.g.

Boys      Girls    Mixed.  We can only select 10 students per per team.  Thanks.

Year 7 Cantamaths bring your lunch to Room 12 – 1pm


Daily Notices for Thursday 10 August

Thursday 10 August  2017          Rāpare tekau Here-turi-kōkā


Student notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
School librarians magazine buyers please come to the library at 11.00am.  Please bring your permission slips.
Basketball B: Practice today, I will assess at lunch time regarding the weather. You MUST attend. No practice no game.
Rugby: Practice  today, I will assess at lunch time regarding the weather. You MUST attend. No practice no game.
Girls Self Defense Term 3: The list is on the window of Room 1. Notices are to come next week.
Student Council – Meeting today at 1.30pm in Room 7.
B and C Netball – Remember the final quarter of our game will be played tomorrow at INTERVAL please bring your netball shoes.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 9 August

Wednesday 9 August  2017  Rāapa iwa Here-turi-kōkā


Student notices/Panui

Rock Band starting up again.  Please come tomorrow at 10.30am to the music room.
Touch Rugby– mixed/girls/boys teams.  Please sign up at interval in Room 5.
Netball C and B – Well done on the game yesterday! The last quarter will be on Friday at Morning tea.  Please come to the courts behind the hall. Be prompt so that you get a morning tea too. C team shooters – try to get some practise with the oval hoop.
Talent Show – If you want to sign up then come to Room 1 at morning tea today.  Thanks, Lucy and Aaliyah.
Kapa Haka today.
Chess Club is on today.

Daily Notice Tuesday 8 August

Tuesday 8 August Rātū waru Here-turi-kōkā

Student Notices/Panui

Connect sessions in the library for Room 2 –  9.30am,  Room 4 – 11.00am.
Homework club today after school.
Girls’ Self Defense sign up Room 1 at  interval today.
Water Polo: No game this week.
Hagley Sport: This is the second to last week of competition! Good luck.

School Touch team trials– 1 x boys team, 1 x girls team,

Please come to R5 to sign up. We will trial this Friday at lunchtime. You will need to be in PE gear, sneakers.

Thank you.

Mr Williamson, Mr McWhirter and Mr Gaut.

Kirkwood Talent Show:  Sign up in Room 1 at interval if you are interested.  This includes group or single acts.  Thank you, Aaliyah and Lucy
Hockey Tournament Teams Posted on the window of Room 1. Thanks to all those who trialled.
Netball Captains – Please pick up your draw from R9 before lunch time.
Blues – Any students who think they have earned a blue need to email Mr Smith with details.  Cut off is 25 August.
Netball C team meeting on Courts at 10:40am – be prompt

Daily Notices for Monday 7 August

Monday 7 August                 Rāhina whitu Here-turi-kōkā


Student Notices/Panui


Book sale every day this week at lunch-time in the library. All books 20 cents. These books have been withdrawn from the collection because they are dated, some have not been issued for several years, and we need to make space for new books. The books are all non-fiction. Please see the school librarians on duty for sales.
Girls Self Defense: Sign up in Room 1 today at interval. First in First served only 18 spots.
Table Tennis: Team captains check this week’s draw. Everyone be at T.2 ready to go at 1:00pm tomorrow.
Girls Basketball: Training is on at 1:15pm this lunchtime.
Open Touch game – meet by the rugby posts near room 3 at 1:15pm