Daily Notices for Friday 22 June

Friday 22 June 2018               Rāmere rua tekau ma rua Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Football/Whutupōro World Cup Challenges: Thank-you to all those that turned up yesterday, after a few technical issues we got the Kahoot up and running! The overall winning class will win the Spirit Shield this wiki… but we have also been awarding points for simple things like manners and sportsmanship so who actually will win…
Love reading? Know a thing or two about pukapuka/books? Vote your top 3 pukapuka by heading to the Whitcoulls website and you could win a $100 voucher! Perfect for some awesome holiday reading.
Netball:  Practice on today for all teams at 1:15pm.
Basketball: Good luck to our three teams playing this evening!
CEM Testing: Make sure you have your password on Monday
Football/Whutuporo World Cup update: Croatia turned up to play!! They beat Argentina/Room 8, 3-0 this morning! This will make things very interesting so be sure to check out some of the games over the weekend.


Daily Notices for Thursday 21 June

Thursday 21 June  2018                Rāpare rua tekau ma tahi Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

No 2A classes today with Debbie
EPro 8 meeting: 1:00pm today, please bring your lunch
Basketball Draw is up outside Room 11, please check it and take note of your game location and time. It will remain up for the week.
Calling all Ngai Tahu Iwi members. If you are a registered Ngai Tahu member, you could be entitled to free tuition! See Mr Gaut for more details.
Matariki Performance: Practice today in the hall at 1:15pm. Last one before delivery tomorrow!
Well done to everyone for your effort for the haka Te Waka Yesterday! You gave me goosebumps! Great job keep up the practice and we need to be doing a wee bit more to nail the lines from the crowd towards the end! Once again Ka Pai!!!!
Football World Cup Challenges: Today is the last chance to show us your skills! Two people per class, class councillors will sort who is in the team. Meet in Room 7 at 1:15pm, be prepared to face ANY challenge.
Blue Light’s Got Talent: A reminder that you will be performing tomorrow at 1:00pm.
Rugby: No training today, hopefully you can play this weekend so have fun!
Netball – Practice tomorrow at lunchtime for all teams. Please come to school prepared.
Football World Cup Update: The pool play games info is now up in the window of Room 6. Check out how your team/country is going, things are very interesting!


Daily Notices for Wednesday 20 June

Wednesday 20 June 2018     Rāapa rua tekau Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

EPro8: 1:00pm in T9 tomorrow.
There are two Blues Badges that have been handed into the office, if you are missing one please come to check if it is yours.
No ESOL groups today:  Mrs Climo away at the ESOL cluster meeting
Football World Cup Challenges: Ka pai to all those that came along yesterday, we were impressed with your flag knowledge! Today the challenge will be a little bit different so head along to Room 7 at lunchtime to find out what is happening!
Blue Light’s Got Talent: Hui today in Room 6 at interval for all involved.
Kapa Haka is on today at 2:00pm.

Football World Cup Update

Belgium/Room 9 smoked Panama 3-0!! England/Room 4 kept things interesting beating Tunisia 2-1. Columbia/Room 13 have started with a loss against Japan 2-1. Russia/Room 3 also took on Egypt winning 3-1!

AIMS Cross Country: Training will be on tomorrow morning for all those who are interested (same time). I still have not received permission slips from Basit (8), Hayley and Isobella (12)
China Trip: Mugshots Room 1 at interval today. You must attend and please be prompt so I can get these sent off for your lanyards 🙂
Basketball: Boys B Training on today at 1:15pm
Basketball Draw is up outside Room 11, please check it and take note of your game location and time. It will remain up for the week.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 19 June

Tuesday 19 June 2018         Rātū tekau ma iwa Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Lost Property: Please check the bin in the foyer for your lost property
Table Tennis: Come to T2 after lunch.

EPro8 semi finals:

KFE (Kirkwood Future Engineers) Location: Christchurch South Intermediate is on next Tuesday 26 June at 5:00pm.

Ms Anderson has sent your parents a text but you need to come to the office to collect a confirmation letter today.  We will be meeting tomorrow at 1:00pm in T9 Ms Anderson’s room.  Please bring your lunch.

Carsyn, Cayden, Logan, Adarsh are in the team with Frank, Basit and Zander are reserves.

Football World Cup Challenges: There was a bit of a mix-up yesterday! If you are keen to represent your class, come along to Room 7 at morning tea.
AIMS Cross Country: Cross Country is postponed until Wednesday 27 June. We will have another training on Thursday, same time for those that are interested. Year 7, please keep your Tracksuit Jackets in perfect condition until race day.
Tuesday Sport: Please enter the hall around the side door and line up in your teams, in uniform. Tuesday Option, make sure you are where you are meant to be on time!
Magazine today at 11:00am in the library.  Pages today: BOT, Principal, Room 9 page (If you know you have items to add to your classroom page, please come and finish them)
Speeches – Emma from Room 3, please let Mrs Robertson know your speech title. Thanks
Can James R, Ariā and Charlie W please see Miss Timblick at the beginning of interval.

Daily Notices for Monday 18 June

Monday 18 June 2018 Rāhina tekau ma waru Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Kahikatea Kupu te o Wiki: Can you kanikani? Kanikani or dancing is great fun! The teachers had a go at flossing and that wasn’t so great…
MATARIKI: Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises in mid-winter and for many Māori, it heralds the start of a new year. Matariki literally means the ‘eyes of god’ (mata ariki) or ‘little eyes’ (mata riki). For the next three weeks you can look forward to some lessons and shows around the school based on Matariki. It is a time to reflect and share experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is also a time to sow food and harvest crops. Perhaps you and your class could have a shared lunch in celebration of Matariki.
Blue Light’s Got Talent: Kai pai to those that auditioned on Rāmere last wiki. The performances were outstanding!! Can the remaining acts please head to Room 7 at 1pm.
Matariki Practice in the hall at Lunchtime every day this week. Performance on Friday.
Casper and Katie: Don’t forget your promotional video! 🙂
Student Council: Can the councillors from Rms 4 and 9 please come to Rm 6 at interval.

World Cup Football Update

It’s been all go over the weekend! Congratulations to Uruguay/Room 2, they beat Egypt 1-0.

Portugal/Room 11 and Spain/Room 5 had a great tussle which ended in a 3 all draw! France/Room 12 edged out the Australians, 2-1. Argentina/Room 8 kept it interesting, drawing 1 all against Iceland. Nigeria/Room 1 unfortunately lost against Croatia 2-0. This morning Germany/Room 6 lost against Mexico 1-0 and Brazil/Room 10 drew 1 all against Switzerland!! Here’s your first special challenge, if you think you know your flags come to Room 7 at morning tea.

Table Tennis: There are no games tomorrow. Come to T.2 after lunch tomorrow. Read the  notices tomorrow morning in case of any change.
AIMS Cross Country: ALL Year 7 Runners please meet Mr McWhirter in the hall at 1pm to receive your tracksuit. Please bring your lunch
AIMS Cross Country: We have not received permission slips back from the following pupils: Hayley, Isobella (12), Josh (1) Basit (8), Emanuela (8). Please bring them to the office or Mr McWhirter as soon as possible.
Open Night Sport: Any any pupils would like to represent their Kirkwood Sport on Open Night please see Mr McWhirter in Room 11 at Interval
Speeches – Can Emma R3 and Emmanuela R8 come to Room 10 at morning tea? Thanks
Could all children sitting Canterbury (CEM) tests this year come to Room 3 at interval to get sign in forms. You can’t do the tests without these.

Daily Notices for Friday 15 June

Friday 15 June 2018               Rāmere tekau ma rima Pipiri

Student notices

Early this morning the Football World Cup 2018 began! The home team Russia took on Saudi Arabia winning 5-0.

To celebrate this incredible event each class has been assigned a country to get behind and support.

Room 1 Nigeria, Room 2 Uruguay, Room 3 Russia, Room 4 England, Room 5 Spain, Room 6 Germany, Room 8 Argentina, Room 9 Belgium, Room 10 Brazil, Room 11 Portugal, Room 12 France, Room 13 Colombia.

There will be some special challenges coming up over the next few weeks, keep an eye on the notices!

Kapa Haka: Meet in the hall no later than 10.30am! Lizzy and Ms Eum will be waiting. You are wearing full school uniform and will perform beautifully! Best of luck I look forward to hearing the feedback when I return.  Also, if you did not pick up an Open Night notice please pick one up from the office.
Netball B Team: no practice today.
Good luck to our three basketball teams this evening. If you cannot play, you need to let Mr McWhirter know as soon as possible! Remember Girls v Middleton Grange @ Wharenui 4pm. Boys B v Middleton Grange @ Middleton Grange Gym 6:10pm and A team vs Hillview @ Middleton Grange Gym 5:45pm-
AIMS Cross Country: We have not received permission slips back from the following pupils: Kayla Simons (1), Hayley, Isobella (12), Josh (1), George (6), Michael (1), Basit (8), Sjaak (4), Jonathan (2), Mac (8), Emanuela (8), Yong (5). Please bring them to the office or Mr McWhirter as soon as possible.
Chess Club today in Room 5 at 1:00pm
Netball A Team: Miss Timblick is away today, you will need to run your own practice. Aria, you can lead this please. Otherwise, Ella and Ben you can take the lead.
Netball C and D: Training still on. Meet at the court at 1:15pm – do not be late.
Blue Light’s Got Talent: Auditions start today at 1:00pm.  Can everyone please come to Room 7 and we will get things started!

Daily Notices for Thursday 14 June

Thursday 14 June  2018                Rāpare tekau ma rima Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Kapa haka pupils please pick up an Open Night permission form from the office at morning tea please.

Return to Mr Gaut ASAP

Permission slips for tomorrow’s performance also need to come to Mr Gaut. I will be checking the names off today.

Some pink/blue glasses have been handed into the office last week.  If these are yours, please come and collect.
Open Night Helpers are needed for Technology demonstrations in T2. If you would like to be a helper please see Mr. Anderson.
Class councillors will be visiting classes today to do a short Te Reo Māori Quiz for the Spirit Shield this wiki.
China Trip: Students that are going to China in July there is a hui/meeting tonight at 6:00pm. You and your caregiver MUST attend! Brooke, Ryan and Grace please check in with Mr Gaut or Miss T asap.
AIMS Cross Country: Thank you to the 27 who have returned their permission slips. The other 14 please have them back as soon as possible. Names will be listed tomorrow; do not be on the list! Well done to those that have turned up to training sessions!
Netball: Practice for all teams tomorrow at 1:15pm. Make sure you have your gear!
EPro8 was last night.: Congratulations to Kirkwood Future Engineers KFE group as they got through to semi-finals in a tight and exciting race.  Kahikatea only had 3 people and did really well – Logan R, Emily M and Frank R (4th equal).  We would like you to continue to come to meetings and support the KFE team please.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 13 June

Wednesday 13 June 2018     Rāapa tekau ma toru Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Homework club has been suspended until next term. No homework club Tuesdays or Thursdays until Term 3.
Student Council: Hui today, only if there is 1 or 2 bells.
ESOL groups: yes they are happening today, sorry the meeting is Next Wednesday. So ESOL is normal times today
Open Night Helpers are needed for Technology demonstrations in T2 . If you are interested in being a helper please see Mr.Anderson.
Kapa Haka is on today at 2:00pm. I only have 22 of 63 permission slips for the performance on Friday. There is an expectation that you ALL attend. I will be coming to see you.
Basketball B Training cancelled this afternoon.
Matariki Performance: Practice postponed until tomorrow lunchtime in the hall. See you there.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 12 June

Tuesday 12 June 2018         Rātū tekau ma rua Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
Table Tennis: Be at T2 ready to go at 1:00pm.
Student Council Leadership team please meet in Room 6 at interval.
Epro8: We are meeting after school tomorrow (on Wednesday) in the foods room – T4. Do not go home.  Parents with cars are meeting us here and Ms A will be texting or phoning all parents.
Netball A Team – Last chance to get your names to Miss Timblick if you would like to be put forward for Metro Trials. I will be sending the form at interval.
Student Council Hui in Room 6 at 1:00pm āpōpō/tomorrow.
Tuesday Sport: Reminder Football and Rugby all cancelled. Netball and BOTH Hockey are on. If we hear any other news a runner will be send to your classroom. Remember to be on time down at the hall and ready to go in your team lines. Good luck today.
Boys B Basketball training will be on tomorrow unless it is raining
Basketball: Games for Friday night are up outside Room 11 make sure you check
Magazine Team : Today we are doing the pages for Rooms: 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 as well as The Principal and Board of Trustees pages.  Please be at the library at 11:00am

Daily Notices for Monday 11 June

Monday 11 June 2018 Rāhina tekau Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Matariki Performance: Meet in the hall today at lunch time please. Time to see where the choreography is at and check out some costumes.
ALL grass areas are out of bounds today, this includes the adventure playground.
Game day in the library.
Book Club closes tomorrow.
Table Tennis: Captains check this week’s draw.  Everyone check tomorrow’s weather forecast and wear appropriate clothes for walking to and from the stadium.
Basketball: Draws are up outside Room 11 and on the school website and facebook page.
Latin: On this afternoon in Room 7
Kapa Haka: Permission slip from Room 1 today please.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: The All Blacks played a great game of whutupōro/rugby and the Warriors also put on a fine display of rīki/rugby league over the weekend. A bit of a sports theme for this wiki!
Blue Light’s Got Talent: Performances will begin this Friday! Make sure you have practiced at home and are ready to bring it!! A schedule will go up in Room 6 and also be put in the notices.
China Trip: An email is being sent home today please make sure you check it!