Daily Notices for Monday 16 December

Monday 16 December  2019                                                       Rāhina tekau ma ono Hakihea

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Summer Slide today in the library at 1:15pm for all Year 7. If you want some books to read over the holiday, please come and choose what you would like.
Can Grace (1), Jonathon (3), Kanye and Ozaer (9) please come and see Miss McCall in Room 4 now. Thank you.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki our kupu is whānau which means family, we hope all our Kirkwood whānau have a Meri Kirihimete!
Year 8’s: have a fabulous last day at Kirkwood and all the best at High School in 2020- Ms Molloy.

Daily Notices for Friday 13 December

Friday 13 December  2019                                                   Rāmere tekau ma toru Hakihea

Pupil notices/Panui

Year 8 Technology Future Focus hui today – we will only be in the room for 30 minutes – then going to the hall for a celebration hui of all you have learnt and made in technology and where it might lead in your future jobs.  Best behaviour expected – we have guest presenters.

Year 8 Writing Extension: The memoir book has been made! Your legacy will be in the Kirkwood Library for years to come, ka pai! If you would like a mini version of the book to keep please see me during or just after morning tea in Room 2a (Debbie’s office).

Also, students in writing extension who read Chinese Cinderella and Ana’s Story (as examples of memoirs) these need returning. Find me in Room 2a (Debbies office).

Thank you, Miss Buckenham Baines

Unless I get any persuasive emails from teachers today, Snoopy’s Christmas will be our festive song this afternoon in assembly. I look forward to hearing everyone singing with Christmas spirit.

A huge thank-you to all that took part in the School Spirit Shield Scavenger Hunt! For each activity the first class to get the correct answer in was awarded 12 points, the second class got 11 points and so on…

Listen out during assembly to find out which class finishes the year with the Shield and what their special prize is!

Daily Notices for Thursday 12 December

Thursday 12 December  2019                                             Rāpare tekau ma rua Hakihea

Student notices/Panui

Lost property – please check the bin in the office foyer before you leave home today.  We have a lot of gear which has been left around school i.e. swimming togs, towels, polar fleeces, shoes.
Can I please see all school librarians after morning tea for a short meeting in the library.
Year 7 please remember Summer Slide event on Monday at 1:15pm.
Year 8 Technology Future Focus hui tomorrow – we will only be in the room for 30 minutes – then going to the hall for a celebration hui of all you have learnt and made in technology and where it might lead in your future jobs.  Best behaviour expected – we have guest presenters.

School Spirit Shield: Well done to Rooms 5, 8 and 13 who are definitely in the running!

This clue requires you to be very quiet when looking for the answer. Once you have found it, write it down on a piece of paper and give this to Naduni, Milla or Miss T at interval.

Mr Tappenden has some lovely helper elves, check out their location and write down the Christmas item you see. 

NO ESOL groups after 11:00am – Blues Assembly set up sorry.
Year 7 Trainee AV Monitors please meet Aryan and Emmanuel at 10:20am in the foyer for your first training session.


Daily Notices for Wednesday 11 December

Wednesday 11 December  2019                                                  Rāapa tekau ma tahi Hakihea 

Student notices/Panui

School Spirit Shield: Congratulations to Rooms 4, 5, 11, 8 and 13! You all have points from the first three rounds.

Today’s riddle is slightly different, you have to find the items but please leave them there! Find at least two out of five things; write the location of the big item and the type of object on it to be in to win.

I get chopped, decorated and sometimes you’ll see wings on top. 

Christmas Song: Get your classroom teacher to send me an email with Christmas Song suggestions for Friday’s Assembly. Right now Snoopy’s Christmas is in the lead.
Writing Extension Year 8: Can Frank, Alix, Holly and Kwadwo come to Room 7 at 9:10am with a device – I couldn’t access your poem posters online and need them printed today. All writing extension students meet at 1.55pm in Room 7 for a boggle showdown and another co-created story – please bring pen and paper – Miss Buckenham Baines
Reading Extension Year 8: Rooms 1, 3 and 11 students come for a quick final catch up at 9:20am in Room 7. Rooms 6, 9 & 12 we will be viewing The Secret Life of Bees from 9:50am – 10:40am (Logan please bring the DVD player). Please bring your book if you haven’t yet returned it!
2A students or those that were given an invite to our end of year breakup, please remember to meet at 2A at 12 o’clock sharp. This may be tricky if you are out in the field doing games so please ask your teacher to remind you. See you there 🙂
Can you please keep a lookout for any Kirkwood Library books.
Te Kaupeka/Kapa Haka on today at 2:00pm.
Tracksuits to the office now please.
Year 8 assembly speeches: I would like to hear these today at 11:00am in the hall.
Ping-Pong: Joshua Kim vs Mr McWhirter in the hall at 1:15pm. Probably the greatest Ping-Pong head-to-head matchup of all time. Come along and watch.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 10 December

Tuesday 10 December  2019                                                                       Rātū tekau Hakihea

Student Notices/Panui

School Spirit Shield: Find the item and get it in quick to Naduni and Milla outside Room 6 at interval, remember ONE per class.

I am a light blue lagoon of melted snowmen find me but do not get too wet, stay outside not inside!

No homework club today.
Tuesday sewing group is on today at 11.45am until 1.00pm
Year 7 Waiata practise 12:45pm in the hall.

Daily Notices for Monday 9 December 2019

Monday 9 December  2019                                                                       Rāhina iwa Hakihea

Pupil Notices/Panui                  


School Spirit Shield: Here’s the second riddle – Shiny and metallic, but not a piece of bling. They’re there to make a noise – shake them and they’ll ring. 

Bring only ONE per class to Miss T, Milla or Naduni outside Room 6 at interval.

Outside room 7 field side the tree has a split so no climbing, there will be a sign on it.
Writing Extension Year 8 – Could all students please meet me with devices today at 9.40am in the library – we’re going to put together a display of our work – see you there. Miss Buckenham Baines

Year 7 Maths Extension– Today( last time) Room 7   12-12:40  

Year 7 Literacy ExtensionRoom 7   2-2:40 (last time)

Year 7 Football:

Finals time! After the final round, there are two teams that cannot be separated.

Today: Room 5 vs Room 8

This Wednesday, in a match-up that will rock Kirkwood to its very core, Joshua  will play Mr McWhirter at Table Tennis in the hall. Joshua is the unbeaten National Champion, while Mr McWhirter claims to have never lost a match when he used to play against his, much, younger brother. One 0 must go! Make sure you save this date on your calendars and come along to watch.
Library closed today finishing off the last of the stocktake.

Daily Notices for Friday 6 December

Friday 6 December  2019                                                                   Rāmere ono Hakihea

Pupil notices/Panui

The top choice for the Christmas Song is All I want for Christmas is you! I expect to hear great singing, especially from Rooms 8 and 11 who both nominated it. I will take another vote next week 🙂

School Spirit Shield: Nice mahi to Room 5 who were quick to find the reindeer that was hidden on the playground! They earnt themselves 12 points for the first round.

No riddle today but listen up in assembly to find out how other classes are placed and remember you have to be in to win it!

Tuia 250: The Tuia 250 commemorations are happening in Lyttelton on Saturday and Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm at Te Ana Marina. It would definitely be worth checking it out with your family!
Library closed today. Many thanks to all the school librarians who helped with the stock take yesterday. Thanks also to Debbie we made good progress and are about half way through. It would be good to get the 66 books that are still outstanding back. If they are not back today sadly, you will be charged for them. Thanks.
Tracksuits please return to the office. Again, if you hold onto them much longer you will be charged.
School librarians who offered to come to the library after interval to help – thanks.
Lost Property: Please come and have a look through, as there are a huge number of uniform items in our lost property bin at the office.
BLUES: Letters went home yesterday afternoon.  If you were expecting to get one but did not, come to see Mr Smith at interval. Could please Sophie M, Crystal H, Melissa C and Oliver J catch up with me too – I will be on duty.

Year 7 Football Championship:

It all comes down to today! If Room 5 win by 3 or more goals, the title belongs to them.

A win by 2 goals would see a play of between Rooms 8 and 5, while anything less sees the title go to Room 8.

Meanwhile Room 2 will be looking to play their very best, with their class pride on the line!

Today: Room 5 vs Room 2