Daily Notices for Thursday 17 October

Thursday 17 October  2019                                     Rāpare tekau ma whitu Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

Basketball practice for girls’ tournament team today at 1:15pm on the courts by the hall.
End of Year Video:  Miss Waters will start filming next week.  If you have put your name on the sheet that is on your whiteboard – please have your choreography ready to go and words memorised.
School Spirit Shield Challenge: Think you could be the next Dan Carter or Beauden Barrett? This wiki we have a kicking challenge for the Spirit Shield. Meet by the far rugby posts at 1:15pm. This is limited to ONE person per class so choose wisely!
Year 8 Reading Extension: Those of you in the pukapuka group (Rooms 1,3 and 11) Please remember that you need to have chosen a book that you and at least one other person in the group will read by next Monday morning. Ideally, you will have gotten a copy of the book so far. Currently, two groups are doing The Power of One and Noughts and Crosses. Please email me with your book choice. Thanks, Miss Buckenham Baines
Year 8 Reading Extension: Those of you in the panui group (Rooms 6, 9 and 12) Please remember that you need to have read up to page 70 (the first two chapters) of The Secret Life of Bees by Monday, ready to discuss on Monday morning. Thanks, Miss Buckenham Baines

Daily Notices for Wednesday 16 October

Wednesday 16 October  2019                                      Rāapa tekau ma ono Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

Book club closes 12 November orders can be done through the loop system online or orders and money through slot in the foyer.
Please remember that when climbing trees you are expected to stay below 3 metres and not to fall out – you need to judge how safe you are.
Student Council: Hui today in Room 6 at 1:00pm. No hui if there are three bells.
House Sausage Sizzle: A huge thank-you to the PTA for all their support! On 1 November the we will be having a sausage sizzle but which house will it be for it? The winner will be announced soon…

Rugby World Cup update: Quarterfinals are coming!!

After some epic mahi in pool play the quarterfinals shape up like this…

Saturday: England (Tech staff) take on Australia (R13) then NZ (Support teachers) are meeting Ireland (R12).

Sunday: Wales (Office staff) face off against France (R11) with host nation Japan (R9) making it into their first ever quarterfinal meeting South Africa (R4).

Te Kaupeka/Kapa Haka on today at 2pm.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 15 October

Tuesday 15 October  2019                                       Rātū tekau ma rima Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

Homework Club today after school.
Please return your Korfball tracksuit top ASAP as they are needed for the Wellington camps.
Year 8 notice – Technology on Friday: Find out from your teacher where you are going for your last rotations.  IT MAY BE POSSIBLE TO CHANGE GROUPS if you have missed going to an area over the two years you have been at Kirkwood.   If this is the case – please see Ms Anderson this week and if possible we will try and help you.
Tuesday sewing group at 11.45am today T6.
There are lots of polar fleeces in the lost property. In addition, Lunch boxes, other clothes and a pair of size 6 black shoes. Please come and collect.
The Year 7 value for the next two weeks is rangatiratanga. Be on the lookout for students showing rangatiratanga in your class!
Reminder student council hui āpōpō in Room 6 at 1:00pm today.

Daily Notices for Monday 14 October

Monday 14 October 2019                             Rāhina tekau ma whā Whiringa-ā-nuku                 

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Indoor Tournament: Meeting for all teams (Badminton, Volleyball and Basketball) in the hall at interval. It is very important that you are there!
Student Council: Hui this wiki on Rāapa/Wednesday 1:00pm in Room 6.
This week is Niue Language Week! Try using koe kia which means goodbye to one person in Niuean.
ESOL Groups:  Mrs Climo will come and get you today due to a new schedule.

Niuean Language Week activity: On Saturday 19 October 2:30pm to 4:00pm, Creative Space Level 1 at Tūranga Chch Central Library.

Join Pasifika Librarians in weaving a Niuean Lili (table mat) to use at home. Come along to the Hapori floor’s Creative Space to have fun, create, craft and make cool stuff!!

Volleyball Training: For all in the tournament at lunchtime today in the hall. Be there at 1:00pm and bring your lunch.
Year 8 Reading Extension: Could both groups please meet Miss Buckenham Baines in the wharepukapuka (library) at 1:15pm for a very quick meeting (to collect books). There will be no other session this week as I am away on camp.
Year 8 Writing Extension: There will be no writing extension this week as I am away on camp. However, if you have not finished your memoir you must do so this week. Those of you helping to compile the book please keep working on this. I am available by email. Tena koutou, Miss Buckenham Baines

Year 7 Maths Extension: Today Room 7, 12:20pm – 1:00pm. 

Year 7 Writing Extension: Today Room 7, 2:00pm – 2:45pm.

Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: The Whutuporo World Cup has been amazing! Our kupu this wiki is Tiapani which means Japan. Congrats to the host nation Tiapani for making it through to the quarterfinals for the first time!!

Daily Notices for Friday 27 September

Friday 27 September  2019                                                   Rāmere rua tekau ma whitu Mahuru

Pupil notices/Panui

Year 8 Reading and Writing Extension: Please make sure you check google classroom over the holidays to keep up to date with notices.
Tracksuit jackets back to the office please.
Rugby World Cup: Last night the Azzurri (Room 5) comprehensively defeated Canada (Room 10). England (Technology) moved their campaign into second gear with an easy victory over the USA (ESOL/Room 7). Tonight the competition takes a break and will resume on Saturday. Keep up to date over the holidays. YouTube has some excellent highlight packages. When we return from the school holidays, it will be the end of pool play, and we will preview the quarterfinals.
Rugby World Cup Quiz (answer in staff section): How many non-New Zealand teams are coached by New Zealanders at this Rugby World Cup?
Tough Kid: Permission slips in please
Water Polo: Game on at 6:45pm tonight. Please be there by 6:30pm.
Rugby Team: Meeting in Room 11 at 1:00pm.

Daily Notices for Thursday 26 September

Thursday 26 September  2019                                 Rāpare rua tekau ma ono Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Tracksuit jackets from Korfball to the office please.
New Magazines now in the library. Horse Pony, Hunting, Fishing, Game mags, Top Gear, Kids Geographic. These are for reading in the library.
Volleyball: Meeting at interval in Room 4 for the squad. Then Training for squad members today, please. Be there at 1:15pm.
White framed reading glasses missing Please let the office know if you have seen a pair lying around or sitting somewhere in your classroom. Thank you
Rugby World Cup: Many say that a tournament does not begin until it’s first upset. Well, consider the 2019 Rugby World Cup opened! Last night Uruguay, happily adopted by Room 11, took the wind out of the Fijian (Room 2) sails. Winning a pulsating encounter 30-27. Tomorrow the Azzurri (Room 5) look to continue their winning start against a hungry Canada. Following this game, albeit far too late for anyone attending school on Friday, England (Technology) take on a plucky American side (ESOL/Room 7).
Rugby World Cup Quiz (answer on staff section): Which country has been runner up the most times? NZ, Australia, England or France
Tough Kid: Permission slips back please. If you need another one, please see Mr McWhirter.
Basketball Vests: Need to be in today and tomorrow.
Water Polo: Final tomorrow night, 6:45pm. Please be there at 6:30pm
Badminton: No training today, as Volleyball is on.
Indoor Tournament: Permission slips need to be in!
Year 8 Brightsparks happening at lunchtime in T9 at 1:00pm. Please bring your parent permission form.
No ESOL groups today from 11:00am onwards (Groups 4 & 5) Blues and Releasing –sorry.
Blues Assembly today at 12.30pm.  All classes line up outside the hall at 12.20pm.  If you are receiving a blue, try to sit on the end of the isle.
Chinese Language Week this week: To say thank you in Chinese say:  Xièxie (shay shay)
A huge congratulations to our Korfball teams for yesterday’s achievements, we are all very proud of you.  Results are to be announced at assembly tomorrow.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 25 September

Wednesday 25 September  2019                                Rāapa rua tekau ma rima Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Brightsparks for Year 8:  Ask your teacher if you can come to T9 after notices but only if you have actually done the project.

Rugby World Cup: Last night Samoa (Room 6), despite going down to 13 players in the first half, stormed home to beat Russia (Room 9) 34 – 9.

Tonight Fiji look for a positive result against Uruguay (Room 11)

Rugby World Cup Question (answer in staff section): The first eight World Cups were won by only four different nations. Which one of the champions won it once?
Tough Kid Challenge: Please keep bringing the permission slips back into the office. So far we only have 36 in. There are nearly 50 outstanding. If you need a new slip see Mr McWhirter.

End of Year Video: will be “I Want it That Way” The vote was unanimous.

Each class has been given four lines of the song (it is on your whiteboard).  Team up with your mates and put your names by the lyric you would like to perform in the video – create a dance if you want, be creative.  Filming will begin next term.  Any questions – please ask Miss Waters

PS: The 2018 video is in the Teacher Folder if anyone wants to share it.

Te Kaupeka/Kapa Haka on today at 2:00pm.
China Trip students please meet with Miss Buckenham-Baines and Ms Molloy at Ms Molloy’s office 1:15pm for a surprise!
Year 8 Reading Extension: Pukapuka group – Rooms 1, 3, 11 – meet today at 12:00pm in Room 7.  Do not forget to have had a thought about what book you will choose to do in a group and how to access it.
Year 8 Reading Extension: Panui group – Rooms 6, 9, 12 – meet today at 11:00am in Room 7 with your books and work.
Year 8 Writing Extension: This is on in Room 7 at 1:55pm. Make sure you have checked my comments/feedback prior to the session as memoirs are due today – the library may be a good place to set up at lunchtime; bring your devices.
Kirkwood Rugby Team: Very quick meeting in Room 11 at interval.
Water Polo: Final on Friday night. 6:45pm against Chisnallwood. Please be there by 6:30pm.
Indoor Tournament (Badminton, Basketball and Volleyball): Permission slips need to be in.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 24 September

Tuesday 24 September  2019                                              Rātū rua tekau ma whā Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Homework club today after school.
Kids Lit team can you all please come to the library at 2:00pm please. Lauren, Conor, Emma, Sarah, Reuben.
Tracksuits from Aims Games returned now please.
Year 8 Writing Extension:  Don’t forget our final session is tomorrow and your memoirs should be finished before we get together – this is a day to share and put our book together. Please make sure you have shared it online with me and your peers for feedback.  Miss Buckenham Baines
Congratulations to Room 12 on their 3-0 victory yesterday. That concludes the Year 8 Premier League. Well done to everyone who took part. It was great to see so many students involved. Year 7 Championship League – Next Term.

Student Council Mufti Day – tomorrow! Remember to wear your loud shirt (you can also wear your own appropriate shorts/pants/skirt for school) and bring a gold coin.

Money raised for Loud Shirt Day goes to The Hearing House and the Southern Cochlear Implant Programme, this helps deaf and hearing-impaired children get the therapy they need to listen and speak like hearing kids.

Track suit tops (for korfball teams) issued today at 9:00am in the hall.
Tuesday sewing group is on 12:00pm – 1:00pm in T6.
Rugby World Cup: Last night Wales (Office staff) opened their campaign with a 6 try feast against Georgia (R8). Tonight 1995 Quarter Finalist Samoa (R6) take on a stubborn Russia (R9).
Rugby World Cup Trivia (answer in staff section): Which Pacific Island nations have made the Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals?
Indoor Tournament: Meeting for everyone who has been selected (Volleyball, Basketball and Badminton) in the hall at interval. You need to make sure you are there.
Badminton: Permission slips for Indoor Tournament need to be in by tomorrow – not in you will not play! Training today from 1:00pm until 1:30pm
Basketball Vests: Back to Mr McWhirter please.
Water Polo: Final this Friday night, vs Chisnallwood. Time to be confirmed.
Year 8 notice – Brightsparks:  Ask your teacher if you can come to T9 tomorrow after the notices.  This is only if you have actually done the project.
Chinese Language Week: To say Good morning-Zǎo Shàng Hǎo (Zhow shang how) 早上好

Daily Notices for Monday 23 September

Monday 23 September 2019                          Rāhina rua tekau ma toru Mahuru

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Y8 Football:

Today: Room 12 vs Room 9

In today’s game, the 1st plays 2nd in the final match of the league. Both teams have four wins from four games, but Room 12 is currently ahead of Room 9 on goal difference. This means that a draw will not do it for Room 9, only a win will see them take home the sports shield. Come along and give both teams some support.

Chinese Language Week: This week try saying ‘Hi’ in Chinese today Ni hao (pronounced: Knee how)
End of year video song: Thank you for your suggestions.  We have whittled the choice down to 3: “Happy” Pharell Williams, “Let it Roll” Flo Rida, “I Want it That Way” Backstreet Boys please vote for one in the library.

Year 7 Maths Extension on today at 10:00am in Room 7.

Year 7 Literacy Extension  – cancelled today.

Student Council Mufti Day: This Wednesday/Rāapa we are having a mufti day and want you to bring a gold coin while wearing a loud shirt. What is a ‘loud’ shirt? It is a bright coloured top or a funky patterned top!
Korfball teams will get tracksuit tops tomorrow.

Mental Health Awareness Week 23-29 September. Colouring in competition up to age 12- check out https://www.mhaw.nz/compsactivities/colouring-competition/

There a few in Room 6, feel free to pick one up at interval.

Rugby World Cup: First weekend went like this…

Friday: Hosts Japan (R9) triumphed over Russia (R9)

Saturday: Australia (R13) wore down a brave Fiji (R2), France (R11) had a narrow victory over Argentina (R3) and NZ (Support Teachers) beat SA (R4).

Sunday: Last night the Italians (R5) beat Namibia (R6), Ireland (R12) convincingly defeated Scotland (R7/ESOL) and England (Technology) stumbled past Tonga (R1) to round off the weekend.

Tonight sees Wales (Office staff) take on the might of Georgia (R8)!                               

Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: With the whutuporo World Cup, our kupu are going to have a bit of a theme. If you can use the kupu in your own sentence, come to Room 6 at interval. This wiki eke panuku which means try is our kupu.
Basketball: Vests back into Mr McWhirter please.
Badminton: Training for Indoor Tournament team today at 1:00pm, just a training session – come and enjoy!
Water Polo: Well done on Friday night, an outstanding result. Details of your final game to follow later in the week.

Daily Notices for Friday 20 September

Friday 20 September  2019                                                           Rāmere rua tekau Mahuru

Pupil notices/Panui

Burnside Familiarisation Day: Year 8 Students attending Burnside High next year please come and see Mr Gaut after the notices to pick up information on the Burnside familiarisation day happening soon. Thanks.
Rugby World Cup: Yesterday, Room 11 completed the official class team allocation. It was drawn as follows: R1 – Tonga, R2 – Fiji, R3 – Argentina, R4 – South Africa, R5 – Italy, R6 – Namibia and Samoa R7/ESOL – USA and Scotland, R8 – Georgia, R9 – Russia and Japan, R10 Canada, R11 France and Uruguay, R12 – Ireland, R13 – Australia, Office staff – Wales, Technology staff – England and Support Staff – All Blacks. Good luck to everyone with their adopted nations.

Rugby World Cup – Draw for today and the weekend. 

Friday:     Japan (R9) vs Russia (R9)

Saturday: Australia (R13) vs Fiji (R2)

France (R11) vs Argentina (R3)

All Blacks (Support Staff) vs South Africa (R4)

Sunday:   Italy (R5) vs Namibia (R6)

Ireland (R12) vs Scotland (ESOL/R7)

England (Tech Teachers) vs Tonga (R1) 

Tatou haere tonga! Let’s go Tonga!
Basketball: Vests back to Mr McWhirter please
Basketball: Kirkwood Girls and A team, please meet in R11 at interval today.
Water Polo: Game tonight at 7:45pm. If you cannot play, please let Mr McWhirter know.