Daily Notices for Tuesday 23 October

Tuesday 23 October 2018                Rātū rua tekau ma toru Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

Congratulations to Mansfield-Hillary for winning the BBQ, check the notices to find out what day the BBQ is on.
Mary, Zoe, Lucy W and Wolin from Room 1. Please come to Room 7 at 9:15am today for ESOL testing. Thanks Mrs Climo
House Captains: Quick hui in Room 6 at interval today.
Student Council: Class councillors please have a hui with your class this week. Full council hui on Thursday at lunchtime.
BLAST sessions in old ESOL Room behind Room 9 and Room 10. Be punctual and bring a pencil/pen. Thanks, Ms Molloy and Miss Harjot.
School Choir: Our Performance is tomorrow night! As per the notice, you are to meet at the Horncastle Arena at 6:20pm. We also have our rehearsal tomorrow morning. Please return your permission slip to office right now. If you still have not received a permission slip, make sure you see Miss Mason in Room 12 today.
Reminder about Athletics Sports on Thursday. Make sure you are in the correct PE gear and ready to give it your best for your house!
Cell phone found outside Room 8 this morning.  Please see the office if you have misplaced yours.

Daily Notices for Friday 19 October

Friday 19 October 2018                      Rāmere tekau ma iwa Whiringa-ā-nuku     

Student notices/Panui

Year 8 Boys Discus Trials: Will be on 1:00pm over by the Art Room.
Year 8 Girls Discus Trials: Will be on 1:35pm over by the Art Room.
Indoor Tournament Reminder:  Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball is on Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday. So make sure you are prepared for Tuesday and be on time for the bus (7:50am).  You will need your PE kit, lunch and water bottle. If you have a permission slip in your bag please get it to the office.
House Captains: Please meet Mr McWhirter in Room 11 at Interval.
Athletics Sports: Not long until our final school wide sports event for the year. Remember, you will be in a sprint race with students around your own level, so every place you get can make a big difference to the overall house winner!
High Jump trials on the field by the hall at 1:15pm. Both Year 7 girls and boys.
School Choir: If you have not received a notice for next week, please see Miss Mason today. Our final rehearsal and performance night is on Wednesday.
BLAST sessions for Year 7 only today in the Old ESOL Room behind Rooms 9 and 10 with Miss Harjot. Check the timetable for your session- note each group is split today so smaller groups.
Technology Year 8:  You should have already looked up your new group in the library but first you need to go to the previous teacher to get your portfolios and awards etc.  They will then take you to the side door or the hall for an introduction – your best behaviour is expected.

Daily Notices for Thursday 18 October

Thursday 18 October  2018          Rāpare tekau ma waru Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

No ESOL groups: There is individual testing happening now. Mrs. Climo will come and get you when she needs you.
Year 8 Boys Shot Put Trials: Will be on 1:00pm over by the art room.
Year 8 Girls Shot Put Trials: Will be on 1:35pm over by the art room.
Discus Trials: For Year 8s will be on tomorrow.
BLAST sessions today:  Groups 1 and 2 in Room 11, then groups 3 and 4 in Room 9. Thanks, Ms Molloy and Miss Harjot.
Indoor Tournament Reminder: Volleyball, Badminton and Basketball, the tournament is on Tuesday because Monday is a public holiday. So make sure you are prepared for Tuesday – be on time for the bus (7:50am) PE kit, lunch and water bottle needed for the day.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 17 October

Wednesday 17 October 2018            Rāapa tekau ma whitu Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

Year 8 Technology:  Your final and new group for the year is printed in the library.

However, this Friday, first go to your same teacher to collect portfolios and awards.  They will then take you to the library where you will all meet to discuss Employability Skills, which is the focus for your final technology programme.  The new groups will then depart with the new teacher.

Basketball Vests: Thanks to all who have returned their vests. There are still some which have not been returned. They need to be brought back to Mr McWhirter by Friday.
Indoor Tournament: Please make sure you permission slips are given in to the office. Remember, Tuesday and Wednesday are the tournament days and Monday is a public holiday.
A quick School Council meeting will be held at 1:00pm in Room 7.  Please bring your lunch with you.
No piano lessons today, lessons will start next week.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 16 October

Tuesday 16 October 2018                Rātū tekau ma ono Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

A big welcome to Ms Butler who is helping us Room 10 for the next 4 weeks!
Fashion Design Make not on today
Homework club today after school.
Volleyball: Training for Indoor Tournament team 1:15pm in the hall. See you there.

Daily Notices for Monday 15 October

Monday 15 October 2018                 Rāhina tekau ma rima Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student Notices/Panui

Year 8 Burnside High Familiarisation Day 2018: If you are attending Burnside High next year and would like to attend their familiarisation day, more information will be coming over the next couple of weeks. Listen out to the notices.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: Our kupu this wiki is Te Whanganui-a-Tara which is the Māori kupu for Wellington Harbour. Have an wananei time in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Year 8’s!
Student Council: Could the leadership team please meet in Room 6 at 1:00pm.
Indoor Tournament: Badminton Team, all to meet in Room 11 at interval.
Basketball Girls tournament team practice at 1:15pm today on the courts by Room 7.
Volleyball: Indoor tournament team please meet in Room 4 at interval today.


Daily Notices for Friday 28 September

Friday 28 September 2018                 Rāmere rua tekau ma waru Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Our kupu today is takauri which means log on. You’ll need the code of the day to takauri. Over the month of Mahuru, we have shared 20 Māori kupu!
Basketball Vests: Still quite a few need to come back. If you are involved in the Indoor Tournament next term, you can keep hold of it. Thanks

Daily Notices for Thursday 27 September

Thursday 27 September  2018                  Rāpare rua tekau ma whitu Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Our kupu today is rokiroki, storage. If you do not back things up, you will run out of rokiroki!
Kia ora to everyone for taking part and donating to the SPCA for our mufti day!
Writing Competition. Last one for the year. Get entries in to Mr Aitken today or tomorrow. Year 7- That Mysterious Someone and Year 8 – The Swamp.
Could the winning korfball team please meet in the office foyer at 1:00pm.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 26 September 2018       Rāapa rua tekau ma ono Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Raraunga is quite helpful otherwise you’ll need a hotspot or free wifi! If you know what raraunga means, write down your answer, name and room number down and get this info to Aashma at interval.
Volleyball Team: List is up on the window of Room 4. Congratulations to everyone who made the team. Please come and get a notice from me at interval today. Thanks
Badminton Team: Indoor Tournament Team is up outside Room 11. Please come to Room 11 at Interval to receive your permission slip.
Basketball Teams: Teams for the Indoor Tournament please come to Room 11 at Interval to receive your permission slips. If you also need a vest you can get it then
No ESOL today.
Term 4 Indoor Tournament: Congratulations to everyone who has been selected to represent our school. Some of you may have been selected in two sports. You can only do one. Therefore, you must make a decision and let the teacher know….this is to be done by Thursday. You will give someone else an opportunity to also go and represent our school. But it is your responsibility to make the decision and let the teacher know. Basketball/Badminton players you can speak with Mr McWhirter. Many thanks
Korfball tournament: Congratulations to all that took part in the tournament on Rāhina.  Can the winning team please meet in Room 6 at interval please.
Blues: If you received a ‘Cantamath’ Blue please see Mr Smith today to get your replacement badge.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 25 September

Tuesday 25 September 2018           Rātū rua tekau ma whā Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Mahuru Māori: Today our kupu is rārangi waiata which means playlist. What’s on your rārangi waiata?
Blue Mufti Day apopo!! Mansfield-Hillary House want you to join in and raise funds for the SPCA.
Year 8 PAT catch ups today! In Room 7 with Mrs Climo at 9am – Reading then at 11am – Maths.  Please bring something to write with.
Homework club today after school.
Can the kids lit team please come to the library at 2:00pm please.
Boys B Basketball: Please return your vests to Mr McWhirter as soon as possible.
Final Volleyball Trial today at Lunch. If your name is on the list on the Room 4 window you MUST be there. If you are in another sport team can you please come and let me know. If there are 3 bells it will be postponed. Thanks
Magazine Team: 11:30am to 12:30pm for those who have incomplete pages.
Can the canteen team please meet Holly at 12:00 noon for a brief meeting in the hall.
Spirit Shield: This week’s spirit shield involves our environment.  Always remember to keep the garden outside your classroom clean and tidy.