Daily Notices for Thursday 16 September

Rāpare tekau ma ono Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

Our kupu today is kinikini which means guinea pig! What movie is Bugsy the kinikini from?
School Council: Meeting today in Room 6 at lunch eating time.
Rugby: Please return jersey, shorts and socks to Mr Burke by this Friday 17 September.
Jump Jam: Boy’s in the hall interval, Girl’s in the hall at lunch. 
Better Start Group: 8:40am – 9:00am in Room 7.
Flute lessons are on again today.
Year 7 Maths Extension: Meeting in Room 10 at 1:15pm. 
Future Problem Solving: Practice in Room 7 at 1:00pm. Bring a pen. 
Netball managers: Could you catch up with me today and let me know how many dresses still need to be returned. Miss Timblick

Daily Notices for Tuesday 14 September

Rātū tekau ma whā Mahuru

Student Notices/Panui

Today our kupu is rāpeti which means rabbit. Who are the siblings of Peter Rāpeti?
CantaMath: All students completing displays need to have them completed by Friday 24 September. Please bring them to Room 9.
Homework Club after school today.
Basketball draw is up outside Room 4 for all teams – Penultimate game. If there are any absences please let Mr Botting know asap. 
Reminder that Basketball training is on tomorrow at lunchtime. Please bring your gear. 
Rugby: Please return jersey, shorts and socks to Mr Burke by this Friday 17 September.
Jump Jammers: Boys at interval in the Hall and Girls will be at 1:15pm in the Hall.


Daily Notices for Monday 13 September

Rāhina tekau ma toru  Mahuru

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Te wiki o te reo Māori! This week we are celebrating Māori language week. Instead of saying ‘hello’ to your teacher in the morning, try saying ‘kia ora’

Year 8 technology to go to the same tech class as follows and they will send you on to your next tech teacher

Rakau T1 Mr Erickson, Tui T4 Miss Waters, Kiwi T3 Mr Ingle, Moa T9 Ms Anderson, Totara T7 Mr D, Harakeke T8 Miss Rowe, Pounamu T2 Mr Anderson, Rimu T5 Mrs Buick, Kauri T6 Ms Johnson

Waterpolo: Second to last match is on tonight at 7:55pm. A quick reminder that at level 2 no spectators are allowed and to please arrive 5 mins before the match starts in your gear ready to go.
Better Start Group: Today at 8:40am – 9:00 in Room 7.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki there will be a kupu each day! Heihei which means chicken is our first one. What came first, the heihei or the egg?
Netball Uniforms: Keep these coming in please. Team managers, could you tick off who has brought them back in your netball book. I will catch up with you this week to see who I need to chase up. Miss Timblick. 
Lunchtime sewing is on today.
EPro8 ‘Untitled Document’ come to T7 at 2:00pm today to collect the latest update for the grand final and practice your engineering and electronic skills.
Parakuihi Club/Breakfast Club on āpōpō in Room 7 from 7:45am – 8:15am.
Choir on today after lunch in the hall. All must come – Important festival information. Please bring your books, a drink bottle and a pencil. 
Jump Jam: Boy’s Room 7 at interval, Girls in the hall at 1:15pm, even if it rains. 
Football: All socks to be returned by Friday please.

Daily Notices for Friday 10 September

Rāmere tekau Mahuru

Pupil notices/Panui

Ski/Snowboard notice needs to be returned by Wednesday next week. 
No Better Start Groups: Mrs Climo in a meeting.
No ESOL groups today: Mrs Climo is at another meeting.
Jump Jammers: Please come to Room 7 at interval, it will only take 5 minutes.  It is about the competition decision.
Rugby Teams: Seven’s Tournament has been cancelled. Please return uniforms to Mr Burke next week. 
Future Problem Solving Penny, Marcella, Olive, Blake, Connor, Benji, George, Amelia, Lilah and Maia, please come to Room 8 at 1:15pm for a short meeting. 
Science Club: I’m sure many of you have been working hard on your badge tasks over lockdown and can’t wait to sign them off. Bring along your work to Room 13 after lunch eating today.
Waterpolo: Can the water polo team please come to Room 13 for a quick hui at interval. 
Football players-All red socks to be returned next week:-)


Daily Notices for Thursday 9 September

Rāpare iwa Mahuru

Student notices/Panui

A selection of games are available in the library to be played at interval and lunch. See the Librarians and they will issue them for you. These are to be played in the library only.
School Council: No meeting today.
Extended Basketball Season: (All Teams) There are NO games this week. There will be two more games – next Friday and the week after that (finals).
Jump Jammers: Congratulations, as you know we made it to the second stage. Come to a meeting in Room 7 at lunch 1:15pm, so we can discuss our schedule and the future. I will only need you for 5 -10 minutes. 
Reminder to Rooms 6,11, 5, 8, 2 &12 if you are in Foods for Tech on Friday or Monday it would be greatly appreciated if you can please bring an apron with you please, thanks Ms Rowe and Miss Waters.
Welcome back to school. We are at Level 2 so we need to try and keep a distance from other children – I know this will be difficult, but try your best. If you want to wear a mask you are most welcome to do so – especially when you are in the classroom. Most important is to remember that this is still school and we have the same expectations of you as always – keep your hands and feet to yourself, use your manners and remember a smile costs nothing. It’s great to have you back at school, I know staff have missed working with you. Let’s work together to have a really good end to this term, and look forward to Term 4. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Netball Uniforms: Please get these back to your team managers as soon as possible. Managers, could you please pop the uniforms into your netball bag and then get them to me when you think you have most uniforms back. Miss Timblick
ESOL groups are on today, see you in Room 7.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 17 August

Rātū tekau ma whitu Here-turi-Kōkā

Student Notices/Panui

SCRATCH: Have a break then go to T5 at 3:15pm. Bring a laptop for your team if possible.
Blues: Last day tomorrow!
Homework Club after school today.
Basketball draw is up outside Room 4 for all teams. If there are any absences please let Mr Botting know as soon as possible. 
Cantamath Displays: Please bring the final product to Room 9 at Interval on Friday 20 August. You will be given a green tag to attach to your display and your details will be entered onto the Cantamath digital form. Thanks.

Check out the Canterbury Schools Orienteering Festival. Training Orienteering events are running from mid August to Tuesday 7 September at various locations from 4:00 – 5:00pm.

On Wednesday 25 August there will be an after school event at Kirkwood Intermediate. Most events have a $2 entry fee. You can find more information at https://papo.org.nz/events/view/3975/coaching-events-for-school-students-monday-16-aug-thursday-7-sept-2021 

Girls Sevens/Rippa: Please meet on the new netball court in your P.E gear at 12:45pm.
Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Tournament Teams: Meeting today at Interval in Room 4 (Girls’ Team has just been put up outside Room 4 – all girls that signed up, please check the list just in case).
Volleyball: Team list on the Room 6 window, thank you to all those who attended trials. Quick hui in Room 6 at interval, be prompt!
Rugby Sevens Boys’: If you have put your name down please attend a quick meeting with Mr Burke in Room 11 at Interval today.
Black Ferns Assembly: Next wiki we are lucky to have some Black Ferns visiting our school! Check the notices as there will be a quiz with some great prizes.

Daily Notices for Monday 16 August

Rāhina tekau ma ono  Here-turi-Kōkā

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

SCRATCH tomorrow 3:30 – 6:00pm  Permission letter must be in to Ms A by today if you are attending.  Do not go home after school.   Bring extra kai for afternoon tea.  There will be hot milo.  
Water Polo: Due to the number of players taking part in the Ski trip today we will not be playing tonight. Our next match will be on Monday 23 August.
Duathlon: LAST CHANCE to sign up. You must come to Room 3 at interval today, if you do not you will not be entered. If you have already signed up please come along too.
Blues: Wednesday is your last day to hand in a Blues application! 
Better Start Group: Today at 8:40am – 9:00 in Room 7.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: This wiki our kupu is makariri which means cold or to be cold. The huarere is very makariri today!
Volleyball Trials: On today in the hall. Year 8’s at 1:15pm – 1:30pm, Year 7’s at 1:35pm – 1:55pm. If you have already made it into another team please see Miss v
EPro8 meet at lunch time today for a practice in T7.
Jump Jam: Girl’s team, if we all have our PE gear we will film at interval today. Otherwise plan on tomorrow at interval.
Parakuihi Club/Breakfast Club on āpōpō in Room 7 from 7:45am – 8:15am.
Choir on today after lunch in the hall. Please bring your books, a drink bottle and a pencil. 
Hockey: Roma’s team training on the new netball court after lunch eating. 
Badminton trials this Wednesday in the hall at lunchtime. Start at 1:00pm. Bring your lunch.
No lunch-time sewing or advanced sewing today.
Girls’ Sevens/Rippa: A reminder that we have a training āpōpō/tomorrow at 12:45pm. Please make sure you have your P.E gear on.
Tuesday Sport Rugby: Grass is too wet for training. Reminder to bring gear for tomorrow. Mr Burke


Daily Notices for Friday 13 August

Rāmere tekau ma toru Here-turi-Kōkā

Pupil notices/Panui

Girls Sevens/Rippa: Awesome mahi yesterday! Remember to practice over the weekend and we’ll meet again on Rātū/Tuesday next wiki.
Tuesday Sport – Rugby: Last week of training & games.  Please remember your boots & mouth guard for Monday – 1:15pm.  Mr Burke.
Volleyball: Trials will be on today at lunch in the hall. Year 8’s at 1:15pm – 1:35pm and Year 7’s at 1:35pm – 1:55pm. If you are already in a team, come and see Miss V.
Spirit Shield is on at interval in Room 6! One participant from each class. 
Blues: Thanks to everyone who has handed in their Blues applications. Keep them coming! 
Science Club: Is on today, bring along your great work to Room 13 at 1:15pm. 

CAIMS Sport tournament: A massive thank-you to all that have signed up for various sports. It is now up to you to check the notices for trials or trainings. If you miss a trial or training, please let the teacher in charge know.

Volleyball – Miss V, Room 6;

Boys’ Sevens – Mr Burke, Room 11;

Girls’ Sevens/RIppa – Miss T, Room 3;

Badminton – Mr Aitken, Room 2;

Basketball – Mr Botiing, Room 4.

Ski/Snowboarding meeting: Year 8 Skiers/Snowboarders to line up outside the hall in their classroom at 10:10am. Year 7 Skiers/Snowboarders to line up outside hall in their classroom at 12.30pm.
Hockey: Nick’s team, no training today. Roma’s team training Monday, on the new court.
Jump Jam meeting: Today at interval, please come and see the video and news. Please be prompt.