Daily Notices for Friday 18 June

Rāmere tekau ma waru Pipiri

Pupil notices/Panui

Production Tech Team: Remember you’re required at this Sunday’s rehearsal from 1:30pm – 4:00pm.
Production Dancers: Practice in the hall 11:00am – 1:00pm.  All Miss v’s dancers are expected to attend.
Production Singers: Practice in the hall at 9:00am. Bring your lyrics.
Netball practice for Huia, Korimako and Kākā teams at 1:15pm. Please go to production if there is a clash. Managers, please bring the gear bags with you. 
Rugby: Training on Monday. Please bring change of clothes, boots and mouth guards.
Hockey: Nick’s team training. Please meet on the court by Room 7 at 1:15pm. 
Science Club: No science club today. Will arrange a catchup session sometime next week.
Jump Jam Practice: Today in the hall at interval, this is the last one before our performance in front of the school today. The competition is tomorrow night.
Production Ballroom Dancers: If you don’t have your access details for the dance steps video please collect from T.2 sometime today.
Better Start Group: 8:40am – 9:00am today Room 7.

Daily Notices for Thursday 17 June

Rāpare tekau ma whitu Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

School Council: Meeting at lunch eating time in Room 6.
Technology CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGE next Wednesday 23 June at 4:00pm – 6:00pm.  Parent letters need to come back please.

Well done to all three EPro 8 teams who are through to the next round. There is a problem as it clashes with the production, however  Ms A is trying to change it.  Could you please come and see her if you are in the production please. 

Location: Cobham Intermediate            

Date: Tuesday 27 July          

Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm

Ms Anderson will organise a letter to your parent/guardians.

Hockey: Nick’s team will be training tomorrow.
Production today: Harry Potter scene at 1:30pm in the hall. Could everyone else please come at 1:00pm.
No Girls’ Basketball today.
Whio netball practice at 1:15pm on the courts with Mr Alexander. Alyssa, please come to Room 1 and collect the bags with balls and bibs before you head over. 
Jump Jam: Practice today at interval in the hall, this will be your last practice before the competition.
Better Start: See you at 8:40pm.
Thank you to all who have handed in the International Food Festival slips, please keep them coming, Food Festival is NEXT FRIDAY at lunch, bring your gold coins! Meeting next week.

Design Competition:  The Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard unveiled details of new Parliamentary buildings to be built. You are to design a new building for the MPs.  You can use 2D and 3D sketches, CAD models, annotated drawings, even  3D models.  There will be prizes!.

Email Ms Anderson if you are interested

Daily Notices for Wednesday 16 June

Rāapa tekau ma ono Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Lunch orders:  Please ensure you have the correct amount of money when ordering your lunch as this avoids requiring change.
Can Soeren and Oskar R come to Room 5 at 10:40am to find out about the rotary speech competition. Thanks
Production Ballroom Dancers : Practice in the hall 9:00am – 10:00am today.
Jump Jam: You have two practices today at interval and lunch in the hall.  The competition is this Saturday! 
Orchestra is on today: Please be on time at 11:30am.
Haere mai koutou, Te Kaupeka on in the hall at 1:55pm.
Can I please meet with the House Captains at 11:00am. Thanks, Mr Tappenden
Latin classes are on today at 2:00pm in Room 7.
Cross Country: Final squad training today. Please meet in Room 11 at 1:00pm, you can bring your lunch.
Basketball A & B Teams: Training today after lunch eating time, on the court by the hall. Please be prompt and in P.E gear. 
Production: Harry Potter scene this Thursday in the hall at 1:30pm.
Hockey: Nick’s team training will be held on Friday.
Future Problem Solving in Room 8 at 11:00am.
Hoiho netball practice at 1:15pm today unless it is raining. Sam and Avalon will be taking your practice. 
ESOL groups: Mrs Climo will come and get you today due to assembly, please go to the assembly.
No Better Start group today.

Daily Notices for Tuesday 15 June

Rātū tekau ma rima Pipiri

Student Notices/Panui

Orchestra: Please remember your instruments for tomorrow.
Homework Club after school today.

Technology Construction Challenge.

R11 Logan E, R3 Connor W, R4 Ovian M, R5 Hunter, R1 Liam & Daniel D, R3 Mitchell, R8 Jasper, R10  Budhaditya, Alan and Simon.

Come to see Ms A today at morning tea please to collect a parent letter or at 10:30am.

Today at 9:30am the  EPro8 Challenge prize giving will occur. Your class teacher might let you log in to the Epro8 portal.
Mufti Tomorrow! Please remember your raffle item donation – R1: Sauces R2/11: Chips and crackers R3/12: Canned Foods R4: Cleaning Products R5: Bathroom Items R6: Treat Foods R8: Tea/Coffee/Milo R9/13: Pantry Staples R10: Breakfast Cereals.  
Cross Country: Squad training on tomorrow. Please meet in Room 11 at 1:00pm – you can bring your lunch. It’ll be similar to last week. 

Cross Country: A few outstanding permission slips – Amelia (5), Sienna S (1), Jahkarn (8), Soeren  (1), Budi (10), Jasper (8), Meika (3), Talia (2), MIkaere (12), Alex U (9), Mason (12). 

Please see Mr McWhirter if you require a spare.

Basketball: Draw for the games this Friday are up outside Room 4 and Room 11. 
Netball managers: Please make sure your book has a grid in it for this week (they are on my desk if you need one) and ensure your team’s bag gets to the hall at 12:45pm. 
Jump Jam Practice in Room 7 at interval today: Please bring clothing items if you have them.  The competition is in five days time.
Production Tech Team: Meeting in Room 4 at the start of lunch please, bring your lunch (will be quick). 

Daily Notices for Monday 14 June

Rāhina whitu ma whā Pipiri

Pupil Notices/Panui                  

Boo is visiting us for three days. Boo is an ex guide dog with Mrs B in Room 10.  Boo loves children, but please ask Mrs B before you pat him.  
Rugby: Training not on today. Mr McWhirter on a trip.
Kahikatea Kupu o te Wiki: There has been some epic mahi going on behind the scenes for so many things!! Production is well underway and the Jump Jam comp is coming up too. Mahi is our kupu and it means ‘work’. Keep up the good mahi everyone!
Hockey: Roma’s team to meet on the court by Room 7.
Jump Jam practice: Please meet at Interval in the Hall.  There are only six days left until the competition. 
Advanced sewing is cancelled today.
Production Dancers: Opening Dance – Practice in the hall at interval.
Parakuihi Club/Breakfast Club on āpōpō in Room 7 from 7:45am – 8:15am.
Netball Managers: Please check you have the grid in your book for positions and scoring for tomorrow, then get them to your coach (if they are a teacher) asap. If you don’t have a grid, get one from Miss Timblick’s desk. 

Daily Notices for Thursday 10 June

Rāpare tekau Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

Kids Lit, Year 7: Please meet in the library at 1:00pm and bring your lunch.
Whio netball team: Practice at 1:15pm today on the new netball court. 
Girls’ Basketball: Training at 1:15pm. Please meet on the court by the hall.
Basketball: Draw up outside Room 4 and 11.  A team, your game is at the time stated on the sheet.
A huge well done and thank you to all those who played a part in yesterday’s Whaikorero competition. 
Full Production practice today at 1:30pm in the hall. Excuse yourselves from any sports practices for the next three Thursdays. The next three Sundays are also important.
No Friendship Group today with Lezlie.
Jump Jam Practice: In Room 7 at interval today.
Better Start Group: Happening today from 8:40am – 9:00am in Room 7.
School Council: Meeting at lunch eating time in Room 6.
Congratulations to all the students who did your speeches yesterday. We were very impressed with the level of speeches, you should be proud of your efforts. The winners will be announced at Friday’s School Assembly
Hockey: Nick’s team training tomorrow and Roma’s team, training on Monday
Future Problem Solving in Room 8 at 11:00am.

Daily Notices for Wednesday 9 June

Rāapa iwa Pipiri

Student notices/Panui

EPRo8 meeting for all today in T9 to check submissions and watch all videos which will be shown at assembly.  See you at 10.40am (morning tea).  You must attend as this is the last day for submissions and a few changes are needing to be made.  
Good luck to all the speakers and MCs for the 2021 Kirkwood Whaikorero/Speech competition. A big thanks to the judges Mr Aitken, Sam and Hilary Hughes for their help!
Scholastic Book Club closes on Monday 28 June. Order online or place your orders and money through the slot in the foyer.
Basketball: Draw up outside Room 4 and Room 11. Games are on again this Friday. Boys A team, we are in the process of changing your game time. 
Cross Country: Squad training today. Please meet in Room 11 at 1:00pm, you can bring your lunch. 
Rani is away so no mentoring sessions today.
Haere mai koutou, Te Kaupeka on in the hall at 1:55pm.
Overdue books need to be brought back to the library. The list of overdues is huge. There are holds on many of these books so please get them back ASAP.  Thanks
Future Problem Solving will happen tomorrow due to the speech competition today. Make sure you have done your work on the shared google doc.  
Latin classes are on today at 2:00pm in Room 7.
Hockey: Nick’s team has training on Friday and Roma’s team has training on Monday.
Basketball A & B Team: Training today after lunch eating time, on the court by the hall – Please be prompt and in P.E gear. 
Girls’ Basketball: Training on tomorrow.
NO ESOL groups today.
Production Ballroom Dancers: Practice in the hall from 9:00am – 10:00am today.
Rakau on in Room 3 at interval, Meika and Kaytie will see you there!
Jump Jam:  This is happening at interval in Room 7.  We will be practicing coming on and off the stage.
Production Dancers: Practice in the hall at interval.
NO Better Start today.
Football: Practice on Thursday at lunchtime (full kit please).
Production today in the hall at 1:00pm for the Yorkshiremen, Echo, Bohemian Rhapsody dancers. Practices are becoming important with only three weeks to go. Make sure you turn up.
Hoiho Netball Team: Practice at 1:15pm on the new court. Sam and Mikaere (Rm12) will be taking your practice today as Mal is away. 

Urgent Road Works Notice

We have been advised that Karamu Street and the walkway through to our school will be closed from Monday 24 May for at least one week.  This is to allow for waste water work to be completed.
Please use either of our alternate entrances – Kirkwood Ave or Riccarton Road.
Thank you