Daily Notices for Friday 1 October

Rāmere tahi Whiringa-ā-nuku

Pupil notices/Panui

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week. Plan how you are going to keep in touch with your friends in the holidays and have a korero.
Wellbeing research project Rooms 5 and 12:  Consent forms are due today.  If you have forgotten, please bring the forms to the office after the holidays.  Thank you

Our last kupu for this wiki is taha hinengaro

Taha hinengaro is your mind, heart, conscience, thoughts and feelings. It’s about how you feel, as well as how you communicate and think. Taking care of taha hinengaro is important for everyone

Year 8 Assembly this afternoon, please line up outside the hall after lunch.
Year 7 hui iti in the hall at 11:00am. Line up with your class. We won’t need seats out.
Choir: Please take your books home over the holidays to practice! We have the Rehearsal on the first Tuesday back with the other schools. 
Jump Jam: Both Boys’ and Girls’ at interval – there will be filming today, please be on time so we don’t have to do it at lunch! 
Basketball: All teams – Last day to return your singlets (If I am not in my class then leave your singlet with a note saying your name please). Room 4
Spirit Shield competition is cancelled.

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