Daily Notices for Wednesday 19 May

Rāapa tekau ma iwa Haratua

Student notices/Panui

Cross Country: Make sure you are changed into your PE gear at interval. We will assemble in the hall just before 12 noon. Running order will be ….Y7 Girls, Y8 Boys, Y8 Girls and Y7 Boys. Once your event has finished you will be marshalled back into the hall to wait in your year groups.
PINK SHIRT MUFTI DAY – Tomorrow! Come along to school wearing as much pink as you can find! Do not forget your gold coin as it is all going to an awesome organisation. 

The Violin and Cello timetable for today is as follows:

10:00 Chloe

10:20 Cailin and Sophie

10:40 Waka

11:00 Emma P

11:20 Angela, Amelia, Alina, Dushana

11:40 Mikaere

12:00 Lauryn Rae, Josh, Sehar

12:20 Brooke, Cecilia, Alivia, Ovian

12:40 Erica and Nathan (Cello)

EPro8: Next group – the Christchurch Cathedral – start your challenge today in T9 with Ms Anderson.  Arrive asap after the notices please.
Orchestra is not on today.
Haere mai koutou, Te Kaupeka on at 2:00pm in the hall.
Netball Trials: Thank you to everyone who has trialed for netball. Of the 80+ who signed up we have only seen 66 of you. It will very shortly be too late to trial if you haven’t already. If you have made it to a trial, please look on the windows of Rooms 1, 5 or 10 to see which day we would like to see you again. 
No PMP today: Cross Country instead. 
Latin classes are on today at 2:00pm in Room 7.
Production Dancers: Miss V’s group at interval, Mrs Climo’s group at lunchtime – both groups are held in Room 6.
Production Ballroom Dance Scene: All dancers come to the hall from 9:00am – 10:00am today for a practice.
Scholastic Book Club closes 1 June.  Please order online through loop or orders and cash through the slot in the foyer.  
Boys’ Basketball Training today after lunch eating time on the court by Room 7. Please be on time. Our first games are this Friday and we want to be prepared!
Hockey: Trial today at lunchtime. Please meet on the new Netball court at 1:15pm.
Future Problem Solving in Room 8 at 11:00am – 11:40am. Bring your pencil, highlighter and the future scene booklet. Oskar and Connor to join if there is no EPro 8.
Girls’ Basketball: Training today. Please meet on the court by the hall at 1:15pm.
Blues Badges: A reminder to get your blues forms to Miss Brenssell in Room 10 before Friday. 
Mrs Wilson, our student counsellor working with Ms Molloy is away today.
Year 7 Maths Extension: In Room 10 at 11:00am – 11:40am. Please bring your pencil case and maths book. 
Mrs Climo’s Better Start group on today 8:40am – 9:00am.
Jump Jam Practice: Today at interval in Room 7.  We will have one run through today.   I also have more information to give you about the actual competition.


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