Daily Notices for Tuesday 28 July

Tuesday 28 July  2020                                                     Rātū rua tekau ma waru Hōngongoi

Student Notices/Panui

1A BLAST group please gather in the library with a pencil each – Caleb R2, Alex R2, Hayden R3, Courtney R3, Zanda R3 and Tim R5. Thanks, Mrs E.

No BLAST for 1C this morning as Debbie is out of school.

Homework club today after school.
Ethan, Kieran and Liam, you are the School Librarians today.
Masterchef Challenge: Miss Waters and Ms Rowe are searching for a team of 4 to represent Kirkwood in a Christchurch MasterChef competition.  If you are interested, get into a team of 4 and get an application form from outside T4.  The group with the best ideas will be chosen (the competition will be on a Thursday afternoon 4:00 – 6.30pm late in August).
Table tennis meet in T4 at 1:00pm on the dot, ready to go.
Netballs: If you have lost your netball over in the pool area, you can come to the office to retrieve.
Bell will go at 12:45pm this afternoon. Eating in class until 1:00pm. Once the 1 o’clock bell goes, head straight to the hall and ready to be away on the buses promptly.
Tuesday sewing is cancelled today.
CEM Testing in the Non-fiction section of the library at 11:00am today. I hope this does not get in your way.
Can the following students please come to Room 3 at interval: Shikha G, Meleana M, Carise K, Marthajoy V, Annie T, Siale K, Leanber C, Kalo S, Ilai A, Jerome A, Casey V, Kieran M, Talu F, Josiah K, Amelia M, Nalanee, Gabby, Selai P
Netball: Meeting for all teams in Room 1 at interval today.
To those who have had their photos/artwork displayed in the office foyer – please collect from the office, you may take these home.

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