Daily Notices for Thursday 15 August

Thursday 15 August  2019                                       Rāpare tekau ma rima  Here-turi-kōkā 

Student notices/Panui

ART CUP: The notice for Term 3 artwork can now be picked up from the office.
Can I see all School librarians today at 1:00pm bring your lunch to the library please.

Tumeke!  EPRO8 who got first place Tuesday.    Loading …. Team was Frank Roberts, Carsyn Welton, Phong Nguyen and Manthan Vaidya.  Finn McGurk is team manager.  E mihi, E mihi ki a Ewan Bawden – he volunteered to mentor the year 7 group and worked tirelessly.

Semi Finals for the whole Canterbury region are on next Tuesday evening so Loading, needs to stay after school again – please tell your parents.

Meeting today at 1:00pm in Ms Andersons for debriefing and to discuss strategy.  Year 8’s Loading… plus supporters please – Morgan, Ewan, Finn

Students who went on the China trip recently please check Zoom app one more time! Thanks, Ms. Molloy
Choir on this afternoon – please make sure you get changed out of your PE gear during lunchtime and bring a drink bottle and pencil with you.
Volleyball: If you are interested in playing Volleyball in the tournament next term. Please come and put your name and room number on the signup sheet in Room 4 at interval or lunchtime. It will be just inside the door all week.
Year 8 Extension Mathematics: Will be in the Library from 10am today for the rest of the day. Please bring everything you need to complete your submissions. If possible, please bring one Pod laptop to use for your class group.
Class volleyball today Room 4 vs Room 10. School Squad practice at 2:00 pm.
Basketball: Kirkwood White team, Claire and Kimberly will be here at 1:15pm for your training. Make sure you are there, on time please.
Water Polo: Make sure you check the game time for Friday night. If you can not play, please let Mr McWhirter know.
Mana Ake Boys’ Leadership Group has been cancelled for today.  This will happen again next Thursday at 1:00pm.
Table tennis  If you haven’t made your order / paid for Tuesday lunch – please do so by Friday.
Tuesday Sport Uniforms: Make sure these are brought back to your coaches please.
School Spirit Shield: Year 8 players please meet by the hall at interval today so we can get this underway!

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