Daily Notices for Wednesday 31 October

Wednesday 31 October 2018            Rāapa toru tekau ma tahi Whiringa-ā-nuku

Student notices/Panui

Kapa Haka: On today at 2:00pm
Blues: Cut off day for applying for Blues is Friday 9 November.
Athletics Trials: 200m, 800m and 1500m. Trials will be completed today at lunchtime. Please gather on the field and sit in by the coned area at 1:00pm. We will have the trials in the order of 200, 800 and then 1500.
NO ESOL groups today: Mrs Climo is doing individual testing still. I will come and get you if I need you.
Year 8 Technology cup for boy and girl.  Please bring from home all of your technology portfolios from Year 7 last year and your 3 from this year to Ms Anderson who with help from other teachers will be selecting the boy and girl winners.  The results are kept confidential until the very last Year 8 prize giving assembly.  Rima R, Kaitlyn R, Sam C, Ryan S, Jack S, Lauren H, Ava-Grace O.   Please note Mr Smith has the list of blues awards for technology.
A Relay Coach will be taking a session with our squad members today at 1:15pm. The following students need to meet in by the finish line: Michael J (1), Ryan S (9), Logan B (1), Ben G (12), Lauren H (12), Apphia (11), Madeleine S (1), Kayla P (1), Jonathon R (2), Cayden M (2), Cayden S (2), Callum S (13), Kasaf I (10), Sofia M (4), Alexis S (2), Grace G (13)
Mixed Class Relay: Due to a busy Athletics schedule, the Mixed Class Relay will be held today at Interval. Please bring your class team of 8 down to the sprint start line at the very start of Interval. This is the final race that will decide the House Sports Shield. Currently, it is extremely tight between classes. This relay could make the difference!
Student Council: Full school hui at 1:00pm in Room 6.
Blast sessions in Ms Molloy’s office today for those involved with Miss Harjot.
Shotput Trials Today:  Year 7 boys and Year 8s from Rooms 1 and 3 please meet over by the art room at 1:00pm.
Guitar lessons have been cancelled for today.  Make up lessons on Monday.
Violin lessons have been cancelled today.
Softball Trials Will begin next week, if you own a mitt please bring it everyday. Listen out to the notices for more details. Kade R please see Mr Gaut about the coaching position.

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