Daily Notices for Thursday 9 August

Thursday 9 August  2018              Rāpare iwa Here-turi-kōkā

Student notices/Panui

School librarians: Short meeting today at 1:00pm bring your lunch.

Short-term Visitors: (ie 1-11 on list) who went to Room 7 for the last two weeks will tomorrow be going to the foods rooms.

1.    Yiran in Room 2      2.  Chun in Room 5   3. Jiujun in Room 13

4. Jiabei in Room 4       5.  Yanru in r8

Please go to Ms Waters and Mrs Climo to T4

6. Yihan Room 5        7. Yigi Room 10     8. Seoyong  Room 5   9.  Yue  Room 4    10.  Xiao  Room 3      11.  Hayoon  Room 6

Please go to Ms Johnson and Mrs Lu to T8 (down driveway)

If you have any questions, please see Ms A  in T8.

Basketball B training on at lunchtime today.
Girls Self Defense: Meeting in Room 11 at interval.
Final day for entries to the Sign Competition for the Counsellor’s Office tomorrow. Thanks for the entries thus far- Ms Molloy 🙂
Water Polo: No game tomorrow night due to a large booking at Jellie Park. Games will resume as per normal on Friday 17 August.
Netball: practice tomorrow for all teams.
Emma – Room 3, Sophie – Room 9, Holly – Room 2, Katie – Room 13 please come and see Lynda in the piano room now.
Spirit Shield Final Riddle:  Mr Smith has 4 daughters.  Each of his daughters has a brother.  How many children does Mr Smith have?  Come and see Holly or Lauren at interval with your answers.

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