Ski Trip to Mt Hutt – Year 7 Group

Mt Hutt Ski Trip

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Phone 03 3085074 or visit the website

to check that the field is open (from 6.00am onwards).

If it is on hold or closed, we will not be going.

If we are not going, you will also be informed by our text messaging system.

 All children must be at school, in the Hall, by 6.35am please – we can’t wait!

Rolleston Children:

  • Rolleston children will be picked up outside the Rolleston Inn at approximately 7.00am
  • Drop off at approximately 4:45pm at Rolleston Train Station. We will not allow children to cross State Highway 1 alone.

Car Children:

  • Buses will be up the mountain by 9.00am – 9.15am approx.
  • Please meet at the Kirkwood buses on your arrival.

All Pupils:

  • Ensure your child has a good lunch, plenty to drink and that their gear is all clearly named. Children will not be allowed to go to the cafeteria on the ski field.
  • If there are any major incidents, parents will be notified through our text messaging system.
  • We expect to be back at school by approximately 5:15pm.
  • Please also note: When you pick up your child please do not park in front of the school as the buses need this area.

Gear List Information

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