Daily Notices for Tuesday 6 March

Tuesday 6 March 2018         Rātū ono Poutū-te-rangi

Student Notices/Panui

School photos will be taken tomorrow.  Please make sure you wear clean and tidy full uniform.
Homework club today after school.
Lawn Bowls meeting: 1:00pm today in room 13.
EPro8 meeting will be on today at 1:00pm – you can bring your lunch.  The meeting will be held in T3, Mr Andersons room.  Could the following pupils please come: Room 4: Carsyn, Zander and Frank. Room 9: Logan, Cayden,  Adarsh,  Charlie.  Room 8: Basit.  Room 2: Fiinias. Room 3: Ryan. Room 10: Abby and Room 11: Oliver, Emily.
Thank-you to all the students who submitted an application for the Student Council leadership positions. Our Student Council leaders will be announced at assembly on Rāmere.

Fashion Design and Make will be on today at 12 noon in T6. Room 12: Hannah, Lauren, Tamara,  Julie, Room 9: Logan, Cayden, Natalia, Room 1: Brook, Niamh and Room 13: Shannon and Room 3: Emma C

It is up to your classroom teacher to release you to participate in this opportunity and you will need to come every week.

School Magazine:  Room 1: Sarah C. Room 2: Nick, Livvie B. Room 3: Rosa McNeil, Vihara J.  Room 4: Frank R.  Room 5: Alix F. Room 6: Olivia C.  Room 9: Adarsh K.  Room 10: Abby T. Room 11: Isabelle R, Katie S, Alex B. Room 12: Teresa, Hannah O.  Room 13: Amelia H.

First session today at 12 noon to 1:00pm in T4 (Food Room) please bring a pen or pencil.

Korfball today if fine; Room 4 vs Room 2
The teams for the house basketball tournament will be on the window of Room 3 at interval.
Culture Galore happening this Saturday! Head along to check out some interesting performances and try some yummy food from different cultures. Make sure to pop in at Ray Blank Park, 46 Maidstone Road, Ilam from 12pm to 4pm.


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