Daily Notices for Thursday November

Thursday 23 November  2017                 Rāpare tekau ma ono Whiringa-ā-rangi

Student notices/Panui

No homework club club today
Orienteering group Ava, Willow, Mackenzie, Michael. I need your adult name, and surnames! Please see Mr Gaut asap. I need adult names for Sophie J’s team and Isabelle R’s team.
Touch Teams are posted on the window of Room 1 and 9.
Tennis: I need your parent name please!  Thanks Brooke B’s Team
Golf: If anyone is interested, please see me at interval.  I will be removing our school from the list if there is no interest. Mr Gaut.
Volleyball Team is posted on the window of Room 11.
No violin and cello today – your teacher is unwell.
Year 8 Tee ball Tournament: Tournament starts tomorrow (Friday) with Room 1 v Room 6!  Meet on the field by the art room at 1.15pm and let’s get ready to Tee ball!  Monday: Room 2 v Room 4 and Tuesday Room 3 v Room 5!
Last chance for orienteering, Tennis & Golf. Please see Mr Gaut by lunchtime. After that, my hands are tied and I cannot enter you.

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