China Sister School Funding – Trip to China

China Sister School Funding
Thank you to Education New Zealand for your support in contributing towards our trip to China this year. We also want to thank our China Sister School, China Chengdu Bilingual Experimental School, for helping to organise the programme, homestays and schooling the pupils will participate in once they are in Chengdu, China.
Our pupils are really looking forward to the opportunity to experience new sights, sounds, foods and learn about the culture and people of China. Student exchanges such as this is a great way to help our pupils to develop a global perspective and gain a sense of New Zealand’s place in the world. It will expose the pupils to different worldviews, and ways of thinking and looking at things, helping us become more outward looking and accepting of other cultures.
It is a real privilege to have received funding from Education New Zealand as only ten schools across New Zealand have received this assistance, with Kirkwood Intermediate being the only school in the South Island.
We wish our pupils all the best for their trip ahead.
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